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Warning to elites: elites risk exclusion from their status by fellows if they claim conspiracy theories being true. All other humans may risk only a sleepless night.

Linked with Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

Listen to an audio full with conspiration theories on the economic level, but also about secret societies and all what’s linked with, a long interview with the Canadian Benjamin Fulford, living in Asia/Japan, on the Jeff Rense website.

Links for more Conspiracy theories:

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David Vaughan Icke, USA:

Discover the;

My comment:

if I should take power over this planet, I would do it more or less like what is described here.

And secondly, I would know that every power taken in this way is finished one day, so I would put a new seed in another country, as soon as I have the power somewhere.

For example, if I would have been dominating the US, and through them the rest of the world, and when reactions against US becomes too strong, l would have already introduced my power slowly in other countries. For example China, also a little bit in Russia’s elites, a little bit into the Swiss banks, and also some eggs into little baskets of smaller countries, pushing them into an insolvable war, like Israel and Arabs, or US and Iran (which is not always succeeding), or the former cold war.

As I would know that every war is once finished, I had soon to begin another war in some other country.

Meanwhile I would have to lend money to all poor people who must reconstruct their homes, their economy, their wealth. Among the best of these peoples I would choose them for a next round to invest, to bring them up … and, when a long time submitted country – like now the US – is too much witnessed and all is becoming conscious by people (through unbelievable conspiracy theories), I would help to crash down this country, by forcing them into ‘mistakes’ (like a war on terrorists), as my next favorite country (China or any) should not have a dirty concurence from my former favorite …

… yes, I would be able for such a play.

Remains that I would never act directly, but through people I blackmailed … come on, you find on every street corner a guy ready to work for you, as long as you pay him belonging to his ability … and as long as he/she is worth the investment.

Remains the ethic question: do we believe in social darwinisme, or have we the inner conviction that something better is possible with this poor humanity? A humanity who’s first goal is NOT TO KNOW, as it is too hard, too much shamefull to be only victim in such a dirty play.

Have we enough faith in us to believe in a better future?

Instead of putting our energy into any god, the ETs, the holy spirit, allah, poor jesus? … enabling us to remain children? not responsible for our acts? … yes, there are enough choices for any taste …

Instead of glancing to higher powers, could we put the same faith into this humanity?

Yes, how do we go on with all that?

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