Geopolitical rebirth

Published on Online Journal, by Pablo Ouziel, February 8, 2008.

Solidarity flourishes the more adverse our external reality gets. Somehow during hardship, as humans we have an innate intuition which draws us closer to each other.

Sure, it seems unreal in a time of such consequential conflict in the global society we are constructing, to be talking about fraternal unity. After all, what we are witnessing are the repercussions of a divided world between the rich and the poor and the East and the West. Despite all this, the truth remains that if we observe closely enough there is right now a structural battle being fought which will determine the future of the next generations and our own …

… What CNN doesn’t reveal is that there has been an increased awakening in humanity and more and more people are saying stop. Every day that passes sees one more passive citizen becoming an active one, concerned for his rights. One more sleeping soul awakening to defend his or her humanity. As the media reporting continues to reflect the monster which humanity has become, one more individual is drawn, as Freud eloquently described, towards the ’shrunken residue of a far more comprehensive, indeed all-embracing feeling, which corresponded to a more intimate bond between the ego and the world around it’.

Everyday more and more people are drawn away from George Bush and pulled towards Noam Chomsky, or Naomi Klein. More people want to know what is really happening and more are looking beyond the mainstream. That is due to the audiovisual reports on CNN. The owners of the media assumed we were stupid, they underestimated the power of collective consciousness and without knowing it, have made us repudiate them. We learned to despise them for their empty promises and wars presented as acts of peace. They presented us peacekeepers dressed up as soldiers and soon we understood. They talked to us about atomic energy and never disarmed, it didn’t takes us long to react. The same happened with those wars on terrorism, soon we understood they were taking away our rights, airports became intolerable, people kept disappearing, our democratic governments were torturing and all this without fair trials.

Until recently, watching CNN used to anger me, I could not cope with the fact that it was one more tentacle of the huge propaganda machine used to misinform the majority, in benefit of a small yet powerful minority. Today I realize that CNN is our closest ally, every image that it shows, every speech that it airs, every conclusion that it draws, calls one more human to civil disobedience. Past acts of civil disobedience regained for us our stolen rights and determined our present, today?s acts are shaping our future. (full text).

(Pablo Ouziel is a sociologist and a freelance writer based in Spain).

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