Who needs modern monarchs?

Published on english Pravda.ru, by Sergei Vasilenkov, Oct. 12, 2012.

Modern European monarchy is, perhaps, one of the most discussed topics in relation to Europe. Some are happy about the cultivated tradition and strongly support the monarchy in the EU, while some are very unhappy with the ruling family and call it a sham. The latter are largely right as the monarchs have forgotten about their responsibilities … //

… Do the contemporary monarchs of Western Europe meet the requirements of moral ideals? In most cases (with the exception of Luxembourg and Liechtenstein) the answer to this question would be “no.” In addition, the monarchy not only does not meet the standards of the moral values ??in the minds of people, but even promotes lack of spirituality. In these monarchic states sodomy and adultery flourish, nations degenerate, and the authority of the Church is at its lowest.

In the UK, gay parades have been welcomed in the streets of London for 35 years and often receive government support. Three years ago a London gay pride parade was attended by half a million people, with approximately 800 thousand spectators. The parades are traditionally attended by staff from various British Ministries, rescue services, and trade unions.

Such support of the sformal structures is the best indicator of British attitude towards homosexuals. Politicians openly speak about their homosexuality today, including Ben Bradshaw, Minister of Culture, Sports and Media, Chris Bryant, deputy foreign minister, Nick Herbert, “shadow minister” of the environment. The Anglican Church has seen better days. Its facilities are leased not only for weddings but also for language classes, different sports competitions or club meetings.

In monarchical Spain, King Juan Carlos in June of 2005 signed a law that legalized same-sex marriage in Spain. The church and personally Benedict XVI protested the law. However, the protests did not affect the King. The situation in the church in Sweden also speaks of the decline of morality. 80 percent of people in this country consider themselves atheists. Ethics professor Hans Hammar Berryer invited his compatriots to blow up churches or turn them into pizzerias, cafes, homes, or industrial facilities. SPA-salons and centers of Chinese medicine are opened in churches. All of the above is happening in the country ruled by King Carl XVI Gustaf.

Recently, artist Elizabeth Olson Valine showcased a painting in Belgrade depicting King Carl XVI Gustaf in a company of other famous men eating pizza from the naked belly of a pop singer he used to have an affair with. How can these people be the authority for the ordinary residents? Are monarchy and authority synonymous concepts?

The main duty of a true monarch is the implementation of sovereignty. A monarch must be a national arbiter standing above classes and parties. A monarch should regulate social relations and not let demagogues and careerists into power. It used to be the case. What do we see in the modern monarchies of Europe? There are no monarchs who perform their duties, despite some legislative powers. In addition, the current European monarchs are simply toys in the hands of powerful politicians.

The monarchs do not prevent irresponsible politicians from taking office, allowing them robbing the budget and inacting absurd laws. It was partly the powerlessness of the monarchs that led to a severe economic crisis, the fall of morality and the dominance of immigrants. Now, as evidence shows, European monarchs do not have a major impact on the situation in their countries.

The contemporary monarchs in Europe are a sham. They no longer have authority and dignity; they are mired in scandals and immorality. They are accustomed to expensive palaces, beautiful clothing, plush celebrations and elegant ceremonies, forgetting their main goal – strengthening of the national unity and power of the state.
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