U.S. Flower Company Steals Wages from Colombian Workers

Received by e-mail, From: Eric Gottwald, International Labor Rights Forum ILRF, Date: 20 Sept. 2012

  • Last week, Falcon Farms, a U.S.-based multinational flower company, illegally suspended 71 workers in Colombia for peacefully protesting the company’s failure to pay wages.
  • The suspensions, which targeted only union members, took place after the union lodged an official complaint with the regional Ministry of Labor regarding the unpaid wages.
  • These are the exact type of employer abuses the government of Colombia promised to address when it recently signed a free trade agreement with the United States.
  • Take a stand against wage theft. Send a letter to the Colombian Labor Minister demanding that the union members be reinstated with the back pay they are owed!

Sincerely, Eric Gottwald, International Labor Rights Forum.  


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