The Community Legal Education Program

Bridges Across Borders BAB designed and founded an integrated community legal education program based on the strong belief that the rule of law is essential in any society. Empowerment of citizens at a grassroots level is the key focus of the community legal education initiative. If citizens know the law and are aware of their rights, a movement can begin to give power back to legal structures and justice to the people.

Bridges Across Borders will collaborate with Ateneo Human Rights Center (AHRC) for the 5th worldwide conference on the Global Alliance for Justice Education (GAJE) in December 2008. Bridges’ Community Legal Education Initiatives Program and AHRC are similarly involved in the development of legal education curriculum, facilitation of legal internships and human rights promotion amongst marginalized groups.

The conference held in Manila, Philippines, will provide the opportunity to share knowledge, skills and practices about local justice education activities undertaken by Bridges, AHCR and partner law schools from throughout the region, such as grassroots level legal rights education, and clinical legal education programs being developed in higher education institutions.

Launch of the New BAB CLE 2008 Legal Internship Program:

To learn more, visit: 5th WORLDWIDE CONFERENCE OF THE GLOBAL ALLIANCE FOR JUSTICE EDUCATION, December 2008 in the Philippines.

The GAJE Conference Planning Committee is finalizing dates, conference themes, and the call for participation, which will be sent by email to all GAJE members. Questions and suggestions can be sent to the Conference Planning Committee through the GAJE Executive Committee by mail.

This announcement can be downloaded as a one-page flyer:

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