Ask Not For Whom the Bell Tolls

Published on axis of logic, by Siv O’Neall, Jan 24, 2008.

A World Out of Joint: If there is not a restoration of some balance of power, the world will sink into a maelstrom of screwed-up governance, callous disregard for the people and a state of permanent war. The chief purpose of our neocon government is to give the Empire undisputed power and to make the giant corporations the multi-billionaire kings of this lopsided world …

… Where did equality go: Human beings as equals should not be just an empty word but the word equal should be given a true and distinct meaning. Not since the days of slavery has there been less equality in the United States. And it has been very intentionally crushed. Let us finally show up the emptiness of the word. Do away with the doublespeak of our so-called leaders who talk constantly of freedom and democracy but who mean neither. Never has a word been emptier than the neocon talk of bringing democracy to Iraq and the Middle East while it is gradually being lost at home. There is no equality in the United States and there is less and less freedom …

… There are places in the world, especially in Latin America, where we can see a glimmer of hope. But change must come soon, before that glimmer of hope that must expand to the rest of the world gets snuffed out and drowned.

Also, several increasingly powerful nations, such as China and India and other Asian countries are rising up and challenging the global power of the United States. The unilateral superiority of the U.S. seems to already be a phenomenon of the past. With the U.S. economy foundering and its military overextended, it should be possible to deflate the propaganda balloon and make the world see the limits of U.S. power and the lack of realism behind its arrogance.

Considering the blind and deaf majority of the members of Congress, it is going to be a true challenge to get the country’s lawmakers to draw the necessary conclusions from the state of the world at this critical time and to get them to see that the Empire is already a disappearing illusion. It only exists in their wishful thinking and in their eagerness to go on putting corporate money in their pockets.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls – it tolls for the Empire. (full text).

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