Tolerating Hate – part 1: Muslim Protests Show Limits of Free Speech

Published on Spiegel Online International, by Spiegel Staff, September 17, 2012 (Photo-Gallery).
(First my comment: who is winning with this new mess?
- all Arab Govs not able to reform their countries for real development and freedom;
- all right wing westeners having a pretext for new wars against muslim countries (Iran …);

- muslim integrists: find easely new followers;
- the economic elites: a good big powerfull muslim mess makes forget looking what is happening with EMS, Euro, and consequently it’s people’s unrest;

Who is loosing? we all, INCLUSIVE the muslim world, as their protest has NO effect on majority of westeners. Now 67% of us WANT SEE this bluddy film. Muslims, are you aware that you fortify only the propagande FOR this film? You realy believe influence other people with yellings and burnings?).

The anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims” has sparked protests across the Muslim world. Several people have already died in the wave of violence. The conflict raises questions about how far the West is prepared to go in defending freedom of expression.  

The casting call appeared on a Hollywood audition website called A director calling himself Alan Roberts wrote that he was looking for actors to perform in a “historical desert drama.” The shoot in Los Angeles would last 18 days. The supposed “indie film” was listed under the working title “Desert Warrior.”

The director needed “various Middle Eastern types, bearded,” along with a large number of women, particularly an 18-year-old actress who “must look younger, petite, innocent.” And, of course, he was looking for someone to play the lead role: “George,” as the Middle Eastern warrior in the film was to be called, was a “leader, romantic, charismatic” … //

… Islam Is a Cancer:

After the protests began, sources leaked a phone number to the Associated Press news agency. When reporters dialed the number, a man answered who claimed to be Sam Bacile, the film’s director. “Islam is a cancer,” he said, adding that he was an Israeli Jew who wanted to spread the truth about Islam. Some 100 Jews had donated money to the project, he said, supposedly to the tune of $5 million. Anyone who says something like that is not only willing to accept a few deaths; he is, at least in the eyes of many Muslims, also getting the state of Israel involved.

But the journalists felt that there was something about his story that didn’t add up. They found the address that corresponds to the man’s cell phone number. The man who came to the door in a cul-de-sac in Cerritos near Los Angeles denied being Bacile. He said that he was only responsible for managing the film team’s logistics, and showed them his driver’s license, but covered his middle name with one of his fingers. The journalists were able to read Nakoula Nakoula — and the rest was research. They found out that Nakoula was convicted of federal bank fraud charges in 2010. He was given a 21-month prison sentence and ordered to pay $790,000 (€600,000) in restitution.

Now, the reporters knew that his real name was Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a Coptic Christian from Egypt with US citizenship. According to police records, he maintains at least 14 aliases. “Basseley” sounds almost like “Bacile”. US investigators believe that Sam Bacile, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula and the director are one and the same person.

The film’s 80 cast and crew members apparently didn’t know what the production was about. In a joint statement, they said that they felt “taken advantage of by the producer” and “grossly misled.” They believed the story about a desert film. But the decisive scenes, in which “George” became the Prophet Muhammad, were clearly dubbed by different actors after filming; the actors’ lips are not synchronized with the sound. The entire video is so amateurishly pieced together that it seems like a caricature. “Now we have people dead because of a movie I was in. It makes me sick,” said one of the actresses from the film.

By contrast, other members of the team knew exactly what was going on. Steve Klein, for example, served the filmmaker as a script consultant. Klein is an American Christian extremist and a notorious Islamophobe. Morris Sadek also helped spark the current explosion of fury. Sadek, an Egyptian-American Coptic radical, played a key role by promoting the film on his website, which is read in Islamic countries.

Helping ‘Sam’ Hide: … (full text).

Part 2: The Target of Fury;

Part 3: Islamists in Power.

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