Elites’ work versus people’s work

Maybe there are some folks who do not want progress, but they forget that our today’s life comfort is the result of progress, a comfort specially appreciated in cold days when our rooms are heated and cosy.

Today most of us find it great when technical progress give some better products. And what about progress on other than technical levels? I mean more spiritual levels, the interpretation of facts, of our reality, the huge field of the non provable of our life. Here (mainly in our western world) exclusions are often bitter (wikipedia is the best example, academics and other ‘better people’ tell they do not make the effort to change the faults they see there).

We should have learned that progress is only possible if we work together. One person alone, or only a few persons, make only small progress. Acceleration of progress increases with the today’s quick communication exchanges by internet.

What I disgust strongly in this landscape is the still working separation of elites’ work and people’s work. Elites do not like people introduce in their work. Elites refer only to other elites. The reason is a question of trust: elites have strong guidelines for their work, meant helpful to give confidence in their work’s result.

But this elite forget that they never learned people this guidelines, and so I guess this behavior is only a hidden social racism, a racism against people’s work, to give the elites the feeling to be better than ‘those others’. Which normally would be the behavior of a sect.

I guess they need strongly these feelings.

The day when elites decide to work together with non academics, to learn them their guidelines, instead of spitting on people’s contributions in reserved fields, then I imagine real progress for this humanity.

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