About Secular Humanism

Following the links about secular humanism found in Shy David’s Blog:

“There seems to be a terrible misunderstanding on the part of a great many people to the effect that when you cease to believe [in god/s] you may cease to behave.” — Louis Kronenberger, Company Manners. There are damn few Secular Humanists in the world, though their numbers are very slowly growing. The world needs more of them, many more.

Links to Texts about Secular Humanism:

Humanist Manifestos I And II – American Humanist Association;

What is humanism? – by Frederick Edwords Executive Director, American Humanist Association;

A humanist declaration of peace – Throughout the ages, people of conscience have pondered the brutalizing character of war and the denial of human worth which it occasions;

The Declaration of a Global Ethic – The world is in agony. The agony is so pervasive and urgent that we are compelled to name its manifestations so that the depth of this pain may be made clear;

Humanism with a capital “H” – “Has ‘humanism,’ like ‘motherhood,’ peace,’ ‘brotherhood,’ and ‘democracy,’ become so honorific a term that it is avowed even by those who do not believe in it? And, in being co-opted, will it then be undermined?”.

Positive Humanism – By Gerald A. Larue, Ph.D. There is a certain aspect of Humanism that inspires a Humanist to debunk the superstitious and simplistic assumptions of pseudoscience and organized religion.

The Promise of Humanism – By Frederick Edwords. Every religion has its promise, the special reward it offers to the faithful. Such a promise is often the main feature that attracts outsiders in. As such, it can become a primary selling point and motivator;

Reasons – Some Reasons Why Humanists Reject The Bible. By Joseph C. Sommer (see text on March 18, 2006);

Life is to be lived now, a vital, personal Humanism – That the focus of discussion of Humanism has been largely on the Manifestos is unfortunate, since such discussion hides the vital and personal Humanism that means so much in the individual lives of so many.

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