Published on the spirit of ma’at, by John Perkins, August 1, 2000.

For definitional purposes we can talk about Shapeshifting occurring on three different levels:

The first is cellular, and that is when a person of an indigenous culture shapeshifts into a plant or animal, or in our culture when a cancer grows in someone and then miraculously disappears.

The second level is personal Shapeshifting. That is when we decide to transform our personality – and usually that means becoming more of what we most expect in ourselves. It might mean when a person honors themselves as a good writer or a better dancer or politician. It could also mean transforming an addiction.

The third form of Shapeshifting is about transforming the society that we live in, whether its at the town or city level, or the corporate level – the place where we work – or the institutions that help shape our lives … (full text).

‘Shapeshifting’, Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation, a book written by John Perkins.

Review written by Lleu Christopher (
John Perkins has studied with shamans from around the world, leads workshops on shapeshifting and shamanism and has written several books. His approach is to use ancient shapeshifting techniques as a tool for societal as well as personal transformation….offer many practical exercises for learning shapeshifting techniques. Of course, this is a difficult and lifelong process and not something you can learn from simply reading a book about it. Traditional shamans are raised with a magical and holistic worldview that is very different from our modern technological, materialistic one. Shapeshifting is, however, an excellent introduction to this path and may motivate you to delve deeper into the subject. Shapeshifting is usually thought of in terms of transforming the physical body; shamans can supposedly (I believe it, but I realize many don’t) literally shapeshift into plants, animals or spheres of pure energy (the latter is described in the book). As fascinating as this prospect is, the possibility that social institutions can shapeshift may be even more important. It has become almost a platitude to say that our present political and economic system is seriously damaging the environment. As tired as we may be of hearing this, and as much as we’d like to believe that it’s all hyperbole, it seems hard to deny at this point. In addition to teaching shamanic techniques, John Perkins’ Dream Change Coaltion works to preserve the rainforests and influence the thinking of large corporations. Projects of this kind are crucial today. (on amazon).

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