Foreign Policy Features CIA Document Released to National Security Archive

A Classified Mea Culpa on Iraq – CIA Analysis Acknowledges Intelligence Failure on Iraq’s WMDs – Published on The National Security Archive, by Tom Blanton, September 5, 2012.

The online magazine today published an extraordinary CIA document on the recent Iraq war which the National Security Archive obtained through a Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) request to the CIA … //

… Through an Iraqi Prism: 

The CIA’s post-war review faulted agency analysts for not looking at events in Iraq from the standpoint of “a paranoid dictatorship.” Probably the best available intelligence on Iraqi thinking – not to mention Saddam Hussein’s own attitudes – comes from what the deposed dictator himself told the FBI after his capture in December 2003.

Click the link below to read the transcripts of 20 interviews and five conversations the FBI conducted in 2004 with “High Value Detainee #1″: Saddam Hussein Talks to the FBI
(full text and Document).

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