Human Rights in Sri Lanka – a petition

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Stop blocking a UN human rights monitoring mission in Sri Lanka.


We urge you to sign the petition below. Ask your friends to join and sign the petition. For more information on the situation of human rights and the role of a UN monitoring mission, please read: Justification for a Petition

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The petition:

His Excellency
President, Sri Lanka
CC: Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Your Excellency,

I support the call made by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms. Louise Arbour, to extend support for Sri Lanka through human rights monitoring of all violations of human rights done by any group whatsoever. I also believe that the sovereignty of Sri Lanka will be enhanced by revitalizing competent and effective criminal investigation sections of the Sri Lankan police through this support by the United Nations.

I urge the Sri Lankan government to utilise this opportunity to address many of the problems that have caused enormous insecurity to the people and that act as an obstacle to development in the country. I fervently hope that petty interests of power and corruption will not prevail against the better interests of the nation and the Sri Lankan people by resisting this move by the United Nations. I see no reasons for the independence of the judiciary of Sri Lanka to be affected adversely by such investigations. In fact, I see the sovereignty of the people and the state being enhanced by such investigations in the present circumstances of Sri Lanka.

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