The brink of a humanitarian food crisis

Published on ActionAid, by Martin Adhola, 4 January 2008.

ActionAid worker Martin Adhola reports from Bondo, Western Kenya:

There is no public transport so it is impossible to get back to Nairobi. I am stuck in Bondo, a township in Western Kenya. All around me the streets are filled with angry and hungry protesters.

Bondo is home to the election candidate Raila Odinga, so there is a lot of tension and bitterness. People feel abandoned and disenfranchised by what has happened here. They had so much hope – he was one of their own.

Men and women everywhere are desperate to get hold of essential supplies but all roads are blocked. There are running battles morning, afternoon and evening with the police. They are firing shots in the air and using tear gas at crowds but the riots and demonstrations continue.

Bullets are flying all around me. Schools are also closed so children are now on the streets. A young boy was hit in the knee yesterday, it is not safe outside …

… There is no way to sell fish from the lake. I went to the bank today but they weren’t giving out money so it is hard to buy fresh goods.

The food chain is being locked down. If this situation continues, how will people here survive? (full text).

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