Planetary Crossroads! Where Do We Want to Go?

Published on Global, by Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, August 17, 2012.

… Well, now we have two choices. Collectively, as wrecked societies and battered cultures that have been created by insider elites, wealthy banksters and their government cohorts, our “strings” have been pulled to conform and dance to rigged criminal tunes. This is all for the benefit of a dark cabal, a new world dis-order. It is all based on harm and destruction.  

Individually, most humans have bought into rigged news and a Western culture, based on fear and chronic violence.

The now illegal “perpetual” war machine (funded by tax-payer money and black ops) is the only thing that “works”. Killing is thriving, while real health care, education, elder care, and infra-structure (with thousands of crumbling bridges and wrecked roads) are all trashed.

Those in power, whether at a local, state, or federal level are gutting every social service to supposedly balance the budget. Any “public” agency no longer works for us … //

… Out of Control Financial Corruption:

  • We have been manipulated by banksters and wealthy but psychopathic criminals with hearts of darkness who are bent on behind-the-scenes destruction. They have been playing both sides in many countries. We are deliberately pitted against one another. It’s their hidden agenda of massive harm. We have been lied to and deceived. It has been chronic and it permeates every facet of our daily lives. From illnesses, to education, to false-flag events, to social mores. it has all been orchestrated and RIGGED for centuries. Going back more than 200 years, this is what the Rothchilds did with their wealth. They rigged wars from behind the scenes, pitting both sides against one another. It is part of our hidden history. They are not alone. The entire global banking is a criminal enterprise; and now there is “co-operation” of 147 multi-national corporations that are destroying our lives and our planet.
  • The LIBOR [London Inter-Bank Offer Rate] scandal is just the latest in a decades-long scenario of continual hidden bankster manipulation and theft of massive amounts of our money. It has been the long-term plan of the New World dis-order (in collusion with government officials) to break the US and other Western countries. In essence, this has meant the loss of millions of jobs and the theft of millions of homes. From personal discussions with several close friends, the banks and mortgage companies REFUSED to negotiate with their customers. It does not matter which mortgage company or which bank was involved. NONE of them negotiated with customers! Excuses abounded. Lies continued. People had to send and re-send hundreds of pages of “supporting evidence” to their bank/mortgage company that conveniently got “lost.” This is the way a totally broken and corrupt system “works.” In my own circle of friends, 17 have lost their homes. All these people are professionals (including my daughter). The mainstream corporate media continues to be complicit in this cover-up.

It’s not just the latest “currency war.” It is our planned destruction:

  • The elite have hidden $32 trillion in off shore accounts, while everything else continues to be gutted:
  • The “trans-national capitalists” (as reported on an August 14 Global Research article) are the ones who “characterize the dominant class structures of specific countries” and are behind the financial wreckage:
  • Continued printing of worthless “green toilet paper” (as I term it) is not only NOT sustainable, but has destroyed millions of people’s lives. Having just driven across the US for the ninth time, the rampant poverty is noticeable all over. But it is NOT reported. Communities are in extremis. Thousands of stores are closed. There are no jobs! Food prices continue to skyrocket. Millions of miles of roads are wrecked, but tolls are required to get from one place to another…even when driving on them is dangerous! Again, this is their hidden agenda. In essence, the tax debt is NEVER repayable, but keeps recycling through fraud to keep the 99 percent in perpetual debt slavery.
  • The “debt clock” is a graphic view of where this is currently. See US Dept

As reported in London today, the day of reckoning is shortly to be here:

  • For any citizen to have to “bail out the banks” is sheer insanity. Whatever has been “reported” is a continued Orwellian cover-up. This system is NOT fixable; and Iceland is the only country to stand up to the banksters. We must ALL do the same thing!

No more. We do have another Choice!

  • Collectively, we have never chosen a path of peace and love. We have untapped power and marvelous creative energy to build a new world of peace, of good will, of harmony, of kindness and compassion. We can use the highest of our human potential to CHANGE and bring forth a world of real ACCORD and CARING. TRULY, THIS IS POSSIBLE! We do not have to buy into or support (in any way!) any path of harm or injury created by those planning our destruction.
  • PLEASE HELP BRING PEACE to all of us! The tide is rapidly turning, as millions of us find out what is really happening with financial scandals, insider theft and trading, and enormous corporate and government lies. Collectively, we can do this. It can be done without harm! Let us join together, using our highest human potential to create a world of harmony and caring.
  • The highest good of which we ALL are capable starts individually in our own hearts. This is the beginning of creating an elevated consciousness.

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