Global Hegemony: The Facts, The Images

Watch this video on ZNet, 85.29 min, by Noam Chomsky, August 13, 2012 (Chomsky starts at 4.40 min), also on YouTube:
Noam Chomsky, a U.S. political theorist, activist and professor of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, speaks as a part of The Collins Distinguished Speaker Series.
Chomsky is considered to be one of the fathers of modern linguistics, but has become better known since the 1960s as a political dissident and anarchist. He refers to his views as “fairly traditional anarchist ones,” and calls himself an anarcho-syndicalist.   

He is a member of the Industrial Workers of the World (WOBBLIES) international union and his book, Chomsky on Anarchism, was published in 2006 by the anarchist book collective AK Press


The Marxist Internet Archive/sitemap;

The crisis of the European Union and the perspective of the United Socialist States of Europe, on WSWS, by , August 14, 2012;

Find theSocial Equality Party (of Germany) on their Official website (in german), and on en.wikipedia.

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