When disadvantaged peoples become liars – The Zoe’s Ark mess

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First my comment: for tribal minded people the simple intention to give out children to be educated elsewhere IS already a treason. The crowd yelling death treats to the Zoe’s Ark members reacted correctly belonging to their belief … we may understand it, even if we not agree.

But the juridic authorities of Chad know very well our westerner beliefs of individual liberty, means in our world the parents HAVE the right to let their children go to a place of their choice. In this sense, Chad’s authorities have to respect the goodwill of Zoe’s Ark members intention.

It is known that:

  • the frenchies never had any contact with members of the children’s place;
  • It was the responsibles in these places who choosed and collected all children, it was in THEIR responsibility to know if this children have parents or have not;
  • We all know how tribal laws may be hard: any one daring not respect them is rejected, sometimes killed. This means that parents wanting give their children to France HAVE now to take the role of liars to save their own skin;
  • A rumor tells that even parents in the sphere around the government wanted give out their children to France. I think they estimate their own government time counted, and better places elsewhere should be found next. So, why not having already the children safe? (That’s exactly what I would have done in a situation of smoldering civil war: first bring my children out of the country!).

This morning some press reviews:

A very hard line on Guerrilla News: Zoe’s Ark workers get hard labor, Dec 26, 2007.

Summary: In a tale of modern day slave hunters, Christian charity Zoe’s Ark attempted to kidnap 103 children from the war torn and oppressed region of the central African country of Chad. The story broke on October 25 after police in Chad arrested nine French citizens in eastern Chad, near the Darfur border, as they prepare to fly 103 African children to France. On Wednesday, a Chadian court sentenced these Christian aid workers to eight years of forced labour for the crime of human trafficking and fraud. The sad reality is that this represents only a small percentage of child abuse offenders who scour the globe for poor, suffering little children to victimize for the world of Christian pedophilias and their kiddie porn industry …

More distances are shown in Japan: Chad court sentences French charity workers to hard labor, Dec 27, 2007.

NDJAMENA — A court in Chad on Wednesday sentenced six French workers from the Zoe’s Ark charity to eight years’ hard labor for trying to fly 103 children they said were orphans from Darfur out to France. The six French citizens were found guilty of “attempted kidnap of children, breaching their civil rights” and “absconding without payment” of bills in their attempt to fly the children to France from eastern Chad on Oct 25 … All the sentences including the compensation order were in line with what the prosecution had been seeking …

Balanced tellings on Times Argus/USA: French aid workers sentenced to 8 years hard labor, December 27, 2007.

The verdict came after four days of closely watched testimony in Chad’s capital, Ndjamena. The case enraged many Chadians and embarrassed France just as a European peacekeeping force made up largely of French troops was to begin deployment in the region. The episode brought condemnation across Africa. Prosecutors portrayed the aid workers as remorseless kidnappers bent on exploiting Chad’s children. But the workers claimed they were humanitarians acting within the confines of international law, trying to save children from imminent harm. Diplomats and analysts widely expect that the French workers will be allowed to return to France. Though French officials called the verdict a sovereign decision, they said they would ask Chad to allow the workers to serve their sentences in France, news agencies reported …

For more go to NewsNow/Sudan (is no more available).

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