Ex-CIA: War with Iran in the offing

Linked with Raymond (Ray) McGovern – USA.

Published on Press TV, by MD/MG, 19 Dec 2007.

A former senior CIA analyst says the United States and Israel are planning war against Iran before the next presidential election …

… The former analyst expounded that the close American relationship with Israel, which alleges Iran is a threat to its existence and to the international community, is the driving force behind a potential strike.

McGovern called on those wishing to prevent a military conflict with Iran to voice their opposition to President Bush’s headstrong approach towards Tehran and its nuclear program.

Although the report by US intelligence services has meant another embarrassment for the White House over its accusation against Tehran, the US president seems to be indifferent to the assessment.

President Bush, who is scheduled to visit Jerusalem in January, bald-facedly continues his rhetoric against the Islamic Republic, claiming Tehran poses a threat to the international community. (full text).

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