The Geneva Conventions

The Geneva Conventions are international treaties binding on all States which have accepted them.


In 1859 Henry Dunant, a Swiss citizen, witnessed the aftermath of the Battle of Solferino and was horrified by the sight of thousands of wounded soldiers lying helpless and abandoned with no one to care for them. This experience led him to suggest the setting up of voluntary relief societies who could be trained, during peacetime, to care for the wounded in time of war. He also called for an international agreement to be drawn up to protect the wounded, and those who looked after them, from further attack. In 1863 Henri Dunant arranged an unofficial international conference at which it was agreed that each country should form a relief organisation capable of assisting the Army Medical Services in wartime. This was how the Red Cross began … (full long text). Find the other chapters in the left column of this website of the Peace Pledge Union; l

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