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Texte reçu hier, via une amie, De: Sante Nature Innovation. Je suis entièrement d’accord avec ce texte que je vous fais suivre tel-quel à votre reflexion (et peut-être à votre action, en groupe).

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Klaus Schulze with Lisa Gerrard, 109.09 min, uploaded by pfenrw, June 24, 2012.

ALEXANDRE JARDIN: des gens très bien

INDEX May 2014

2014-05-01: US: Scathing Report Finds Rocketship, School Privatization Hurt Poor Kids;
2014-05-02: Links on my Dashboard;
2014-05-03: we are the world;
2014-05-06: from now on less work on this blog;
2014-05-07: music for oneness;
2014-05-14: das Nichtkampf Prinzip mit Rüdiger Lenz;
2014-05-15: Tante Wurst macht ihr Make-up;
2014-05-20: music for our soul;
2014-05-21: Montagsdemos in Berlin und Leipzig;
2014-05-27: Bilderberger – WEF Davos – Geld – Montagsdemo – Hanf … mal laut gesagt;
2014-05-31: Doku APOKALYPSE 2016 – Geburtenrate.

Doku APOKALYPSE 2016 – Geburtenrate

Geht die Welt wirklich unter? 84.41 min, von Dokunet am 22. April 2014 hochgeladen …
(mein ewig gleicher Kommentar zur Geburtenrate: sobald JEDE Frau ihre eigenen Geburten selber kontrollieren kann, erreicht durch vom Mann unabhängigem – (bedingungslos frei erhaltenem oder unabhängig erarbeitetem) – Einkommen, wird die Geburtenrate von selber zurückgehen. Viele Frauen wollen nur 1-2, oder gar keine Kinder … aber vielleicht wollen einige Männer immer noch lieber untergehen, als auf ihr eheliches ‘Recht’ auf einen – von ihm abhängigen – Frauenkörper zu verzichten – siehe auch What is our crime? Saudi princesses denied food for over 60 days (wenn eine ganze Nation über die dort bestehenden Frauenkörper verfügt); – Heidi).

Bilderberger – WEF Davos – Geld – Montagsdemo – Hanf … mal laut gesagt


Von NuoViso.TV 2013 auf YouTube hochgeladen:

  • Dr. Rolf Froböse: Wie Alles mit Allem verbunden ist, 36.45 min. Moderne Physiker stellen das bisherige Weltbild auf den Kopf. So gilt es neuerdings als wahrscheinlich, dass seit dem Urknall vor 13.7 Milliarden Jahren, bei dem unter anderem eine unvorstellbare Informationslawine freigesetzt wurde, große Teile des Kosmos miteinander verschränkt sind und miteinander kommunizieren. Demnach sind wir alle aktive Teilnehmer dieses im sprichwörtlichen Sinne „universalen Dialogs” und auf subtile Weise mit jedem Punkt des Universums verknüpft. Diesen Teil der Realität erfahren wir rein intuitiv, u. a. durch Gedanken und Gefühle, die wir uns rational nicht erklären können, aber auch durch Phänomene, die wir heute noch als „paranormal” bezeichnen … (ganzer Text).   Continue Reading…

Montagsdemos in Berlin und Leipzig

von NuoVisoTV im April-Mai 2014 hochgeladen:

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music for our soul

Tante Wurst macht ihr Make-up

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das Nichtkampf Prinzip mit Rüdiger Lenz

music for oneness

Enigma: Seven Lives Many Faces 2008 FULL HQ, 49.58 min, uploaded by Edgar Vs, Jan 7, 2014;
A DREAM FROM MY HEART, 4.51 min, uploaded by Sounds of Oneness, March 26, 2014;
Ten Years After: A Space In Time (1971-Full Album), 37.30 min, uploaded by Zzyzx Xopferna, Sept 22, 2013;
KITARO: Silk Road, Volume 1 FULL, 65.06 min, uploaded by kitarotv, Dec 28, 2012;
Enya: Wild Child, 3.51 min, uploaded by AssortiCreative, Dec 4, 2012;
Tangerine Dream: The Electric Mandarine Tour LIVE, 93.46 min, uploaded by inettvradio, Nov 12, 2012;
Oxygene: The Ocean, 9.59 min, uploaded by Cape Tranquility, Jan 31, 2012;
The Depth Of Ocean HD, 7.08 min, uploaded by Cafeberdar, Dec 5, 2011 … and 20 more videos in autoplay.

from now on less work on this blog

… with from time to time some music or a text for mind and soul …

.R (97) korrigiert rogne 28p.
… a little snake from divings in Thailand …

we are the world

Links on my Dashboard

in english:

US: Scathing Report Finds Rocketship, School Privatization Hurt Poor Kids

Published on, by Ruth Conniff, April 24, 2014.

Gordon Lafer, a political economist and University of Oregon professor who has advised Congress, state legislatures, and the New York City mayor’s office, landed at the airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, late last night bringing with him a briefing paper on school privatization and how it hurts poor kids.   Continue Reading…

Index April 2014

2014-04-01: éducation aux droits de l’homme;
2014-04-01: human rights-education;
2014-04-01: Trois Nouvelles formations avec proPhilo;
2014-04-02: The United Nations and the Issue of Ukraine’s Sovereignty;
2014-04-03: Banking union time bomb: Eurocrats authorize bailouts and bail-ins;
2014-04-04: Interview with Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor: Sometimes You Have To Do the Unexpected;
2014-04-05: Truth vs. Torture;
2014-04-06: latest of Noam Chomsky;
2014-04-07: disclosures of the National Security Archive NSA;
2014-04-08: The Left and the European Union;
2014-04-09: The conscience and courage of Chelsea (Bradley) Manning;
2014-04-11: How Better Health Care for the Poor Makes a Stronger Economy for All;
2014-04-12: War for Dummies;
2014-04-13: Do We Care Too Much?
2014-04-14: Avoiding the Capitalist Apocalypse;
2014-04-15: Ogun launches 10 hectares cassava pilot farm;
2014-04-16: A Primer on the Antiunion Campaign at Volkswagen;
2014-04-17: The Transformative Potential of the Right to Food;
2014-04-18: Sweet Adelines;
2014-04-19: Free Transit: three Reasons it is an Idea whose Time has come;
2014-04-20: just music;
2014-04-21: Graphene is going to revolutionize the 21st Century;
2014-04-22: Raising Our Expectations;
2014-04-23: INDIA: Cat Out of the Bag;
2014-04-24: What Germany Left Behind: The Slow Collapse of North Afghanistan – part 1;
2014-04-25: Carter Opposes West’s Sanctions That Hurt Russian People;
2014-04-26: LIVE – German and Russian diplomats to build trust at Petersburg Dialogue;
2014-04-27: The Downfall of Rome: Can a New Mayor Stop the City’s Decline? – part 1;
2014-04-28: Venezuelan Government-Opposition Dialogue Produces Results;
2014-04-29: What can the citizen do in the conflict between the “West” and Russia?
2014-04-30: Epic Musics from Fairy Plays and Fantasy.

Epic Musics from Fairy Plays and Fantasy

Link: medieval and fairy tale musics, on one of my other blogs.

What can the citizen do in the conflict between the “West” and Russia?

Published on Current Concerns, by Karl Müller, April 19, 2014.

A look at the comments regarding Ukraine, Russia and the “West” in recent weeks has shown once again that there are big differences between the published opinion and the opinion of the citizens. There are many signs that the Western campaign journalism against Russian policy and in particular against the Russian President was too obvious and did not hold any credibility. The comments and reports were all too one-sided and unbalanced and hid too many facts, however, in many cases citizens are aware of them … // Continue Reading…

Venezuelan Government-Opposition Dialogue Produces Results

Published on ZNet (first on Venezuelanalysis), by Ewan Robertson, April 26, 2014.

The third dialogue talk between the Venezuelan government and opposition has produced more results, while the armed forces have largely “liberated” another city from militant opposition street barricades.

During last night’s peace talk between prominent members of the government and the opposition’s Democratic Unity Table (MUD) coalition, the opposition agreed to designate two representatives to the Truth Commission.   Continue Reading…

The Downfall of Rome: Can a New Mayor Stop the City’s Decline? – part 1

Published on Spiegel Online International, by Walter Mayr in Rome, April 25, 2014 (Photo Gallery).

Pilgrims from around the world are expected in Rome this weekend for the canonization of two former popes. They will find an Italian capital that is increasingly squalid and close to bankruptcy. The city’s new mayor is hoping he can turn it around … // Continue Reading…

LIVE German and Russian diplomats to build trust at Petersburg Dialogue

Carter Opposes West’s Sanctions That Hurt Russian People

Published on, by staff, April 23, 2014.

Former US president Jimmy Carter said Tuesday the West should not impose sanctions that would hurt the Russian people over their leaders’ actions in Ukraine . And, hours after the US vice-president Joe Biden’s Kiev visit, the Kiev authority has relaunched military assaults against the federationists in the east of Ukraine . The federationists are opposing the authority that has seized parliament and usurped power in Kiev .

Media reports on Ukraine said: Continue Reading…

What Germany Left Behind: The Slow Collapse of North Afghanistan – part 1

Published on Spiegel Online International, by Nicola Abé, April 22, 2014 (Photo Gallery).

Six months ago, Germany’s military withdrew from Kunduz in northern Afghanistan. Since then, regional security has eroded and many of those left behind feel abandoned. Even development work seems to have come to a halt … // Continue Reading…

INDIA: Cat Out of the Bag

Published on ZNet, by Badri Raina, April 21, 2014.

Finally, the cat is out of the bag. That has been now said in so many words which the weltanshauung of the rightwing Hindutva election campaign has been remorselessly leading upto, namely that those who are inimical to a likely Narendra Modi-led government are anti-national, and “have no place in India and should go to Pakistan.” Thus, what has been a consistently insinuated sub-text of the Modi campaign has found articulation as actually the main plank of the RSS-mentored push for state power.   Continue Reading…