all articles sorted chronologically, 2005 – 2011

2005-08-10: hello world;
2005-08-11: Writers in Humanism – Carlos Macasaet;
2005-08-12: Writers in Humanism – Marxists;
2005-08-13: Marxism and Humanism by Raya Dunayevskaya;
2005-08-15: What is Humanism?
2005-08-18: Humanism – An Introduction;
2005-08-20: The children are fine;
2005-08-24: Humanism and J. R. Kantor;
2005-08-29: Human concerns – Avicenna (Ibn Sina) 980-1037;
2005-09-01: Human concerns – Averroes (1126-1198);
2005-09-02: Human concerns – Dante Alighieri (1265-1321);
2005-09-04: Human concerns – Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus (1493-1541);
2005-09-07: Human concerns – Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906);
2005-09-09: Educasol;
2005-09-11: … like a herd of stampeding elephants;
2005-09-12: Human concerns – Frédéric Mistral (1830-1914);
2005-09-13: Human concerns – José Echegaray y Eizaguirre (1832-1916);
2005-09-13: Human concerns – Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde (1854-1900);
2005-09-14: Human concerns – George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950);
2005-09-14: Human concerns – Gabriela Mistral (1889-1957);
2005-09-16: Human concerns – Federico García Lorca (1898-1936);
2005-09-17: Human concerns – Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986);
2005-10-04: Human concerns – Pablo Neruda (1904-1973);
2005-10-06: The rhythm of a world in step;
2005-10-10: Alliance Sud;
2005-10-11: The Right to Know;
2005-10-13: Human concerns – Henry Fuseli (1741-1825);
2005-10-14: Education and debate;
2005-10-18: Human concerns – William Blake (1757-1827);
2005-10-20: Human concerns – William Wordsworth (1770-1850);
2005-10-21: Madrid: Participación ciudadana;
2005-10-23: Human concerns – Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822);
2005-10-25: Human concerns – Jacob (Ludwig Carl) Grimm (1785-1863);
2005-10-26: Human concerns – Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (1797-1851);
2005-11-01: John Kenneth Galbraight – USA – a text;
2005-11-04: Societies Collapse;
2005-11-05: Human concerns – Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875);
2005-11-06: Human concerns – Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861);
2005-11-07: Human concerns – Robert Browning (1812-1889);
2005-11-08: Human concerns – Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892);
2005-11-09: Human concerns – Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849);
2005-11-12: CMSI / WSIS Tunis;
2005-11-12: Human concerns – Charles Dickens (1812-1870);
2005-11-13: Human concerns – Søren Aabye Kierkegaard (1813-1855);
2005-11-14: Se necesita voluntad politica para enfrentar la pobreza;
2005-11-18: COMPROMISO DE TÚNEZ 2005;
2005-11-18: CIA’s harsh Interrogation Techniques;
2005-11-19: Programa de acciones de TÚNEZ, sociedad de la informacion;
2005-11-20: Centrality of Human Rights;
2005-11-22: Standing Up Against Torture;
2005-11-25: US Lawyers Front for CIA;
2005-11-30: Karl Ruf (Kari) – Schweiz;
2005-12-03: La noche de las Antorchas;
2005-12-03: New Orleans renaît avec le Wi-Fi;
2005-12-13: human rights panel of the CIRA conference;
2005-12-14: Here a Draft Text after WSIS;
2005-12-22: Gerechte Welthandelsregeln;
2005-12-25: … mother-child …;
2005-12-30: Rwanda Genocide Suspects On Trial;
2006-01-01: A NGO network and world-citizenship;
2006-01-01: Beyond the Law;
2006-01-02: The History of Anti-Landmine Efforts;
2006-01-03: Iraq Initiative – European Colleagues;
2006-01-04: Raising boys to maintain armies;
2006-01-05: Shadow Report on Algeria;
2006-01-06: Can Ordinary People Regain Their Power of Decision?;
2006-01-08: The Electronic Intifada;
2006-01-09: Sonntagsblick;
2006-01-10: Special Rapporteur on Torture;
2006-01-11: US-Folter-Camps;
2006-01-14: Open Letter from Human Rights Watch;
2005-01-15: CIA – Affaire;
2006-01-15: Writers’ texts about tortures;
2006-01-16: EU Partner der CIA;
2006-01-16: Again about Tortures;
2006-01-17: Arena-Sendung zur CIA-Affäre: Rolle der Schweiz;
2006-01-18: CIA und Folter;
2006-01-19: On Discrimination against Women;
2006-01-20: Social Watch en el Foro Social Mundial 2006;
2006-01-20: droits économiques, sociaux et culturels PIDESC;
2006-01-20: Rethinking Islam;
2006-01-23: FORO SOCIAL MUNDIAL 2006 – Actualizado;
2006-01-24: Structures, Freedoms, Politizations – a debate;
2006-01-25: Looking forward to Porto Alegre;
2006-01-25: Foro Social Mundial – Caracas;
2006-01-25: Moving politics … to the people;
2006-01-25: Statut des instruments relatifs aux Droits de l’Homme;
2006-01-26: Collection des Traités – Déclarations et Réserves;
2006-01-27: Schafik Handal – El Salvador;
2006-01-27: PIDESC;
2006-01-28: No Hay Festival en Cartagena;
2006-01-28: after WSIS … education, academia and research;
2006-01-29: Viertes Europäisches Sozialforum in Athen;
2006-01-30: FCO in UK;
2006-02-01: dKosopedia;
2006-02-01: The African Digital Commons;
2006-02-01: Laurie King-Irani’s texts;
2006-02-01: axe de la paix;
2006-02-03: again op-icescr;
2006-02-03: Muslim Protest for Pictures;
2006-02-04: Communication of Mrs Delphine Nana Mekounte;
2006-02-08: again Muslim Protests for Pictures;
2006-02-08: Anatomy of Global Sex Industry;
2006-02-11: Integrisme and our Free World;
2006-02-12: War between Integrisme and Freedom;
2006-02-12: Islam-Cartoon Debatte auf deutsch;
2006-02-12: Statement of US Rep. Nancy Pelosi;
2006-02-12: Making Rehabilitation Into a Serious Business;
2006-02-12: The Muslim opinion is manipulated;
2006-02-13: PEN Canada statement on cartoons depicting Muhammed;
2006-02-13: Background Doc on op-icescr;
2006-02-14: Working mothers – The Balancing Act;
2006-02-14: Certified User’s Guide to make Cartoons;
2006-02-15: Smiles;
2006-02-17: The Origins of the Mainstream JapaNIEs Cultural Order;
2006-02-19: America’s Empire of Bases;
2006-02-20: Nuclear Weapons and Non-Proliferation – the Russian Perspective;
2006-02-21: 6th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates;
2006-02-27: The Fight against Trafficking in Women and Children;
2006-03-01: My look on the Muslim world of Abu Dhabi;
2006-03-01: human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous peoples – one;
2006-03-01: human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous peoples – two;
2006-03-01: Education et développement;
2006-03-02: Two women and two symbols of great defiance;
2006-03-05: They do steal children in Ukraine;
2006-03-06: WAFA SULTAN – on Al-Jazeera;
2006-03-07: WAFA SULTAN – again on Al-Jazeera;
2006-03-08: Human beings first!;
2006-03-09: Islam must be criticised!;
2006-03-10: a beauty;
2006-03-10: NGO’s Protest for Women’s Rights in Albania;
2006-03-11: Euromemorandum 2005;
2006-03-11: What Is the Difference Between Islam and Islamism?;
2006-03-12: Alternative Globalizations;
2006-03-13: Wenigstens einmal von Washington lernen;
2006-03-13: Women as Global Leaders;
2006-03-14: How to go on with radical Islam;
2006-03-14: Democracy or Islamocracy;
2006-03-16: Some Reports about Human Rights;
2006-03-17: About Secular Humanism;
2006-03-18: Some Reasons Why (Secular) Humanists Reject The Bible;
2006-03-19: Humanism without adjectives;
2006-03-20: A voice out of Nigeria;
2006-03-21: Human Rights First Welcomes Release of Akbar Ganji, Jailed Iranian Journalist;
2006-03-21: Der Euro bringt Deutschland Vorteile;
2006-03-23: My comment to a new fatwa;
2006-03-23: an open letter from Irshad Manji;
2006-03-24: Malalai Joya’s Historical Speech in the Loya Jirga;
2006-03-25: Afghans have gone crazy, yet again;
2006-03-29: 9/11 on CNN;
2006-03-30: DALIT WOMEN: The Triple Oppression of Dalit Women;
2006-03-31: Dalit Women and Reservation Policy;
2006-04-01: the 1325 Award;
2006-04-02: 9/11 re-opened;
2006-04-03: Alert for Lydia Cacho Ribeiro – Mexico;
2006-04-03: Centro Integral de Atención a las Mujeres CIAM;
2006-04-04: secret flights to torture and disappearance;
2006-04-05: Sanctioning of Iran by Iranians;
2006-04-07: The neighbour in predicament;
2006-04-09: War on Iraq;
2006-04-11: Petition of Complaint to the National HR Commission SUHAKAM;
2006-04-12: AIDS funding crisis;
2006-04-13: “Una criada en Líbano” … ;
2006-04-13: Mohawks pass into another millennium;
2006-04-14: opposing, challenging and resisting 37 years of occupation;
2006-04-15: The Suffering Palestinian Women Undergo Every Day;
2006-04-16: The Aliens in War of the Worlds Are Muslims;
2006-04-16: One of many Muslim Voices;
2006-04-16: The role of Culture in Areas of Conflict;
2006-04-17: The Prison Industrial Complex and the Global Economy;
2006-04-18: The Gospel of Judas;
2006-04-19: Statement by IBN WARRAQ on the World Trade Center Atrocity;
2006-04-20: Perfidious Albion and the first Kashmir war;
2006-04-20: The Woes of Muslim single Parents;
2006-04-21: The Word in Times of Crisis;
2006-04-22: Improving Children’s Environmental Health;
2006-04-23: When Ibn Warraq met Edward Said;
2006-04-24: Edward Said (1935-2003), by Anat Biletzki;
2006-04-25: Preparation for the new Human Rights Council;
2006-04-26: Cruel to be kind?;
2006-04-27: Mexico: Strikers shot and killed during steel mill occupation;
2006-04-28: Kashmir;
2006-04-29: Books and articles of K.N. Pandita;
2006-04-30: Baharistan-i-Shahi – A Chronical of Mediaeval Kashmirby.
2006-05-02: Mayday-Voices from the Street;
2006-05-05: Towards a global solidarity;
2006-05-07: U.N Must Act to End Attacks on Karen in Burma/Myamar;
2006-05-08: Security Council Reform, Problems and Prospects, Sept. 2005;
2006-05-09: How churches become peace churches;
2006-05-10: Situation in Abkhazia;
2006-05-11: UNHCR Should Lead the International Humanitarian Enterprise;
2006-05-12: Why are lessons spurned, rather than learned?;
2006-05-16: For whom the bell tolls;
2006-05-18: Fake TV news;
2006-05-19: Synaptic Memory;
2006-05-20: Gran impostura;
2006-05-20: Calmy-Rey vor UNO-Sicherheitsrat;
2006-05-21: Eine trampelnde Elephantenherde;
2006-05-22: Searching for the Sources of the Self;
2006-05-24: Judas Gospel, DaVinci Code and Elites;
2006-05-25: Women with disabilities and sexual violence in Kenya;
2006-05-26: The tyranny doctrine;
2006-05-26: Menschenrechte auch in der Wirtschaft;
2006-05-27: Human Rights… The Sacrifice on its Feast Day!;
2006-05-28: The prisoner as message;
2006-05-29: Statement … The West Papua Case;
2006-05-30: Make Poverty History – Treat Humanity properly;
2006-05-31: Transforming Approaches to Conflict Resolution;
2006-06-01: 3 Forums in Canada;
2006-06-01: Crimes Against Women Are Still Prevalent;
2006-06-02: again 9/11;
2006-06-03: Who says slavery is dead?;
2006-06-04: For a fair sharing of time – Brazil households;
2006-06-06: Women Rights Are Limited in Seminars;
2006-06-07: Irakian Prisoner;
2006-06-08: Bolivia and its Gas;
2006-06-09: Human Rights and Poverty;
2006-06-10: the human rights and wrongs;
2006-06-11: Some sites on Human Rights;
2006-06-12: … some texts of Piri Thomas;
2006-06-13: Women’s Rights Protest Broken Up in Tehran;
2006-06-14: Towards an Inclusive Interpretation of Conflict;
2006-06-15: EU and Democracy;
2006-06-16: Somalia – Parliament votes in favour of foreign peacekeepers;
2006-06-17: The Price of Madness;
2006-06-18: Vellore women show the way;
2006-06-19: John Pilger: Freedom next time;
2006-06-20: Zürcher Kantonsrat verabschiedet neues Gewaltschutzgesetz;
2006-06-20: Convention on the Rights of the Child;
2006-06-21: United Nations Children’s Rights Report;
2006-06-22: The Microcredit Guide in Summary;
2006-06-23: Love and Betrayal in Colonial Africa;
2006-06-23: … again Burma;
2006-06-24: Exile and the Kingdom;
2006-06-25: Freud’s Requiem;
2006-06-26: Electronic Iraq is Looking for Translators!;
2006-06-26: News on the english;
2006-06-27: London Raiding;
2006-06-28: A Petition;
2006-06-29: a Hunger Strike and Coca-Cola in India;
2006-06-30: Anti-LTTE Tamils in Sri Lanka face death;
2006-07-01: WSIS Consultation Meetings;
2006-07-02: Hey, this also is humanity !;
2006-07-03: Patriotism & The Fourth of July;
2006-07-04: ATTAC Schweiz;
2006-07-04: The Scope and Benefits of Youth Volunteering;
2006-07-05: Freedom of expression … ;
2006-07-06: Mauritania: Low HIV prevalence, widespread AIDS stigma;
2006-07-07: It’s Not up to the Court;
2006-07-07: Put away the flags;
2006-07-08: Linking Gender, Food Security and the Environment;
2006-07-09: Garífuna Community Leader in Honduras Threatened with Death;
2006-07-10: Finding the Law: Islamic Law;
2006-07-11: Nigeria’s Oil and the population;
2006-07-11: International of Torture / Internationale de la Torture;
2006-07-12: Comments by Paddy Walker;
2006-07-13: Boycott against civil conduct;
2006-07-14: La fin de la soumission;
2006-07-15: … the role of islam in politics …;
2006-07-16: March across the Nullarbor;
2006-07-17: les femmes et la Commune;
2006-07-18: Dialog der Kulturen;
2006-07-18: Censure consentante;
2006-07-18: Document exclusif sur Voltairenet – Carlos;
2006-07-19: The Worries of the US Ambassador to Iraq;
2006-07-20: The Use of 9/11 … ;
2006-07-21: Iran’s bitter lessons for Iraq;
2006-07-22: Whom has North Korea provoked?;
2006-07-23: Copenhagen Consensus 2006;
2006-07-24: Of Gods, Men and Militants;
2006-07-25: Lebanon’s war – Heidi’s thoughts in present times;
2006-07-26: The British Harassment Act;
2006-07-27: Dokumentary Watch;
2006-07-28: Reforms To Curb HIV-AIDS In Zimbabwe;
2006-07-29: Reconciliation;
2006-07-30: Germany: Now is the time to think big;
2006-07-31: Brave New Enviros;
2006-07-31: Last humanitarian and polemic articles about Lebanon’s mess;
2006-08-01: The University of Texas’ Inequality Project UTIP;
2006-08-02: Message from Chief Arvol Looking Horse;
2006-08-02: Peacemessage from Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Sioux Nation;
2006-08-03: 9/11 in Norway;
2006-08-03: Le Sciocchezze di Sofri e Rampoldi;
2006-08-04: The West Already Was;
2006-08-04: Was 9/11 an inside job?;
2006-08-05: Coup d’État et intervention militaire;
2006-08-06: Promoting the Rights, Voices and Visions of Indigenous Peoples;
2006-08-07: Texts about Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights;
2006-08-08: Reporters Promise to Protect Children’s Right;
2006-08-09: US or UN?;
2006-08-10: Who rules the World? Project Imperialism;
2006-08-10: RFA Interviewed Writer Duong Thu Huong;
2006-08-11: Interview avec Duong Thu Huong – Viet Nam;
2006-08-12: Droits de l’Homme ou droit du plus fort?;
2006-08-12: UN Security Council Resolution/1701;
2006-08-13: Science of Chaos or Chaos in Science?;
2006-08-14: Liban et ONU;
2006-08-15: Tiere sind weder Menschen noch Waren;
2006-08-16: Understanding Sudan – The Darfur conflict;
2006-08-17: Alarmed at rising violence in Sri Lanka;
2006-08-18: Ensuring Peace through Justice;
2006-08-19: Frontal Attack on the UN;
2006-08-20: defense des enfants;
2006-08-21: Social worker shortage puts children at risk;
2006-08-22: Fluctuating Fortunes for Hugo Chavez;
2006-08-23: Nonviolence Book – Notes to CHAPTER 12, BARBARA DEMING;
2006-08-24: A Random Chapter in the History of Nonviolence;
2006-08-25: Welfare income levels hit new lows: study;
2006-08-25: “Fear! Fear!”: Birth of the War on Terror;
2006-08-26: You and Aids;
2006-08-27: Draft Minutes of the IWC Meeting New Delhi;
2006-08-28: Prison for Chen Guangcheng – China;
2006-08-29: Propagande et terrorisme;
2006-08-30: CEASEFIRE NOW, a petition;
2006-08-31: The Report From Iron Mountain;
2006-09-01: From the International AIDS Conference IAC;
2006-09-02: Some databases and links;
2006-09-03: Characteristics of the Asian Born in the United States;
2006-09-04: The Global Struggle with Illegal Migration;
2006-09-05: About Jihad, Islam and Politics;
2006-09-06: Nur Euro-Islam sollte in Europa Platz haben!;
2006-09-07: Down to Earth;
2006-09-08: Bt fails in China;
2006-09-08: Time to tell the truth … ;
2006-09-09: Civil G8 — is your opportunity to discuss global problems!;
2006-09-09: On the situation of Chechens outside Chechnya;
2006-09-10: … Environmental Proto-Movements in China;
2006-09-10: India for rendering borders irrelevant;
2006-09-11: Shocking Lancet Study about Haiti;
2006-09-12: Dissecting the war on terror;
2006-09-13: Assuming Authority;
2006-09-14: la grève des cuisses serrées;
2006-09-15: Laver sa conscience à grande eau;
2006-09-16: Deepening the Work;
2006-09-17: Europe Crosses the Rubicon;
2006-09-18: la cour martiale pour doute;
2006-09-19: Nancy, lost her sister-in-law on Flight 93 on 9-11-01;
2006-09-20: Nils Daulaire’s speech;
2006-09-21: about available health care;
2006-09-22: Nils Daulaire’s Keynote address;
2006-09-23: Importance of Global Alliances … ;
2006-09-24: 4ème rassemblement pour les droits de l’homme à Genève;
2006-09-26: Police terror in postcard state;
2006-09-27: Les Lao-Hmongs et leurs droits de l’home;
2006-09-27: about human rights in Laos;
2006-09-28: UNHCRs consultations with NGOs;
2006-09-29: SWIFT et les lois Européennes;
2006-09-30: stolen innocence;
2006-10-01: Give Regional Cooperation a Chance;
2006-10-02: Islamist Parties in the Maghreb;
2006-10-03: Women defending Peace Conference;
2006-10-04: Gender as a Tool in Building Peace;
2006-10-05: Stateless in Bangladesh – Generations of Oppressed;
2006-10-06: Les Neurosciences et la musique;
2006-10-06: Le télé-enseignement des sciences;
2006-10-06: The Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome PTSS;
2006-10-07: Plan Colombia and its Consequences in Ecuador;
2006-10-07: A Human Rights Council’s statement;
2006-10-08: Experiencias de Mediacion Escolar en Gernika;
2006-10-09: Children of Chechen “Spetzoperations”;
2006-10-10: Nation Non Grata;
2006-10-11: ICFTU – Annual Survey 2006;
2006-10-12: The Vietnam War Crimes You Never Heard Of;
2006-10-13: Prodi’s Message to the Lebanese People;
2006-10-14: Appearance of ZCTU human rights defenders in Harare Court;
2006-10-15: Nobel winner to use Novel peace prize to help poor;
2006-10-16: Islamic Feminism in the Islamic Republic;
2006-10-17: The Millenium Development Goals Report 2006;
2006-10-17: Events and Texts from the UN;
2006-10-18: Etats-Unis, le scandale des prêtres pédophiles;
2006-10-19: Hannah Arendt (1906 – 1075);
2006-10-20: The Liquid Bomb hoax;
2006-10-21: … menacé par des agents états-uniens;
2006-10-22: Women as the Leaders of Development;
2006-10-22: Semeurs de paix;
2006-10-23: The Death Penalty Debate;
2006-10-24: The Khmer Rouge next on Trial;
2006-10-24: IDPs food concern in Chechnya and Azerbaijan;
2006-10-25: Burma before the Security Council;
2006-10-26: what’s about the endless op-icescr?;
2006-10-27: Raising Children Compassionately;
2006-10-28: India abolishes husbands’ ‘right’ to rape wife;
2006-10-29: 60 Women contributing to the 60 years of UNESCO;
2006-10-30: Social Development Research at UNRISD 2005–2009;
2006-10-31: Redefining cities;
2006-11-01: Feature: Curbing Sexual Violence in Haiti;
2006-11-01: HRC COMPLAINT PROCEDURE – Discussion Paper;
2006-11-02: Strategies for agriculture and rural development in Papua New Guinea;
2006-11-03: Friendly Dictators and Hostile Democracies;
2006-11-04: Australian Broadcasting Corporation adopts new “bias” rules;
2006-11-05: The Painful Death of Humanitarian Intervention;
2006-11-05: A Modest Proposal;
2006-11-06: FARC on Trial, Upside Down World;
2006-11-07: The West Can’t Save Africa;
2006-11-08: Free Hug;
2006-11-09: Making Sense of Political Violence in Postcolonial Africa;
2006-11-10: Speech of the UN special Rapporteur on freedom of expression;
2006-11-11: Alternatives in Pakistan;
2006-11-12: Un quartier à livrer / Neighborhood Deliveries;
2006-11-13: New Concepts of Matter, Life and Mind;
2006-11-14: Consciousness In The Cosmos, Perspective of Mind;
2006-11-15: e-learning plans for Africa;
2006-11-16: The Case of Shiyeyi in Botswana;
2006-11-17: The harm at home and abroad;
2006-11-17: U.S. Changing Course In Iraq?;
2006-11-18: What It Means to “Salvage U.S. Prestige” in Iraq;
2006-11-19: Human Rights as Education for Peace;
2006-11-19: Netherlands Plans Public Muslim Veil Ban;
2006-11-20: Globalization and the Eradication of Poverty;
2006-11-21: PAKISTAN – Afghan registration hits 343,000;
2006-11-22: WEST PAPUA, the forgotten story of a people in crisis;
2006-11-23: Apostasy;
2006-11-24: Der Tabubruch der Gönül Alphan;
2006-11-25: Four Indian troops, two rebels killed in Kashmir;
2006-11-26: … about the former Highland Village … ;
2006-11-27: Theatre West launches play development program;
2006-11-28: about reducing child poverty;
2006-11-29: Sisters in Islam’s battle;
2006-11-30: Homogenization of Global Consciousness;
2006-12-01: Delhi blasts accused killed in Kashmir;
2006-12-02: India-China: Tibetans’ Human Rights Are Not Negotiable;
2006-12-03: about the European Civil Society;
2006-12-04: … a way of talking about “systems thinking”;
2006-12-05: more education and less weapons;
2006-12-06: Education has become a traded service;
2006-12-07: about African foster girls;
2006-12-08: Africa: Enhancing Human Rights Courses in the Commonwealth;
2006-12-09: no more any Human Rights teachings in Zimbabwe;
2006-12-10: Primary Education in Spain – Pupils may choose;
2006-12-11: The WDM Death Counter;
2006-12-11: Kofi Annan’s final speech;
2006-12-12: Peace;
2006-12-13: Mumbai pavement dwellers finally get their homes;
2006-12-14: Rethinking resettlement in Mumbai;
2006-12-15: Women in Slums, an UN study;
2006-12-16: Geoff Mulgan’s Spring Conference 2006;
2006-12-17: “Full-spectrum” human rights;
2006-12-18: The War on Iraq and the Occupation;
2006-12-19: war crimes committed in the Sudanese region of Darfur;
2006-12-20: International Migrants Day;
2006-12-21: human rights of persons with disabilities;
2006-12-22: The Future of the Privatization of Culture;
2006-12-23: Policies for Cultural Creativity;
2006-12-24: ATTAC Schweiz 12/2006;
2006-12-25: Islam Outlaws Female Genital Mutilation!2006-12-26: Prison for TV watch;
2006-12-27: Des musulmanes repensent la place des femmes dans l’islam;
2006-12-28: murder of human rights lawyer;
2006-12-29: Bhagat Singh and the Revolutionary Movement;
2006-12-30: Why I am an Atheist?2006-12-31: Historical Perspectives … ;
2007-01-01: WHO OWNS SPACE?2007-01-02: Aracruz Celulose and the World Cup: propaganda and deforestation;
2007-01-03: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hopes Betrayed;
2007-01-04: 6 tough boys from Mumbai-slum locality;
2007-01-05: Globalization and Human Rights;
2007-01-06: Irrepressible.INFO;
2007-01-07: Globalization and Its Impact on Human Rights;
2007-01-08: Women Likely to Suffer Most in Central Asia’s Turmoil;
2007-01-09: Muslim Women As Symbols and Pawns;
2007-01-10: Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq;
2007-01-11: TRANSCEND’s Advanced International Training Programme;
2007-01-12: A World Between;
2007-01-13: Baghdad 2025, The Pentagon Solution to a Planet of Slums;
2007-01-14: Reports and Texts about DARFUR;
2007-01-15: The Dominican Republic Country Report;
2007-01-16: La stratégie de la tension;
2007-01-17: Cry Iraq;
2007-01-18: The Power of Nonviolence2007-01-19: Violence, War, and Their Impact;
2007-01-20: The Pigeon-like Unease of My Inner Spirit;
2007-01-21: Gendering the WSF Nairobi 2007 Process;
2007-01-21: Is The U.S. Planning A Horrific Global Nuclear War?2007-01-22: ‘The door we never opened …’;
2007-01-23: Speaker Angela Davis highlights Civil Rights movement;
2007-01-24: Australian expert praises Vietnam’s human rights achievements;
2007-01-24: There is no war on terror in the UK, says DPP;
2007-01-25: Legal and Human Rights Centre-LHRC’s new book;
2007-01-26: Twishakira amahoro;
2007-01-27: An Online Internet Guide – keyword: human rights;
2007-01-28: Season of Fear – IDPs in Burma;
2007-01-29: Stop The Iran War Before It Starts;
2007-01-30: HRW’s World Report 2007, Events of 2006;
2007-01-31: Surge in Muslim youth who want Islamic rule;
2007-01-31: A global dream;
2007-01-31: picture of the year;
2007-02-02: Indian HIV & AIDS statistic;
2007-02-03: Human Rights, read from right to left;
2007-02-05: International Federation for Human Rights FIDH;
2007-02-06: The OHCHR’s Database;
2007-02-07: UNHCHR: Education is a Human Right, not an Economic Good;
2007-02-08: Mohammed & Charlie Hebdo;
2007-02-09: Thailand, Emergency decree legalises torture chambers;
2007-02-10: UNFPA Warns … ;
2007-02-11: controversial rights to discuss;
2007-02-12: An Open Letter to my Sisters;
2007-02-13: Fair Trade and Human Rights;
2007-02-14: United Nations Development Programme, Uzbekistan;
2007-02-15: A Mad Dream;
2007-02-16: ILO Decent Work Research Prize, 2007;
2007-02-17: Integrity;
2007-02-19: Central Asian Human Development Report HDR 2005;
2007-02-20: Humanity and Central Asia;
2007-02-21: Statements at the World Future Council;
2007-02-22: WHY ARE WE WHERE WE ARE?
2007-02-23: Basic Needs vs. Freedom of Speech;
2007-02-24: Critic Muslims on YouTube;
2007-02-24: Elder’s Meditation of the Day – February 24;
2007-02-26: Get a free audio CD with economic infos;
2007-02-27: HIV and REFUGEES;
2007-02-28: The World Can’t Wait, Won’t Wait, Isn’t Waiting;
2007-03-01: Adoption – la loi doit évoluer;
2007-03-02: Genocide in Darfur;
2007-03-03: Invitation to the IFCW World Forum 2007;
2007-03-04: Some new courses / event from HREA-Newsletter;
2007-03-05: Congo and its women / Congo et ses femmes;
2007-03-06: Other video-sites;
2007-03-07: Stand Up To Be Counted – in Nigeria;
2007-03-09: American DUST;
2007-03-10: Seven new jobs available;
2007-03-11: Cyd Ho Sau-lan’s letter to Hong-Kong;
2007-03-12: Le Droit de l’homme à la paix;
2007-03-13: … again Uranium weapons;
2007-03-14: FPIF Policy Report;
2007-03-15: Alleviating Poverty in Nigeria;
2007-03-16: China, Russia seek block U.N. rights report on Darfur;
2007-03-17: L’implication de l’ONU dans des crimes de guerre;
2007-03-18: Brzezinski confirms that the United States can organise attacks in their own territory;
2007-03-19: Arms Control Today;
2007-03-20: UN Human Rights Council divided over Darfur;
2007-03-21: Human Rights Education in Armenia;
2007-03-22: DE-MILITANT-ISATION FIRST – Meetings;
2007-03-23: fraudes avec des mots de passe;
2007-03-24: American official at Unesco … ;
2007-03-25: Egypt – first group of Women Judges appointed;
2007-03-26: Authority, Autonomy, and Religious Conflict;
2007-03-27: Egypt: Arrested Activists and Bloggers Released in the Desert – Bloggers Roam theDesert;
2007-03-28: Fourth Session of the Human Rights Council;
2007-03-29: European strategy for gender equality;
2007-03-30: Berlin Declaration;
2007-03-31: Shadow Sovereigns;
2007-04-01: Répertoire PSI;
2007-04-01: OECD et statistiques sociales;
2007-04-02: Now up to 35 Iranian children facing execution;
2007-04-03: Human Rights Council concludes fourth session;
2007-04-04: Modernity, Democracy Are Only for the Privileged;
2007-04-05: Council of Europe Anti-Torture Committee visits Georgia;
2007-04-06: The Qur’anic Concept of Justice;
2007-04-07: The Long Ordeal Of Sami Al-Arian;
2007-04-08: Leitkultur Humanismus und Aufklärung;
2007-04-09: Ex-Muslims form anti-religion group in Germany;
2007-04-10: Manifesto of the Third Camp against US Militarism and Islamic Terrorism;
2007-04-12: Open letter to the Vatican;
2007-04-13: Arbitraire états-unien;
2007-04-14: Self-immolation by oppressed Afghan women is rising;
2007-04-15: Erythrée – mutilations génitales;
2007-04-16: Don’t blame the victims;
2007-04-17: First Council of Europe film award in Istanbul;
2007-04-18: An Interview with Rebecca Gomperts;
2007-04-19: UNHCR Press Release – IDPs of Iraq;
2007-04-20: UN World Summits and Civil Society Engagement;
2007-04-21: The Malignant Resentments … ;
2007-04-22: Pink’s ‘dear Mr. President … ‘;
2007-04-23: ICJ Press release;
2007-04-24: Black History and Our Education System;
2007-04-25: UNECE PPP Meeting;
2007-04-25: Guerres secrètes;
2007-04-26: Statelessness in Central Asia;
2007-04-27: Next WSIS-related events;
2007-04-28: Droits de l’Homme et économie sociale;
2007-04-29: Crackdown In Jammu And Kashmir;
2007-04-30: Running the Mumbai Marathon;
2007-05-01: Death Penalty, universal moratorium;
2007-05-02: UN High Commissioner for Refugees’ Statement;
2007-05-03: Zimbabwe – NGO ban is illegal;
2007-05-04: What Americans Can Learn From the Winograd Report;
2007-05-05: Finding Husband on the Web;
2007-05-06: Human rights educators on trial in Burma;
2007-05-06: Consultations on human rights and access to water;
2007-05-07: Why do many Muslims mistrust secularism?2007-05-08: UN watchdog … ;
2007-05-09: Need to Reform Laws Used to Silence Critics;
2007-05-10: Va. Tells NYC to Stop Gun Stings;
2007-05-11: Building “Guantanamo” in south Iraq;
2007-05-11: The EU must act in Darfur;
2007-05-12: Human Rights training for Argentine military;
2007-05-13: A time to rethink;
2007-05-14: Gunmen and Nigerian Oil;
2007-05-15: Foreign funding for terrorists increasing in J&K, Govt;
2007-05-15: UN indigenous forum tackles land, resource issues;
2007-05-16: Israel & Palestine on my blogs;
2007-05-17: Dalai Lama eyes retiring in speech to U.S. students;
2007-05-18: Le Dictionnaire de la Vie;
2007-05-19: The Chaing Mei Declaration;
2007-05-20: Honor Killings in the New Iraq;
2007-05-22: Another Human Development Fund & the WEF;
2007-05-23: Modern Slave Work;
2007-05-23: Guided Case Studies … ;
2007-05-24: HREA distance learning courses;
2007-05-24: Nicolas Sarkozy et les USA;
2007-05-25: Does one have to fight tyranny with the instruments of the tyrants?2007-05-26: Sudanese leader says Darfur issue to be finally resolved;
2007-05-27: U.S. Approves Iraq Funds Transfer;
2007-05-28: Is Our Peace Activists Learning?2007-05-28: Indigenous Women’s Pushback;
2007-05-29: Peru police evict market traders;
2007-05-30: OHCHR releases new Annual Report 2006;
2007-05-30: Next Human Rights Council;
2007-05-30: Lettre d’information de la LDH n°47;
2007-05-31: Why I Am Leaving The Democratic Party;
2007-05-31: China – Access to Reporters Without Borders site blocked … ;
2007-06-01: Russian Analytical Digest RAD;
2007-06-02: Requests for Information 21 – 27 May 2007;
2007-06-03: The Destruction Of Iraqi Healthcare Infrastructure;
2007-06-03: Sudan, Darfur refugees reach Sam Ouandja;
2007-06-03: Politics of fear creating a dangerously divided world;
2007-06-04: Questions for the left … ;
2007-06-05: Some more links about G8 Heiligendamm;
2007-06-06: New boys, lame ducks add spice to G8 summit;
2007-06-07: Founding statement of CorA;
2007-06-08: an EU Constitution for the 21st century;
2007-06-09: Leading human rights groups name 39 CIA ‘disappeared’ detainees;
2007-06-10: Whose War Is It;
2007-06-11: UN envoy lays out road map towards peace in Darfur;
2007-06-12: World Day Against Child Labour;
2007-06-13: The KURUKAN FUGA Charter;
2007-06-14: Brave women without photos;
2007-06-14: The UNHRC concludes … ;
2007-06-15: Tätigkeitsbericht 2006 der Giordano Bruno Stiftung;
2007-06-16: Modern Slave Work;
2007-06-17: HREA Distance Learning Course;
2007-06-17: UNHCR’s Refworld;
2007-06-18: Satelite cameras to monitor war-torn Darfur;
2007-06-19: Supportive States Should Invest Further to Strengthen Council;
2007-06-20: Educational Evaluation in Youth Work;
2007-06-21: America’s War on Terrorism reviewed;
2007-06-22: The 14 Characteristics of Fascism;
2007-06-22: VENEZUELA – Afro-descendants Seek Visibility in Numbers;
2007-06-23: Report LSSSE 2007;
2007-06-24: Asian Labour Update ALU;
2007-06-25: Michael Moore’s ‘SiCKO’ Trailer;
2007-06-25: Le Parlement rwandais abolit la peine de mort;
2007-06-26: News from the Asiahouse-Website;
2007-06-27: Norwich churches get boost from migrants;
2007-06-28: About Michael Moore’s ‘SiCKO’;
2007-06-29: UNHCR study challenges assumptions about refugees and HIV spread;
2007-06-30: Gender poverty and sustainable environmental management;
2007-06-30: Change in Adult Education;
2007-06-30: 5th Session of the Human Rights Council;
2007-07-02: African NGOs and the Pan African Parliament;
2007-07-03: Swaziland: Empowering women to beat abuse;
2007-07-04: The West Africa Early Warning & Response Network WARN;
2007-07-04: Nairobi hosts first women’s AIDS conference;
2007-07-05: Diabetics and our behavior;
2007-07-07: ZEITGEIST – The Movie;
2007-07-08: NHRC recommends rights education from school to PG level;
2007-07-09: A new crop circle in Switzerland;
2007-07-10: Mexicans in America;
2007-07-10: Keynote Address by RICHARD RODRIGUEZ … ;
2007-07-11: Dick Cheney;
2007-07-11: Plan B 2.0; 2007-07-12: about Chalmers Johnson’s “Nemesis”-book;
2007-07-13: DoCIP update 75;
2007-07-13: the commission’s successes and failures;
2007-07-15: Meeting with UN Special Procedures;
2007-07-16: ADB – Central Asian countries face challenges to attain MDG goals;
2007-07-16: Myanmar arms embargo;
2007-07-18: US: Mandatory Deportation Laws Harm American Families;
2007-07-19: Big progress in preventing interpersonal violence;
2007-07-20: … Tripoli meeting on Darfur;
2007-07-21: Cet été, révisez en ligne dans la Wikiversité;
2007-07-21: Two Island Tales;
2007-07-22: Crime Rate 13 Times More Than Militancy In Jammu And Kashmir;
2007-07-23: Chechnya, a video;
2007-07-23: Prevention of Torture;
2007-07-24: Lybia : Bulgaria & the others;
2007-07-24: Spammers use Excel to cloak malware;
2007-07-27: EU treaty moves forward after Poland backs down;
2007-07-25: Durban Review Conference;
2007-07-26: UN Special Rapporteur Martin Scheinin says … ;
2007-07-27: EU treaty moves forward after Poland backs down;
2007-07-28: Online Program in Mental Disability Law;
2007-07-29: The EU’s Protection of children;
2007-07-30: New e-mail address of HRC Complaint Procedure;
2007-07-31: Journalisme et services secrets;
2007-07-31: A Biased Investigation;
2007-08-02: ‘Dowry deaths’ in Bangalore;
2007-08-03: Ethik ohne Gott?
2007-08-03: Muslim Students – Access, Inclusion and Success;
2007-08-04: Zimbabwean women are suffering increasing repression;
2007-08-05: Violência doméstica, Mulher Negra;
2007-08-05: Sexual Violence … ;
2007-08-06: Old order changeth;
2007-08-07: The Latin American Revolt, An Introduction;
2007-08-08: Corporate Social Responsibility CSR;
2007-08-09: Computer as a place of violence;
2007-08-10: Opérations psychologiques;
2007-08-10: Asia by DU, Africa by AIDS;
2007-08-11: châtiments corporels des enfants;
2007-08-12: Muslims demand an Apology from MIM;
2007-08-13: Investment agreements & CSR;
2007-08-13: Trade & CSR;
2007-08-14: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Public Statement;
2007-08-15: HR activists in Guatemala and Honduras;
2007-08-16: Poverty and impunity undermine human rights in a divided world;
2007-08-17: A statement on the Group WorldCitizen;
2007-08-19: Human Rights and the War on Terror;
2007-08-20: CEDAW;
2007-08-21: COUNCIL OF EUROPE;
2007-08-22: Globalization and Postmodern Values;
2007-08-23: Special Rapporteur on adequate housing … ;
2007-08-24: What We Chose To Ignore;
2007-08-25: … Call to End Murders of Women in Mexico Now;
2007-08-26: Sudan – New photographs show further breach of UN arms embargo on Darfur;
2007-08-27: Justice Initiative Fellows Program at Central European University;
2007-08-28: Requests for Information, 6 – 19 August 2007;
2007-08-28: Democracy and slow progress;
2007-08-29: OHCHR – Special Rapporteur … ;
2007-08-30: Internships at ISSR and RIPS (Accra);
2007-08-31: How to Survive at the Pentagon on $2 Billion a Day;
2007-09-01: A question of faith;
2007-09-02: Vision India – Together We Can;
2007-09-03: Who is afraid of sexual minorities?
2007-09-04: An Imperative to Innovate;
2007-09-05: A Vision for 21st Century;
2007-09-06: What is the Right to Food?
2007-09-07: India – Media restrictions in Manipur … ;
2007-09-08: Human rights education should be a must;
2007-09-09: Cultural Aura of a Nation;
2007-09-10: The Big Rocks of Life;
2007-09-11: Human Rights Council opens sixth session in Geneva;
2007-09-12: New WSIS Civil Society Working Group on Information Networks Governance;
2007-09-13: Sex Offender Laws in the US;
2007-09-14: A page full of actualities;
2007-09-15: Invitation to submit examples;
2007-09-16: Haris Ibrahim’s blog: The People’s Parliament;
2007-09-17: UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples;
2007-09-17: The Irati Wanti declaration;
2007-09-17: Articles for Indigenous Peoples on our blogs;
2007-09-18: BASJAK’s report on Jammu and Kashmir;
2007-09-19: Plan of Action;
2007-09-20: One Million Iraqis Killed;
2007-09-21: Converging Currents;
2007-09-22: Compilation of Global Principles for Arms Transfers;
2007-09-23: Young child survival and development;
2007-09-24: L’altermondialisme chez ATTAC France;
2007-09-24: Burma, Protests fast accelerating towards uprising;
2007-09-25: 9/11 explains the impotence of the anti-war movement;
2007-09-26: Good news for groups of stateless people after years of stagnation;
2007-09-28: Wings of Love;
2007-09-29: The Learning Center’s upcoming courses;
2007-09-30: Interview de Madame Najat M’jid;
2007-10-01: The Council of Europe is a death penalty free area;
2007-10-02: From the Human Rights Council;
2007-10-03: Adequate Housing on World Habitat Day;
2007-10-04: UNHCR annual report;
2007-10-05: Protecting Fundamental Rights within the EU;
2007-10-06: around today’s Guantanamo News;
2007-10-06: L’enseignement des droits de l’homme;
2007-10-07: Democratic Republic of Congo: UN agency concerned at military buildup in North Kivu;
2007-10-08: UNHRC resolves Burma to allow Paulo Sergio Special Rapporteur;
2007-10-09: Launch of handbook for the new Convention … ;
2007-10-10: A re-compilation of texts and blogs for indigenous peoples;
2007-10-11: France abolishes the death penalty in all circumstances;
2007-10-11: An appeal for a worldwide moratorium on the death penalty;
2007-10-12: Human Rights Watch honors human rights defenders;
2007-10-13: UNAMI issues its 11th report on the situation of human rights in Iraq;
2007-10-14: Fight against Landmines;
2007-10-15: Weekly Ethical Reflection;
2007-10-16: Some spanish human rights links;
2007-10-16: World Food Day;
2007-10-17: Suffering Hunger;
2007-10-18: Children and Conflict in a changing world;
2007-10-19: European human rights system;
2007-10-20: The 2007/2008 Human Development Report;
2007-10-21: Press freedom day by day;
2007-10-22: The TAO of democracy;
2007-10-22: … do more for children living amid conflict;
2007-10-23: Court Rules Delay in Release of Presidential Papers is Illegal;
2007-10-24: UN-ECOSOC’s Multi-Year program until 2009;
2007-10-25: Baghdad Burning;
2007-10-26: World Development Report 2008, Agriculture for Development;
2007-10-27: Poverty is the enemy, not humans;
2007-10-28: Getting to know our feelings;
2007-10-29: Suryu’s and billybobjoe57′ videos;
2007-10-30: Saving Lives;
2007-10-30: UN Experts on racism and minority issues call … ;
2007-10-31: AIDS Virus Traveled to Haiti, Then U.S., Study Says;
2007-10-31: The Recruitment and Use of Child Soldiers in Burma
2007-10-31: People power is taking on new forms;
2007-11-01: PACE seeks to relaunch discussions on frozen conflicts in Europe;
2007-11-01: General Assembly votes for 16th straight year for U.S. to end embargo on Cuba;
2007-11-02: 5 African voices out of many … ;
2007-11-02: ICRC, UNHCR and UNICEF;
2007-11-03: What Is Development Ethics?2007-11-04: People’s Strugles, People’s Alternatives;
2007-11-04: Because I Am A Girl;
2007-11-05: Sierra Leone: Mass rally;
2007-11-05: Ruling Limits Government Power to Make ‘Control Orders’;
2007-11-06: Guide to the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights;
2007-11-07: call for halt to executions;
2007-11-08: Mes réactions concernant les enfants du Tchad;
2007-11-08: Chad’s children;
2007-11-09: La Philosophie et les enfants;
2007-11-09: A charter of Dalit human rights;
2007-11-10: ‘Make Hirsi Ali Honorary French Citizen’;
2007-11-10: PROCAP;
2007-11-11: Update 76 – INDIGENOUS PEOPLES’ CENTRE … ;
2007-11-11: Le rêve Africain;
2007-11-11: The Global Gender Gap Report 2007;
2007-11-13: Welcome to ‘against all odds’;
2007-11-14: United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste;
2007-11-14: UN Human Rights Council’s Information Note to NGOs;
2007-11-15: Awareness Is Overrated;
2007-11-16: Leaked rules detail rewards and penalties at Guantánamo;
2007-11-17: Burmese’s struggle;
2007-11-18: Death Penalty Resolution Adopted;
2007-11-19: Thoughts from a tired, but joyous activist;
2007-11-19: The South Asian Citizens Web SACW;
2007-11-20: International Telecommunication Union;
2007-11-21: 30th International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement;
2007-11-22: Life After Colonialism;
2007-11-23: Le TPIR a ordonné le renvoi … ;
2007-11-23: Haiti – Survival And Poverty In Carrefour;
2007-11-24: Human Rights-, good practice citizenship- and tolerance-education;
2007-11-25: UN: Special Rapporteur on torture … ;
2007-11-26: Wyoming Conference bishop calls for troop withdrawal;
2007-11-26: Oh Gott! Atheisten argumentieren … ;
2007-11-26: Rudd to apologise to Aborigines;
2007-11-27: Gallipoli for Dummies;
2007-11-28: Let’s Reclaim Our Rights;
2007-11-29: Leaderless and clueless America heads for the trash can of history;
2007-11-30: Playing Lions and Tigers;
2007-12-01: Why Share World’s Resources?
2007-12-02: Human rights maps and more;
2007-12-03: GALIL – Une école hors des murs;
2007-12-04: HUD Sends New Orleans Bulldozers … ;
2007-12-04: A possible viewpoint … ;
2007-12-05: Zumra’s new lifestyle perception;
2007-12-05: The 10 most dangerous places on earth for children;
2007-12-06: Made in USA;
2007-12-06: ISS Press Release;
2007-12-07: Clarion call of conscience heard in silent march through city heart;
2007-12-08: CIA destroyed torture tapes;
2007-12-09: Banksters Gone Wild;
2007-12-09: The poor can buy Barbie dolls;
2007-12-10: Anti-torture initiative by US Congress;
2007-12-11: Divided We Stand?
2007-12-11: Dancing in the Earthquake;
2007-12-12: The Bali Forecast, Low Expectations;
2007-12-12: When Religion Brings Peace, Not War;
2007-12-13: Comprehensive Peace Agreement CPA;
2007-12-13: Ijtihad: Reinterpreting Islamic Principles for the 21st Century;
2007-12-14: U-turn on eye drug will save the sight of thousands;
2007-12-15: A Death on Valentine Street;
2007-12-16: On The Significance Of Nandigram;
2007-12-16: For visually impaired children;
2007-12-17: UPEACE’s short courses in peace education in Costa Rica;
2007-12-18: Kagame Receives 2007 Africa Gender Award;
2007-12-19: Hungary: Acquittal of journalist in secrecy case;
2007-12-19: US state abolishes death penalty;
2007-12-19: Und es werde Licht!
2007-12-20: Quel avenir pour les ONG … ;
2007-12-20: Culling The Herd;
2007-12-20: Marx was right, Secrecy relies on human stupidity;
2007-12-22: ‘Second Komagatamaru’;
2007-12-23: Let Her Be;
2007-12-24: Students Find U.S. Isn’t That Far From Home;
2007-12-25: Little respite for Iraq’s children in 2007 … ;
2007-12-25: The Pledge Bank;
2007-12-26: Le sucre et la santé mentale;
2007-12-26: The Good Women of China;
2007-12-27: Ex-CIA: War with Iran in the offing;
2007-12-25: Little respite for Iraq’s children in 2007 … ;
2007-12-25: The Pledge Bank;
2007-12-26: Le sucre et la santé mentale;
2007-12-26: The Good Women of China;
2007-12-27: Ex-CIA: War with Iran in the offing;
2007-12-27: Starvation in Darfur soars;
2007-12-27: When disadvantaged peoples become liars – The Zoe’s Ark mess;
2007-12-28: Holocaust education and remembrance;
2007-12-29: They don’t blame al-Qa’ida. They blame Musharraf;
2007-12-30: Bhutto Assassination Heightens Threat Of US Intervention In Pakistan;
2007-12-31: Do We Own Ourselves?
2008-01-01: Back and Forth;
2008-01-02: AIDS estimates surge in America;
2008-01-04: OHCHR – forth session 7-15 January 2008;
2008-01-04: Ahmad Fouad Al-Farhan – un blogueur saoudien;
2008-01-05: The brink of a humanitarian food crisis;
2008-01-06: Toward A Post-Oil Community;
2008-01-09: An Overview for Inventors;
2008-01-10: Summer course ‘Teaching Law, Human Rights and Ethics’;
2008-01-10: PhD in Human Rights and Peace Studies;
2008-01-11: The Language of Stone;
2008-01-12: The ‘good war’ is a bad war;
2008-01-13: Pakistan – Interview with Munir Malik;
2008-01-14: Human Rights in Sri Lanka – a petition;
2008-01-15: Family Tree for Mathematic Scholars;
2008-01-16: Daughters for loan under fire;
2008-01-17: Shapeshifting;
2008-01-18: IRAQ: Hundreds forced to scavenge for food in garbage bins;
2008-01-19: The hidden holocaust;
2008-01-20: Global Empire without Emperor?
2008-01-21: The Lost Children of the Revolution;
2008-01-22: Elites’ work versus people’s work;
2008-01-23: … again Darfur and its children;
2008-01-24: Human Rights, Social Justice and Equality;
2008-01-25: Walden Bello interviewed at the World Social Forum;
2008-01-26: Ask Not For Whom the Bell Tolls;
2008-01-27: Community Legal Education Program;
2008-01-28: Indonesia: Suharto’s Death … ;
2008-01-28: Darfur: Militia Leader Implicates Khartoum;
2008-01-29: The book of changes;
2008-01-30: Dahr Jamail in Iraq;
2008-01-30: Human Rights: Afghan prison looks like another Guantanamo;
2008-01-31: Mainstreaming Human Rights;
2008-01-31: Arab Charter on Human Rights deviates from international standards;
2008-02-01: Human Rights Watch World Report 2008;
2008-02-02: Human Development Report 2007/2008;
2008-02-03: Großer Ärger um ein kleines Ferkel;
2008-02-03: Education, key to tolerance;
2008-02-04: My comments on this blog;
2008-02-04: Bilkis Bano’s Brave Fight;
2008-02-05: Pregnancy, stress and schizophrenia;
2008-02-06: Spanish judge hears testimony in Guatemalan genocide case;
2008-02-07: Education Newsletter;
2008-02-08: Operation EUFOR CHAD/CAR;
2008-02-09: Geopolitical rebirth;
2008-02-09: Archbishop’s sharia comments;
2008-02-10: Global warming, a hotly debated issue;
2008-02-11: UN: Displaced Kenyans Can’t Return Yet;
2008-02-12: Islam and the Enlightenment: Between Ebb and Flow;
2008-02-13: The Limits Of Individual Morality;
2008-02-14: Europeanisation, not Islamisation;
2008-02-15: INDIGENOUS PEOPLES AND PHILANTHROPY, Colonialism by other means?
2008-02-16: Student reflects on MLK message;
2008-02-17: The Jean Piaget’s Genetic Epistemology;
2008-02-18: Council of Europe;
2008-02-19: Citizenship Education Policies and Programs;
2008-02-19: Conversation with a Loner;
2008-02-20: More on conspiracy theories … ;
2008-02-21: How do you solve a problem like sharia?
2008-02-22: Burundi: Solution for outcast children;
2008-02-23: Rebuilding Kenya;
2008-02-24: ODM-K’s best bet is Raila;
2008-02-25: The Arctic Human Development Report AHDR;
2008-02-25: The Human Development Report HDR 2007-2008;
2008-02-26: 82 Countries endorse strong ban on cluster munitions;
2008-02-27: UN Humanitarian Intervention in East Timor, a critical appraisal;
2008-02-28: Some beautiful videos out of the deep;
2008-02-29: Love in the time of want;
2008-03-01: Secularism confronts Islam;
2008-03-02: On the Margins of Profit … ;
2008-03-03: PAKISTAN: Lawyer’s movement is the vanguard of democracy;
2008-03-04: Peace building resources;
2008-03-05: 2008 a year of opportunity for peace advocates;
2008-03-06: E-mails Were at Risk;
2008-03-06: Maternelles: le tableau noir d’un inspecteur;
2008-03-07: Der GBS – Newsletter;
2008-03-07: Alternatives to Violence Project International AVP;
2008-03-08: Inspirational women are making a difference;
2008-03-09: When will they ever learn?
2008-03-10: Your Money Or Your Life?
2008-03-11: Canada’s Supreme Court opens door to deportation;
2008-03-11: Mother’s day;
2008-03-12: Childhood Is Dying In Iraq;
2008-03-12: Iraqi Women Quietly Endure Horrors Of War;
2008-03-14: When Elephants Fight, the Grass Below Suffers;
2008-03-15: Mangrove Man;
2008-03-16: What If Women Ruled The World;
2008-03-17: Rationality And The Lived World;
2008-03-18: no water for peoples need;
2008-03-19: a beauty;
2008-03-19: Right to Education questionnaire;
2008-03-20: Pluralism of gate identities or pluralism of competing identities;
2008-03-21: Amerindians Originated from 6 Founding Mothers;
2008-03-22: Climate Change Deepening World Water Crisis;
2008-03-22: Solo für den Teufel;
2008-03-23: Tibet – revolt with memories;
2008-03-24: Obama speaks about black and white;
2008-03-25: The Midas-Excess and Pleonexia;
2008-03-26: Tibet’s Spirituality, Rituals, Religion;
2008-03-26: UN rejects water as basic human right;
2008-03-27: The U.S., Russia and the spinoff from Iran;
2008-03-28: Gruesome Islam-video;
2008-03-29: Complaints Procedure At The UN;
2008-03-30: Liberal Dream Turning Sour;
2008-03-30: Social Justice is Gaining Momentum;
2008-03-31: Merit the sacrifice for whom?
2008-03-31: Put Impeachment Back On The Table;
2008-04-01: One of ‘Keating Five‘ wants to be president;
2008-04-01: Zoe’s Ark workers freed from prison after pardon;
2008-04-02: Tibetans considering suicide bombing;
2008-04-02: Scientists create Britain’s first hybrid embryos;
2008-04-03: The real threat;
2008-04-03: The Book of Doctorow;
2008-04-04: Bush snubbed at NATO summit;
2008-04-04: Hu Jia: China’s enemy within;
2008-04-05: RIGHTS: A Fifth of EU Children in Poverty;
2008-04-06: WITNESS Partnership;
2008-04-07: FINDINGS 188: World Prison Population List;
2008-04-07: All you need is love;
2008-04-08: Five Years On – No Justice for Sexual Violence in Darfur;
2008-04-09: Human Rights Group Calls For Urgent International Action in Zimbabwe;
2008-04-10: Videos concerning Human Rights and more;
2008-04-10: Committee Approves Bill to Reform Sentencing of Young Offenders;
2008-04-10: 3rd World Forum on Human Rights;
2008-04-11: Zimbabwe opposition under attack;
2008-04-12: Inventing threats – A Daughter’s Plea;
2008-04-13: Visiting Professor in Human Rights at Peking University Law School 2008-2010;
2008-04-14: The Failure Of A Civilization;
2008-04-14: UNCTAD XII;
2008-04-15: Diary of an Iraq girl;
2008-04-16: abuse and violence against children;
2008-04-17: Ex-UN prosecutor’s organ trading claims challenged;
2008-04-17: The belated confession of Carla Del Ponte;
2008-04-18: women’s experience of urban violence in Brazil;
2008-04-19: War And Pain: Nothing New Under The Sun;
2008-04-19: New Media: How to Do More With Less;
2008-04-20: Society missing its moral compass;
2008-04-20: Muslim Women in Europe caught between traditions and secular ethos;
2008-04-21: Lynne Stewart’s Long Struggle for Justice;
2008-04-22: a Peter Russle video;
2008-04-22: Darwin Evolves for Survival in Digital Age;
2008-04-23: China versus Occident/France = the WE versus the I;
2008-04-24: Philanthropy as solidarity;
2008-04-25: Bruno Manser, Land Rights;
2008-04-25: Government Should Automatically Stop Deportation Proceedings on Appeal;
2008-04-26: Sudan Should Arrest War Crimes Suspects Now;
2008-04-27: amazing beauty of maths;
2008-04-27: Social justice philanthropy from the bottom up;
2008-04-28: China Olympics, Tibet Torture, Coca-Cola Profits;
2008-04-29: The pope;
2008-04-30: Resuming this morning;
2008-04-30: ICRC summer courses on international humanitarian law;
2008-05-01: Aged people are too often ignored and denied their full human rights;
2008-05-02: Obama’s ‘Race Neutral’ Strategy Unravels of its Own Contradictions;
2008-05-03: Morality and Ethics in Public Life, a Gandhian View;
2008-05-04: Arbour: Include marginalized groups in efforts to solve food crisis;
2008-05-05: Remembering Nirmala Deshpande: South Asia has lost a great crusader of peace;
2008-05-06: Since I Gave Up Hope, I Feel Better;
2008-05-07: Kosovo-Albania: Official Dismissals Premature;
2008-05-08: Condolences pour in from Pakistan Nirmala Deshpande;
2008-05-09: Un homme arrêté aux Etats-Unis pour pédophilie;
2008-05-09: Philanthropy in Asia? the glue that binds;
2008-05-10: How Our System Works;
2008-05-11: US secret services in between China and Tibet;
2008-05-12: When culture kills – Urvashi Butalia’s View From the South.
2008-05-13: no more any excuse for the world elites;
2008-05-14: Timing of Extradition Jeopardizes Investigation Into Death Squads;
2008-05-15: Amy Goodman’s Empire;
2008-05-16: Le Réseau Voltaire est en danger;
2008-05-16: World Day Against Child Labour 2008;
2008-05-17: HREA Distance Learning Programme;
2008-05-18: 5th Microfinance Training of Trainers;
2008-05-19: Funder Training Course;
2008-05-20: the betrayal on Darfour’s children;
2008-05-21: some newest anti-war articles;
2008-05-22: China: Ethnically diverse forum shut down;
2008-05-23: Darfur: Scorched earth tactics warrant UN sanctions;
2008-05-24: Die Verantwortung der ökonomischen Theorien;
2008-05-25: Women’s Voices;
2008-05-26: The Voltaire Network is in danger;
2008-05-27: Tibetan monks carve out new home in US heartland;
2008-05-28: Sustainable Development Report on Africa;
2008-05-29: Amnesty International Report 2008;
2008-05-30: Human Rights in the United States;
2008-05-31: The right to food and the impact of liquid biofuels;
2008-06-01: Pain And Conscience;
2008-06-01: The last Briton in Guantanamo faces death penalty;
2008-06-02: A Jihad Between Neighbors;
2008-06-03: Sharp increase in mental illness among US troops during 2007;
2008-06-04: Beauty, Culture and History hidden in Afghanistan;
2008-06-05: Electronic System for Travel Authorization;
2008-06-06: Obama faces tough task healing rift with women;
2008-06-07: Human Rights Campaign endorses Obama;
2008-06-08: Revealed: Secret plan to keep Iraq under US control;
2008-06-09: Genocide by design;
2008-06-10: Training Opportunity for Asian IDPs;
2008-06-11: Selling War – What WE Say Goes;
2008-06-12: American Complicity III;
2008-06-13: Toward a Philosophy of Thinking;
2008-06-14: World Day against Child Labour 2008;
2008-06-15: The Charms of Wikipedia;
2008-06-16: The Beginning Of Global Order;
2008-06-17: How About A Fatwa … ;
2008-06-18: Iraqi refugees facing desperate situation;
2008-06-19: Council of Europe launches pan-European campaign … ;
2008-06-20: China: after the quake, the debate;
2008-06-21: A Revolutionary Identity;
2008-06-22: Afghanistan’s killing fields;
2008-06-23: La charte des Droits de l’enfant dans le Sport;
2008-06-23: Agribusiness vs. food security;
2008-06-24: It’s a Slippery Slope to War;
2008-06-25: Women of Burma speak to the world;
2008-06-26: Court voids Gitmo ruling;
2008-06-27: Chile bans whaling;
2008-06-29: Blackwater, skirting federal law, using cache of AK-47s;
2008-06-30: Azerbaijan: Human rights situation deteriorating;
2008-07-01: … Bill To Fund Iraq War … ;
2008-07-02: US-Iran peace talks?2008-07-03: Decentralization an Deconcentration with UNDP;
2008-07-04: 42-day pre-charge detention violates rights;
2008-07-05: G8: Make Or Break on Climate Change;
2008-07-06: Requests for Information;
2008-07-07: La revanche du clitoris;
2008-07-07: ATL Education News;
2008-07-08: Fidel Castro in Farc hostage plea;
2008-07-09: Human Rights Education report;
2008-07-10: Guantánamo military commission hearings resu me;
2008-07-11: Planet Burns While G8 Fiddles;
2008-07-12: IJED-RIED: Call for papers;
2008-07-13: State Department’s Iran Democracy Fund Shrouded In Secrecy;
2008-07-14: Union for Mediterranean: a way to bypass human rights?
2008-07-15: Sudan and the International Criminal Court;
2008-07-16: Ten lessons from recent torture hearings;
2008-07-17: The recycling of the G8: ghosts at the table;
2008-07-18: Request for Information in HR-education;
2008-07-18: How Britain Wages War;
2008-07-19: respect for red cross emblem;
2008-07-20: Development: US fails to measure up on ‘human index’;
2008-07-21: Finding Your Obviousmeter;
2008-07-22: Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship JDS program;
2008-07-23: What is global justice and who is it for?
2008-07-24: Which Way Venezuela?
2008-07-25: Britain’s new nuclear abolitionists;
2008-07-26: Iraq – Most NGOs Losing Face;
2008-07-27: Kucinich gets his day;
2008-07-28: Europe’s other legitimacy crisis;
2008-07-29: Parecon and Aspirations;
2008-07-30: Evil as the Absence of Empathy;
2008-07-31: A Textbook Case of Intolerance;
2008-07-31: Olympics and China;
2008-08-01: The American Reality;
2008-08-02: An Unfashionable Tragedy;
2008-08-03: American Complicity – Part II;
2008-08-04: Special weapons have a fallout on babies;
2008-08-05: Muslim Women: The Dangerous Triangle;
2008-08-06: Mexico: Time To Base Public Policy On Rights;
2008-08-07: Alexander Solzhenitsyn: the line within;
2008-08-08: International Day of the World’s Indigenous People 9 August 2008;
2008-08-09: The Tragic Last Moments Of Margaret Hassan;
2008-08-10: Is it the state’s goal to educate or just graduate;
2008-08-11: Attac Sommeruni 2008;
2008-08-11: ActionAid – Horn of Africa Food Crisis Appeal;
2008-08-12: NGO Interventions in Situations of Conflict;
2008-08-13: Invitation à la fete du 16 aout à Renens VD/Suisse;
2008-08-13: Fund Helps Threatened Scholars Around the World;
2008-08-14: Indian Muslims And The Media;
2008-08-15: JKB Korczak Prize in Burundi: Encouraging peace;
2008-08-16: Protest movement growing in China;
2008-08-17: 7th anniversary of 9/11 and the cycle Of war;
2008-08-18: Must He Die? Meet A Muslim Dissident;
2008-08-19: The True Story Of Mao Tsetung;
2008-08-20: Conflict Resolution and Human Rights Education;
2008-08-21: Are You Ready For Nuclear War;
2008-08-22: Our Military Has No Higher Duty Than To End Fascism;
2008-08-23: Peace, Prayer, and Protest;
2008-08-24: Human rights civic education in Uganda;
2008-08-25: Leadership in NGOs;
2008-08-26: India: Censorship and violence against press in Kashmir;
2008-08-27: Choudhury speach to IFLAC’s writers’ symposium;
2008-08-28: China: Hosting Olympics, a Catalyst for Human Rights Abuses;
2008-08-29: Bangladesh: Prolonged State of Emergency;
2008-08-30: The neighbor in the self;
2008-08-31: Prosecuting Bush;
2008-09-01: Lebanon: Migrant domestic workers dying every week;
2008-09-01: Learning to live together;
2008-09-02: … On Women Liberation (in India);
2008-09-02: … Producers Unlawfully Arrested At the RNC;
2008-09-03: Belgium: Undocumented workers’ hunger strikes reach critical point;
2008-09-04: Annual Report on the World Programme for HR Education;
2008-09-05: The Afghan War’s Heavy Toll On Children;
2008-09-06: Why We Were Falsely Arrested;
2008-09-07: Turning away from American state terrorism;
2008-09-08: Anti-Terror Laws Prone to Abuse, Amnesty Says;
2008-09-09: Collective Punishment: Bad Idea Then and Now;
2008-09-10: LAWA and WLPPFP for women;
2008-09-11: 9/11 and the “American Inquisition;
2008-09-12: Requests for Information: 1 – 7 September 2008;
2008-09-13: Measuring impact of Human Rights Education on youth;
2008-09-14: Report from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament;
2008-09-15: Declining numbers in child mortality;
2008-09-16: Global Starvation Ignored by American Policy Elites;
2008-09-17: Social Justice Quiz 2008 – 20 Questions;
2008-09-18: War criminals conference;
2008-09-19: Einstein replaces Big Brother in Internet surveillance;
2008-09-20: Valuable, voluntary and educational national youth service;
2008-09-21: Rebel vs. Warlords;
2008-09-21: Beyond the frame;
2008-09-22: How The Democrats Can Blow It – In Six Easy Steps;
2008-09-24: Religion and Peace;
2008-09-25: Britains have been stripped of civil liberties;
2008-09-26: OSCE hosts Europe’s largest human rights and democracy conference in Warsaw;
2008-09-27: Neither a borrower, nor a lender be;
2008-09-28: A plentiful book harvest;
2008-09-29: The Accra High-Level Forum: an important step?
2008-09-30: This is the Fourth World War;
2008-10-01: Definitions: The Intelligentsia;
2008-10-02: There Is an Alternative to Corporate Rule;
2008-10-03: In the Time of the Right – Reflections on Liberation;
2008-10-04: Grand Theft America;
2008-10-05: October is Domestice Violence Awareness Month;
2008-10-06: Inventing peace;
2008-10-07: Hunter Better Than Nanavati;
2008-10-08: Social gap between Moscow and the rest of Russia becomes immense;
2008-10-09: 3 videos for change;
2008-10-10: Amnesty International Looks to the Future;
2008-10-11: Rosenberg Grand Jury Files Released;
2008-10-11: Si les robots font tout le boulot, que va faire l’homme;
2008-10-12: NOW and Abortion Rights /Reproductive Issues;
2008-10-13: Humanitarian Imperialism;
2008-10-14: Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery;
2008-10-15: The Enemy Without and Within;
2008-10-16: Meditation May Increase Empathy;
2008-10-17: Haiti: In Solidarity with its Five Freedoms;
2008-10-18: A Little Bit Pregnant: Freedom of Speech in America;
2008-10-19: Notes from the Asylum;
2008-10-20: The Shock Doctrine;
2008-10-21: World Future Council – Newsletter 05/2008;
2008-10-22: UK charity worker killed in Kabul;
2008-10-23: Roberto Saviano: an Italian dissident;
2008-10-24: HRW enjoins U.S. gov to improve workers rights in trade accords;
2008-10-25: Sign for Roberto Saviano – Firma per Roberto Saviano;
2008-10-26: The Theft Component;
2008-10-27: Pardon Me, Congress;
2008-10-27: THE LAW OF THE JUNGLE;
2008-10-28: Their Jihad … not my Jihad;
2008-10-29: Seyed Mousavi: Guilty Of Being Muslim In Police State America;
2008-10-30: Soul Wound: The Legacy of Native American Schools;
2008-10-31: National human rights institutions play a key role;
2008-11-01: Resources for Disabled Travelers;
2008-11-02: L’interview de Philippe Dargère par le CICNS;
2008-11-02: Oxfam calls for special envoy, more peacekeepers for Congo;
2008-11-03: American Indian Boarding School Experiences: Recent Studies from Native Perspectives;
2008-11-04: CSETI/Disclosure Project News – Upcoming Interviews and Reports;
2008-11-05: Barack Obama’s victory speech;
2008-11-06: A Prize for Hu Jia;
2008-11-07: When Pastors go Postal;
2008-11-08: Where was the Color in Seattle?
2008-11-09: GBS unterstützt Prof. Muhammad Sven KALISCH;
2008-11-09: GBS sustains Prof. Muhammad Sven Kalisch;
2008-11-10: Why are people homeless;
2008-11-10: Miriam Makeba, South Africa dies (1932 – 2008);
2008-11-11: China violates the presentation of Taiwaneese Peacewomen;
2008-11-11: Tibetans’ risky journey into exile;
2008-11-12: Kate, a girl who can’t say no;
2008-11-13: The idea of India;
2008-11-13: POLITICS-US: Feminists Say the Work Has Just Begun;
2008-11-14: Iranian regime reacts to Obama’s election;
2008-11-15: Fighting for peace with the weapons of literacy;
2008-11-16: Open Letter To Barack Obama, President Elect;
2008-11-17: Psychiatry and Drugs;
2008-11-18: Yes, I am my brother’s keeper;
2008-11-19: Top Experts Call for Direct Diplomacy with Iran;
2008-11-20: Working toward sustainable Development;
2008-11-21: Congolese rebel’s trial back on track;
2008-11-22: The Padded Bed: The Epileptic in Western Medicine;
2008-11-23: India: Homeless Street Children;
2008-11-24: Youssef Chahine, the life-world of film;
2008-11-25: Citizenship Education Longitudinal Study, UK;
2008-11-26: New age spiritual gurus;
2008-11-26: Tactical Dialogues;
2008-11-27: Congresswoman Waters Calls on USAID to Save the Lives of Children Starving in Haiti;
2008-11-28: The Rights of Women as casualties of war;
2008-11-29: Arrest of Thai academic raises free speech fears;
2008-11-30: Handling Mideast with care;
2008-12-01: John Knox and women;
2008-12-01: Buddhist View on Consumerism;
2008-12-02: Africa: A New Day in America – Lessons for the Continent;
2008-12-03: Book review: What Fatima Jinnah thought;
2008-12-04: Restructuring agriculture vital to tame hunger: UN;
2008-12-04: Please find a moment to sign this petition;
2008-12-05: Unraveling India?
2008-12-06: The Mumbai Attacks: More Than Meets the Eye;
2008-12-07: CPT’s reports;
2008-12-07: The American Freedom Campaign Agenda … Bush’s pardon;
2008-12-08: James Zogby and the Politics of Perception;
2008-12-09: Alternative Nobel Prize 2008;
2008-12-09: Time to build a new mass movement for a peace economy;
2008-12-10: Necropolis Now;
2008-12-11: The Price of Rights;
2008-12-12: John Milton’s vision;
2008-12-13: Cop violence up due to the culture of impunity;
2008-12-13: After Guantánamo;
2008-12-14: Why I am a Christian;
2008-12-15: The Right to Health and Health Workforce Planning;
2008-12-16: Journalists abducted in Zimbabwe;
2008-12-17: Human rights defenders remain under threat;
2008-12-18: Defamation of religion and anti-extremism laws;
2008-12-19: Senator Calls for Ongoing Investigation of CIA Torture Techniques;
2008-12-20: European Community’s Development and External Assistance Policies;
2008-12-21: Islamic Revivalism in Muslim World;
2008-12-22: War babies and Bangladesh’s tragedy of abortion and adoption;
2008-12-23: Conor Cruise O’Brien, the irascible angel;
2008-12-23: Joint Nordic initiative on Zimbabwe;
2008-12-24: Human Rights … For Who?
2008-12-25: The Bhagavad Gita – Part Three;
2008-12-26: Tricky Headlines;
2008-12-27: Our Politicians Are Still Not Listening;
2008-12-28: … and still New Orleans;
2008-12-29: The 2008 World Zero Evictions Days Video Contest;
2008-12-30: Class is a Dirty Word;
2008-12-31: SOUTH AFRICA: Community Gardens Contribute to Food Security;
2008-12-31: Hours Before a Watershed Year;
2009-01-01: Financial Meltdown Decolonising Asian Minds;
2009-01-01: Exclusion: la souffrance insensée des naufragés de la rue;
2009-01-01: Politique du logement: un protocole compassionnel?
2009-01-02: … call for applications for HREA distance learning courses, February-April 2009;
2009-01-03: India Sleepwalks To Total Surveillance;
2009-01-04: MEDIA-PHILIPPINES: Community Radio – Balm in Troubled Areas;
2009-01-04: Obama l’Africain;
2009-01-05: Social Watch launched its 2008 report;
2009-01-05: Israel and Palestine in these times;
2009-01-06: Top Zimbabwean rights activist poisoned in custody;
2009-01-07: Hanan Ashrawi and the Price of Dissent;
2009-01-08: International Summer School on Human Rights;
2009-01-08: Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei;
2009-01-08: Après les vaches grasses;
2009-01-09: No such thing as the United Nations;
2009-01-10: The Alternative’s alternative;
2009-01-11: Israeli theater group encourages Arab and Jewish youngsters to take off their masks;
2009-01-11: Soirée littéraire avec Issa Makhlouf et Abdellatif Laabi;
2009-01-12: Blix to testify against Iraq war makers?
2009-01-12: Merchants of death;
2009-01-13: RIGHTS-PAKISTAN: Awaiting Gitmo’s Closure;
2009-01-14: Vacancy: Training/Legal Officer;
2009-01-15: Female reporter hacked to death in southern Nepal;
2009-01-15: Human Rights Watch’s WORLD REPORT 2009;
2009-01-16: New EMHRN publication;
2009-01-17: Kashmir book release;
2009-01-18: Kenya’s Ory Okolloh: Blogger and New Media Visionary Mobilizes Voices of Africa;
2009-01-19: Entropa: art of politics, heart of a nation;
2009-01-19: Schuhwerfer Montasser al-Saidi will in die Schweiz;
2009-01-20: What Bush leaves behind (and Obama has to pick up);
2009-01-21: Haven On Earth;
2009-01-22: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in EU and non-EU countries;
2009-01-23: Who Killed Markelov and Baburova?
2009-01-24: Global HIV/AIDS: Five Leadership Issues;
2009-01-25: Articles out of the Israel-Palestine struggle;
2009-01-26: The Other Messiah;
2009-01-26: Stigmatisée par la société;
2009-01-27: SEIU’s Hostile Takeover of UHW Begins;
2009-01-27: ECOSOC for AEHRF and the NGO world;
2009-01-28: Crossing Conflict Lines to Promote Good Governance;
2009-01-29: 2009 Specialized Human Rights Program;
2009-01-30: So long, Marianne;
2009-01-30: Launch of Journal of Human Rights Practice;
2009-01-31: What people think on their nation’s foreign policy;
2009-02-01: Requests for Information: 19 – 25 January 2009;
2009-02-02: Court bars boycott of civics class in Spain;
2009-02-03: Chief Justice Roberts and His Federalist Society Ideology;
2009-02-04: Transnational Perspectives on Democratic Education;
2009-02-05: Pillai alarmed by deteriorating situation in South Darfur;
2009-02-06: Madrasa education, myth and reality;
2009-02-07: Requests for Information: 26 January – 1 February 2009;
2009-02-08: EU resolution to accept Guantanamo detainees;
2009-02-09: Situation in Kenja’s prison;
2009-02-10: Feminisation Of Medicine;
2009-02-11: TUC’s New Year Message;
2009-02-12: Time for domestic workers to receive their rights;
2009-02-13: The World-Uniting Force of a New American President;
2009-02-14: Musawah: there cannot be justice without equality;
2009-02-15: Requests for Information: 2 – 8 February 2009;
2009-02-16: The Largest Wave Of Suicides In History;
2009-02-16: URGENT – your support for statement to UN Human Rights Council – developments in human rights education;
2009-02-17: Compléments alimentaires / about Food complements;
2009-02-18: Training course on monitoring economic, social and cultural rights;
2009-02-19: UFO abductees are not what expected;
2009-02-21: Professor Chomsky on Sri Lanka and American Affairs;
2009-02-22: Politkovskaya’s murder: solved or fudged?
2009-02-23: ANF’s work in Pakistan;
2009-02-24: Requests for Information: 9 – 15 February 2009;
2009-02-25: Die Entstehung der Ilias – Es geschah in Kilikien;
2009-02-26: DEFINITIONS: MAMMON – The God Of Excess;
2009-02-26: Philo avec les enfants – Michel Sasseville à Genève;
2009-02-27: Human Rights Council to hold special session on financial crisis;
2009-02-27: Programme de formation en droits de l’homme;
2009-02-28: Ligue des Droits de l’Homme LDH, France, la lettre d’information no 11;
2009-03-01: Traumatismes de l’enfance: un effet permanent sur le cerveau.
2009-03-01: The International Criminal Court: A Ray of Hope for the Women of Darfur?
2009-03-02: A Violent Education;
2009-03-03: Cours de Formation Droits de l’Homme en Français;
2009-03-03: Freedom of speech vs. freedom from humiliation;
2009-03-04: The IAPC program;
2009-03-05: Zimbabwean prisoners Jestina Mukoko and Broderick Takawira released;
2009-03-06: The International Women’s Day;
2009-03-06: The positive side to anger;
2009-03-07: Obama Administration Lifts Blanket Ban on Media Coverage of the Return of Fallen Soldiers;
2009-03-08: Getting Out: Learning from Past Exit Strategies;
2009-03-09: India! some videos about its way to go … ;
2009-03-10: Prisons and profit motives;
2009-03-11: The final push for the soul of Pakistan;
2009-03-12: The Martyrdom Of Mordechai Vanunu;
2009-03-13: Obama and Congress Change Cuba Policy;
2009-03-14: Australia: Oxfam welcomes Government commitment;
2009-03-14: North Pakistan at the Crossroads of Central and South Asia;
2009-03-14: Nonformal education survey;
2009-03-15: Play for Peace;
2009-03-15: Nomination of Gwangju Prize for Human Rights 2009;
2009-03-16: Reading Lenin in Modern Rome;
2009-03-17: Anti-Empire Report aer67;
2009-03-17: Colloque sur le Crime d’honneur;
2009-03-18: Requests for Information: 23 February – 1 March 2009;
2009-03-19: War victims need better access to water and sanitation;
2009-03-20: support citizenship and human rights education;
2009-03-21: Meltdown Not the Only Crisis in the World;
2009-03-22: Global Charter Agenda For Human Rights in the City;
2009-03-23: India: NCERT to introduce human rights education in school;
2009-03-24: Tell Founders Equity to Give Workers their Due;
2009-03-25: Chicago Archbishop calls for immigration reform;
2009-03-26: Baghdad’s water still undrinkable 6 years after invasion;
2009-03-27: US-Iranian Engagement: When and How?
2009-03-28: What is Nato for?
2009-03-29: Wright Patman’s Prescription for Healing the Cancerous U.S. Banking System;
2009-03-30: THE WEB OF PRECARIOUSNESS – Chi non lavora, non fa l’amore;
2009-03-31: Betrayed in Iraq;
2009-04-01: Invitation au Vernissage de l’Exposition de Carlos K;
2009-04-02: Manifesto for Endangered Languages;
2009-04-03: Requests for Information: 23 – 29 March 2009;
2009-04-06: Policy Foresight and Global Catastrophic Risks;
2009-04-06: Probing the Improbable: Methodological Challenges for Risks with Low Probabilities and High Stakes;
2009-04-07: (public) flogging of a girl is heinous crime against humanity;
2009-04-08: Consultation on education for sustainable development;
2009-04-09: Real Girl Power in Tanzania;
2009-04-09: Seeking a Better Grade;
2009-04-10: learning theory – What is learning?
2009-04-11: Understanding and Addressing the Phenomenon of Child Soldiers;
2009-04-12: Gyokusai or Shattering like a Jewel;
2009-04-12: New web portal to address humanitarian challenges;
2009-04-13: Requests for Information: 30 March – 5 April 2009;
2009-04-13: Taliban murder leading Afghan female rights activist;
2009-04-14: China pledges to improve human rights … with Chinese characteristics;
2009-04-15: DARE briefs European Parliament on EDC/HRE;
2009-04-16: Susan Boyle sings … ;
2009-04-16: Graines de Paix au salon du Livre de Genève 2009;
2009-04-17: WWSF World campaign for making prevention of abuse and violence against children a global priority;
2009-04-18: OHCHR Toolkit for UNCTs and Human Rights Education in Schools;
2009-04-18: Iranian Ex-Prisoner Ahmed Batebi to Appear at NGO Human Rights Summit;
2009-04-19: Electoral Sham in Haiti;
2009-04-20: An alternate Durban conference was held in Geneva;
2009-04-20: Durban II, the elites and their powerplays;
2009-04-21: 1970s lifestyle protects planet;
2009-04-21: Le médecin palestinien et l’infirmière bulgare accusent la Libye de racisme;
2009-04-21: Event on Durban II Sidelines Turns Spotlight Onto Repressive Regimes;
2009-04-22: Student delegation attends moving Geneva conference prior to Durban II;
2009-04-23: Human Rights Watch Opens Tokyo Office to Focus on Asia Rights Issues;
2009-04-24: Warsaw Summer Course on International Humanitarian Law;
2009-04-25: Aid workers’ expulsion from Sudan impeding peacekeeping, relief efforts;
2009-04-25: Troubled U.N. Racism Conference Quickly Adopts Outcome Document;
2009-04-26: Le cinéaste Jean-Stéphane Bron raconte au (journal) Le Temps, comment il filme le capitalisme;
2009-04-26: U.S.-Trained Human Rights Abusers;
2009-04-27: Why women are leaving men for other women;
2009-04-27: Levons-nous, peuples de la terre (une nouvelle Marseillaise);
2009-04-28: Caste: Racism in all but name?
2009-04-29: Research in Human Rights Education Papers;
2009-04-30: Rencontre avec Amin Maalouf;
2009-04-30: Three women we want to tell you about;
2009-05-01: Steuerhinterziehung, Bankgeheimnis, Graue Listen;
2009-05-01: Strong Global Body Needed to Stop Human Trafficking;
2009-05-02: Toward a Global Culture of Peace;
2009-05-03: What is Genocide?
2009-05-04: Requests for Information: 6 – 26 April 2009;
2009-05-05: Worker’s Rights: Stunning win for Visteon workers;
2009-05-06: Make NO Mistake, Obama Wants Justice Too;
2009-05-07: Political Lies and Media Disinformation regarding the Swine Flu Pandemic;
2009-05-07: Geneva: Summer University Course on Geopolitical Analysis;
2009-05-08: Exploring the Linkages Between Economic Growth and Democratic Governance;
2009-05-09: Excerpts of the latest HREA’s Newsletter;
2009-05-10: Dead Souls;
2009-05-11: Requests for Information: 27 April – 3 May 2009;
2009-05-12: Eritrea: slender land, giant prison;
2009-05-13: What does Google know about you?
2009-05-14: Conférence – La communication interculturelle;
2009-05-14: Security Council must act in Sri Lanka;
2009-05-15: Thesaurus on country of origin information added to search on;
2009-05-16: Graines de Paix – opportunités de bénévolat et de formation;
2009-05-16: Diaspora to Promote Job Creation and Youth Development in Africa;
2009-05-17: Careless talk warning issued in Sri Lanka;
2009-05-18: World Report 2009;
2009-05-19: Will Democracy For Ever Remain an Illusion?
2009-05-20: Iran: Karroubi to press for womens’ rights;
2009-05-21: New ILO report;
2009-05-22: Sri Lanka reconciliation;
2009-05-24: Requests for Information: 4 May – 17 May 2009;
2009-05-25: USAID training manuals for reducing gender-based violence in schools;
2009-05-26: Forum on Human Rights Education;
2009-05-26: Médias et démocratie dans le monde arabe;
2009-05-27: Poverty reduction programs under fire;
2009-05-28: Scholar Rescue in the modern world;
2009-05-29: How fascism (or integrism) grow up easy;
2009-05-30: New report on HRE in the Russian Federation;
2009-05-31: STWR Attends the UN Commission on Sustainable Development;
2009-06-01: It’s Your Right! – a new teaching resource for immigrants to Australia;
2009-06-02: The American War on Wana;
2009-06-02: PAKISTAN: Government intends to use force against the people of Gilgit and Baltistan;
2009-06-03: Chinese union leader Han Dongfang fights on for workers rights;
2009-06-04: 41 U.S. Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency Veterans Challenge the Official Account of 9/11;
2009-06-05: The politics of Facebook in Iran;
2009-06-06: Requests for Information: 25 – 31 May 2009;
2009-06-07: Uphold Gender Equality, Says Chew;
2009-06-08: The Secrecy Court of Last Resort;
2009-06-09: Sri Lanka turns back Tamil aid ship;
2009-06-10: GGJ and Inter-Alliance Dialogue Presenting before Congressional Progressive Caucus;
2009-06-11: (Lakhdar) Boumediene: I’m a normal man. I’m not a terrorist;
2009-06-11: America’s Sorry Policy;
2009-06-12: Université d’été autour des droits de l’enfant 2009;
2009-06-12: Requests for Information: 1 – 7 June 2009;
2009-06-13: Mental Health Law and Human Rights;
2009-06-13: Students made to live through a day in life of a child labourer;
2009-06-14: Debate Over Child Executions … ;
2009-06-14: Six Months in Sudan;
2009-06-14: Caste And Democracy In India;
2009-06-15: Consultation on the 2nd phase of the World Programme for Human Rights Education;
2009-06-16: JAMAICA: For an Abortion Law That Reaches the Poor;
2009-06-17: Wanted: a budget for children;
2009-06-17: Let’s Stop Women Suffering;
2009-06-17: International Labour Conference 2009;
2009-06-18: Africa: African Child Suffers From Modern Day Slavery;
2009-06-18: Challenges of Health Worker Migration;
2009-06-18: Kyrgyz Orphans Awaiting Decision To Join U.S. Parents;
2009-06-19: Giving orphans a home in Uganda;
2009-06-19: AIDS ORPHANS;
2009-06-20: For Foster Youth, OFA Internships offer much more than a Foot in the Door;
2009-06-20: Students Aren’t Customers; Education Is Not a Commodity;
2009-06-21: Modern Slavery Comes to Kansas;
2009-06-21: Victims of Human Trafficking in DC still waiting for justice and support;
2009-06-21: Iranian Elections: The ‘Stolen Elections’ Hoax;
2009-06-22: U.N. Downgrades Scrutiny of Sudan;
2009-06-22: Right to Education website survey;
2009-06-23: The Cost of Denial;
2009-06-23: Une étude rappelle la tragédie des femmes darfouries violées;
2009-06-23: Comprendre le drame du Darfour;
2009-06-24: A public pledge to end Female Genital Mutilation and Cutting in Gambia;
2009-06-25: Virginity Movement on the Defensive, Scrambling to Rebrand;
2009-06-25: CIA and Pentagon Deploy RFID Death Chips;
2009-06-25: Do the Geneva Conventions still stand up?
2009-06-26: Iran’s Tudeh Party: Unity, Struggle and Solidarity Can Overcome Repression;
2009-06-26: Obama pushes health care overhaul;
2009-06-26: Iranian cleric says “rioters” should be executed;
2009-06-27: Behind the Protests, Social Upheaval in Iran;
2009-06-27: Iran’s Democratic Upsurge;
2009-06-27: People power;
2009-06-28: What Did You Sacrifice to Afford Health Care?
2009-06-28: The Secret Sentry Declassified;
2009-06-28: Q&A: U.N.’s Enormous Potential Being Marginalised;
2009-06-29: Iran and public opinion;
2009-06-29: The tragic journey of a displaced Tamil family in Sri Lanka;
2009-06-29: Getting Off the Grid;
2009-06-30: Ellagic Acid’s Effect on Abnormal Cells;
2009-06-30: Peru: Congress repeals controversial Amazon laws;
2009-06-30: Progress can kill;
2009-07-01: The hungry cannot wait;
2009-07-01: Malnutrition: l’injustice Nord / Sud perdure;
2009-07-01: The Battle for the World’s Water Supplies;
2009-07-02: Color Revolutions, Old and New;
2009-07-02: Obama Administration Declassification Policy;
2009-07-02: Iran: money and the mullahs;
2009-07-03: Stick to your remit, MPs tell human rights watchdog;
2009-07-03: Undo the Coup;
2009-07-04: Statement by Counsel for the Family of John P. O’Neill;
2009-07-04: UNHCR annual report shows 42 million people uprooted worldwide;
2009-07-05: In Nomine Patris – Die Beichte der Päpste;
2009-07-05: Malalai Joya: the woman MP who dares to defy Afghanistan’s warlord rulers;
2009-07-06: The other 9/11 returns to haunt Latin America;
2009-07-06: The People vs. the Insurance Monopoly: Fixing the Health System in 2009;
2009-07-07: Much Ado About Nothing? – The Anti-Empire Report;
2009-07-07: HEALTH: Global Response Needed for Global (Flu) Challenge;
2009-07-08: High Court extends Vanunu’s travel ban by 6 months;
2009-07-08: 2009 Gwangju Prize for Human Rights Award Announcement;
2009-07-08: Application for 2009 Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School GAHRFS;
2009-07-09: The return of subsistence knowledges;
2009-07-09: Packin’ Pistols for God and Country: NRA Christians stake claim on patriotism and the America;
2009-07-10: £8m boost for local projects fighting global poverty;
2009-07-10: Is Switzerland too sexy for the Chinese?
2009-07-10: Why we are submitted;
2009-07-11: “Stop Nespressure” campaign targets Nestlé;
2009-07-11: La Suisse, havre de paix religieuse;
2009-07-11: Les Temps changent;
2009-07-12: picture of the year;
2009-07-13: Destroying America’s Family Farm: HR 2749. A Stealth Agribusiness Empowering Act;
2009-07-13: Robert McNamara, artisan de la mise au pas des peuples; 1
2009-07-14: Two forbidden books in german;
2009-07-14: The discovery of the Uyghurs;
2009-07-14: Re: Target sector of new phase of the WPHRE;
2009-07-15: Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere;
2009-07-15: China: Security Build-Up Foreshadows Large-Scale Crackdown;
2009-07-16: About The Swat Operation;
2009-07-16: We Offer Riches and Perks for Corrupt Cronies, and Crumbs for Everyone Else;
2009-07-17: After America – Narratives;
2009-07-17: Washington is Playing a Deeper Game with China;
2009-07-18: Glad to be godless;
2009-07-18: Assisted suicide – Going gently;
2009-07-19: La Suisse officielle ignore le Dalaï-Lama;
2009-07-19: Howard Zinn on Robert S. McNamara;
2009-07-20: Earth Egg;
2009-07-20: More Dubious Secrets;
2009-07-20: Klima-Kassandra – fehlt nur noch der Nobelpreis;
2009-07-21: Five Foods You Shouldn’t Eat Raw;
2009-07-21: The Ripples of the Pulse;
2009-07-22: Popular Power in Latin America;
2009-07-22: The Medium and the Message – Séance on Wall Street;
2009-07-23: Pakistan, Captain America’s On the Phone;
2009-07-23: Aiding the Future;
2009-07-24: Uganda: Seven Local Girls Sold Into Slavery Missing;
2009-07-24: The South Can Also Be Consumers of Fair Trade Products;
2009-07-25: 9/11: The most popular French comedian ridicules the U.S. gov;
2009-07-25: East-central Europe to Barack Obama: an open letter;
2009-07-25: QUINZAINE pour la PAIX et la NON-VIOLENCE;
2009-07-26: Let’s Bring Love and Revolution Together;
2009-07-26: Requests for Information: 13 – 19 July 2009;
2009-07-27: New GEM Manifesto – Against Silence;
2009-07-27: Tomgram: The Face in the Mirro;
2009-07-28: HREA’s upcoming distance e-learning courses;2009-07-28: On-line course The Human Right to Adequate Food;
2009-07-29: contre la brevetabilité des êtres vivants;
2009-07-29: Evaluating Decisions and the Long Term Perspective;
2009-07-30: 6th Internat. Conference on Teacher Education and Social Justice;
2009-07-30: Health Care Debate in US;
2009-07-30: Flu is not the Biggest Danger, it’s the Vaccine;
2009-07-31: Draft Declaration;
2009-07-31: U.N. Denies Status to Christian Charity After China Objects;
2009-08-01: Taking over Post-Arnold California;
2009-08-01: Rechtliche Immunität für die Hersteller von Schweinegrippe-Impfstoffen;
2009-08-02: Quakers agree to same-sex marriages;
2009-08-02: The oppressor and victim is who and what now?
2009-08-03: DIGNITY INTERNATIONAL ANNOUNCEMENT – call for applications;
2009-08-03: UNICEF CRC Video Contest-20th Anniversary;
2009-08-04: Greed as an Explanation of Crisis;
2009-08-04: Fresh evidence of British collusion in torture;
2009-08-05: Henry Louis Gates, top black scholar;
2009-08-05: The role of police in the contemporary U.S.;
2009-08-06: Council of Europe Education Newsletter, special issue on Remembrance;
2009-08-06: Playing the Jesus Card;
2009-08-07: Big Mountain Native writes an appeal;
2009-08-08: UN Address: Dialogue on the Responsibility to Protect;
2009-08-09: Sorrows of the house of Oudh;
2009-08-09: Indian police accused of abuses;
2009-08-10: A Just Peace In Kashmir? Reflections On Dynamics Of Change;
2009-08-10: RIGHTS: Disfiguring Disease Linked to Right to Food;
2009-08-11: The Great Hiroshima Cover-Up;
2009-08-11: Will Venezuelan Destabilization Follow;
2009-08-12: HREA conducted workshop for staff of Commonwealth Secretariat;2009-08-12: AFRICA: Raising the Profile of Gender-Based Violence;
2009-08-12: Amnesty: actions pour femmes;
2009-08-13: Critique of Warrantless Surveillance Program;
2009-08-13: More Dubious Secrets;
2009-08-14: The Real Grand Chessboard and the Profiteers of War;
2009-08-14: The Media, the Left and Power;
2009-08-15: Requests for Information: 20 July – 2 August 2009;
2009-08-15: WSF?;
2009-08-16: Islam and heresy: Where freedom is still at stake;
2009-08-16: What is Socialism and Why Should We Fear It?
2009-08-17: Countdown to transformation;
2009-08-17: Nora Ephron: Woman’s wit;
2009-08-17: Autonomous Politics and its Problems;
2009-08-18: The Geneva conventions at 60 – Unleashing the laws of war;
2009-08-18: Afghanistan’s child brides;
2009-08-19: MEXICO: States Tighten Already Restrictive Abortion Laws;
2009-08-19: Reinventing No Child Left Behind;
2009-08-20: MALAWI: High-Risk Sex Among Those Who Do Not Exist;
2009-08-20: Can Labor Get Out of This Mess?
2009-08-21: G.I. Joe: Rise of “Resiliency” Training;
2009-08-21: Are We Really Cattle?
2009-08-22: Americans: Serfs ruled by oligarchs;
2009-08-22: The Revolution of the Elites, Global Power and Global Government: Part 5;
2009-08-23: Press chokes on bitter pill of Libyan apology;
2009-08-23: Emmanuel Jal: The music of a war child;
2009-08-24: Open Letter to the President: K.I.S. Sir!
2009-08-24: The Obstacles to Real Health Care Reform: Private Insurers and Big PhRMA;
2009-08-25: 2,700 Nigerians in Libyan Deportation Camps;
2009-08-25: Requests for Information: 03 – 16 August 2009;
2009-08-26: The Torture Archive;
2009-08-26: What is Bodhisattva?
2009-08-27: CIA memo details procedures for breaking detainees;
2009-08-27: AFRICOM: Pentagon’s First Direct Military Intervention In Africa;
2009-08-28: CLEEN internship on promoting police reform in Africa;
2009-08-28: STWR’s upcoming activities in September 2009;
2009-08-29: Placing Citizenship at the Centre;
2009-08-29: Providing a global dimension to Citizenship Education;
2009-08-30: Requests for Information: 17 – 23 August 2009;
2009-08-30: HRE and international courts;
2009-08-31: Hölloch – Les entrailles de la Terre;
2009-08-31: I want my bailout money;
2009-08-31: Getting the sense of perfect justice;
2009-09-01: America’s Tortured Past;
2009-09-01: The Ethics of Online Videos;
2009-09-02: SOUTH AFRICA: Law Failing Lesbians on Corrective Rape;
2009-09-02: Obama formalizes Bush policy on digital searches and seizures;
2009-09-02: Graines de Paix, Programme 20.09.09-2.10.09;
2009-09-02: Attac Sommeruni 2009;
2009-09-03: Genitalverstümmelung;
2009-09-03: The Fastest Engine for Women’s Empowerment;
2009-09-03: The Battle for the International Criminal Court;
2009-09-04: The grim state of young workers;
2009-09-04: Is There a Difference Between One War and Another, One Love and Another?
2009-09-05: The role of digital for international charities;
2009-09-05: Lesson plans for ages 3-6 to observe International Day of Peace;
2009-09-06: The Destruction of a Civilization;
2009-09-06: US war on crime has nothing to do with crime;
2009-09-07: Bundesregierung will Bundeswehr zur Streikniederschlagung einsetzen;
2009-09-07: ABC, Teaching Human Rights;
2009-09-07: Communist Cultural Workers, 1919-1939;
2009-09-08: Afghangsters’ paradise;
2009-09-08: World’s first matrimonial site for transsexual women;
2009-09-09: CIVICUS’ Comments on the Iraq draft Law of NGOs, 2009;
2009-09-09: still the swine flue – and more;
2009-09-10: Sustainable Development;
2009-09-10: A green deal for rich and poor nations;
2009-09-11: MDC: SADC reluctant to approach Zim issue head-on;
2009-09-11: Health-care reform in America – Fired up and ready to go;
2009-09-12: Educating about women’s human rights in Africa;
2009-09-12: The MAPUTO Protocol;
2009-09-13: Requests for Information: 24 August – 6 September 2009;
2009-09-13: Role of journalism and art schools in creation and delivery of HRE;
2009-09-13: Obama’s Health Care Speech;
2009-09-13: Conférence pour la liberté de Choix en Santé;
2009-09-14: The Permanent War Paradigm;
2009-09-14: Peace Day – 21 September 2009;
2009-09-15: Public Schools Fend Off Invasion of New Ideas;
2009-09-15: Trafficking From Nigeria Rises Sharply;
2009-09-16: Re: Educating about women’s human rights in Africa;
2009-09-16: IIE Scholar Rescue Fund fellowships for threatened academics;
2009-09-17: Paradise Turned into Hell;
2009-09-17: The Future Costs of the Afghanistan War;
2009-09-18: Kanye West Interrupts Obama Speech to Investment Bankers;
2009-09-18: Peaceable Assembly Campaign;
2009-09-19: 2100 by 2010: free burma’s political prisoners;
2009-09-19: I washed and fed my mother before going to school;
2009-09-19: enfants marshmallow test;
2009-09-20: Genesis 1 for atheists;
2009-09-20: Swaminathan: Pursue science with humanism;
2009-09-21: A humanist first;
2009-09-21: Teen birth rates higher in states where religion is widespread;
2009-09-22: Islam within Islam;
2009-09-22: Is atheism the answer? Part 3;
2009-09-23: Lire – Bensaïd et Charb: Marx;
2009-09-23: Why propaganda trumps truth;
2009-09-23: Glimmers of Hope Amid an Elusive Peace;
2009-09-24: Call for Assistance;
2009-09-24: Maria Pía, direto de Honduras;
2009-09-24: The Global Health Debate;
2009-09-25: International Civilian Peace-keeping and Peace-building Training Program;
2009-09-25: The situation in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh today;
2009-09-25: Dreaming the World Awake;
2009-09-26: Venezuela’s Chigüire – The World’s Cutest Rodent;
2009-09-26: The National Equality March;
2009-09-27: Requests for Information: 7 – 20 September 2009;
2009-09-27: The pedagogy of the privileged;
2009-09-27: A revolution to combat world hunger;
2009-09-28: Suicides au travail, les racines du mal;
2009-09-28: Non-religious beliefs;
2009-09-28: What is Humanism?
2009-09-29: British Asians outsourcing murder;
2009-09-29: HRE strategies for duty bearers;
2009-09-29: Subvertir la subversion; 2009-09-30: WFP partners with Columbia University to feed hungry;
2009-09-30: Brighton church tends a garden to feed the hungry;
2009-09-30: Gadhafi and Chavez sign anti-terrorism declaration;
2009-10-01: G20 Leaders Warn of Funding and Investment Gaps in Ensuring Long-term Food Security;
2009-10-01: East Africa’s drought: A catastrophe is looming;
2009-10-02: If only my husband … ;
2009-10-02: Popular school kids become healthier adults;
2009-10-02: Vaccine Nation – Director’s Cut (Gary Null);
2009-10-03: Civil Rights Groups Seek International Help on Felony Voting;
2009-10-03: OUTFOXED : Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism;
2009-10-04: Michael Moore: America’s Teacher;
2009-10-04: Richard Goldstone’s UN report;
2009-10-05: VIDEO: Mu Sochua — Sending the Right Signal to Cambodia’s Women;
2009-10-05: Conditions for the Success of Socialism;
2009-10-06: Requests for Information: 21 – 27 September 2009;
2009-10-06: Big Pharma, les vaccins … et nous;
2009-10-06: Exit Strategy might not be what you mean;
2009-10-07: Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life;
2009-10-07: Migration and Development, Call for Contributions;
2009-10-08: A Compendium of Good Practice;
2009-10-08: Racially Exclusive Suburbs Across U.S. Dubbed the new Whitopia;
2009-10-09: Interview with Zohar and Nathan, of Sanghaseva;
2009-10-09: Kashmiri Pandits ‘in exile’ tonsure heads to mark 20th Martyrs Day;
2009-10-10: CEDAW in San Francisco;
2009-10-10: ‘Our Rights’ project;
2009-10-11: Requests for Information: 28 Sept. – 4 Oct. 2009;
2009-10-11: Africa: Peace education to be part of curriculum;
2009-10-12: new guide available on human rights budget work;
2009-10-12: L’école sinistrée;
2009-10-13: Obama Aides Act to Fix Safety Net;
2009-10-13: Nutricide – Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs;
2009-10-14: More people turning to food banks but supplies low;
2009-10-14: In a Guinea Seized by Violence, Women Are Prey;
2009-10-15: Where do we go from here?
2009-10-15: Human Rights: Unsafe Abortions Killing 70,000 a Year;
2009-10-15: Le Codex Alimentarius – des dangers bien réels;
2009-10-16: The Earth Charter Text;
2009-10-16: Is atheism the answer? Part 4;
2009-10-16: Pourquoi je refuse catégoriquement ce vaccin;
2009-10-17: Requests for Information: 5 – 11 October 2009;
2009-10-17: Three 9/11 heroes dead from cancer in five days;
2009-10-18: World Health Organisation Admits: No Deadly Mutation of H1N1 Swine Flu;
2009-10-18: Funding Sweatshops Globally;
2009-10-19: 16-year-old Australian begins solo round-the-world yacht voyage;
2009-10-19: Educating Children in Conflict Zones;
2009-10-20: Are Women Getting Sadder?
2009-10-20: Watching me watching you;
2009-10-20: Jim Turner Files Lawsuit Against FDA To Stop Swine Flu Vaccine;
2009-10-21: RIGHTS-AFRICA: Female Circumcision Still a Vote Winner;
2009-10-21: Adopt A Negotiator By The Youth Of The World;
2009-10-22: A Nobel Prize For Evo Morales;
2009-10-22: Lutte contre la vaccination de la grippe porcine;
2009-10-23: The rise of epigenomics – Methylated spirits;
2009-10-23: Call for law on hunger;
2009-10-24: East Africa Food Crisis;
2009-10-24: The Final Stages of a Genocide;
2009-10-25: When the wall fell down: Berlin remembers;
2009-10-25: The Wandering Who?
2009-10-26: War, Negation And Muslim Identity Revisited;
2009-10-26: Schools and the Pedagogy of Punishment;
2009-10-26: Von der Grippe zum Gerippe;
2009-10-27: ADIEU L’ AMI – in memoriam FRANCIS MUGUET;
2009-10-27: Do Interest Groups Benefit Democracy?
2009-10-27: Multiple Deployments May Raise Risk of Military Spouse Suicide;
2009-10-28: Daddy? When Am I Ready To Have Sex?
2009-10-28: The Secret Truth About Karl Marx and His Disciples;
2009-10-29: The Negative Influence of Positive Thinking;
2009-10-29: Child deaths from abuse and neglect rise in the US;
2009-10-30: Powerful films progressives will want to see;
2009-10-30: India: Provide Access to Pain Treatment;
2009-10-31: Argentina: Disappearing Farmers, Disappearing Food;
2009-10-31: Oxfam in action;
2009-10-31: Les Fêtes des 10 ans de proPhilo;
2009-10-31: La Marche Mondiale pour la Paix et la Non-violence;
2009-11-01: Requests for Information: 12 – 25 October 2009;
2009-11-01: Call for Papers: Migration and Development;
2009-11-01: Architecture ou … dictature?
2009-11-02: Lonesome metaphysics;
2009-11-02: UK: Rebuilding freedoms;
2009-11-03: The CIA social networking surveillance system;
2009-11-03: Destabilizing Baluchistan, Fracturing Pakistan;
2009-11-04: Vaccinations for better or for worse?
2009-11-04: Clinic to fight taboo of female genital mutilation FMG;
2009-11-05: Federal Courts Issue Rulings on Bush-Era Torture, Racial Profiling Cases;
2009-11-05: Rebuilding the Labor Movement in the 21st Century;
2009-11-05: Homeless;
2009-11-06: Human Development Crisis in the Arab World;
2009-11-06: … si, si, il faut rire … ;
2009-11-06: Identity And Politics;
2009-11-07: Socialist Kerala: A very different India;
2009-11-07: Market-Driven Hysteria and the Politics of Death;
2009-11-08: Involve Children In The Implementation Of Their Rights;
2009-11-08: America The Betrayed – Walt Whitman, Poet of the People;
2009-11-08: Marche Mondiale pour la Paix, 9 Nov 2009, le programme;
2009-11-08: Barack Obama’s healthcare reform bill passes first hurdle;
2009-11-09: Fall of Berlin Wall Caused Anxiety More than Joy at Highest Levels;
2009-11-09: People’s Food Sovereignty Forum;
2009-11-09: Rencontre avec Rajmohan Gandhi à Genève /Uni-Dufour;
2009-11-10: Female Genital Mutilation, Islam and Leftist Silence;
2009-11-10: PPNYC Panel With Three Feminists;
2009-11-10: … un vaccin vraiment dangereux … ;
2009-11-11: Website worth a look … for pleasure;
2009-11-11: VIDEOS: War Crimes Multimedia;
2009-11-12: Hard to Believe;
2009-11-12: Uganda: Time to Unite in Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation;
2009-11-13: Longshore workers volunteer to send tsunami relief containers to Samoa;
2009-11-13: The Political Winds are Shifting;
2009-11-14: UGANDA: Mount Elgon Eviction Has Reduced Us to Beggars;
2009-11-14: The cult of the faceless boss;
2009-11-15: The U.S. and China: The Defining Issue of Our Day;
2009-11-15: Bring them home, Mr. President;
2009-11-16: End FGM;
2009-11-16: Huge Rise In Birth Defects In Falluja;
2009-11-17: Public Option: Worth the Fight;
2009-11-17: Uranium in Iraq: the Poisonous Legacy of the Iraq Wars;
2009-11-17: La grande dette de la presse anti-secte envers le guillemet et le mode conditionnel;
2009-11-18: Requests for Information: 2 – 8 November 2009;
2009-11-18: Workers say: Stop Bissell’s dirty work;
2009-11-18: Citoyenneté genevoise et cultures musulmanes;
2009-11-19: GENDER: Women in Science Face Discrimination in India – Part 1;
2009-11-19: Asian Pacific American worker hearing hailed as labor milestone;2009-11-20: AFRICA’s Right for clean Water: Taking the Lead;
2009-11-20: NAACP, labor demand bold action on jobs;
2009-11-21: The Vile Scramble For Loot;
2009-11-21: CANADA; Dangers of the H1N1 Vaccine Revealed;
2009-11-22: The Roller Coaster: The Communist Party in the 1940;
2009-11-23: Carlo Tresca: The Dilemma of an Anti-Communist Radical;
2009-11-23: The Brief, Revolutionary Life of Joe Hill;
2009-11-23: Healthcare under Capitalism;
2009-11-24: Marine marvels found in the darkness of the deep;
2009-11-24: Hong Kong’s deferred democracy – Softly, softly;
2009-11-25: Pentagon Manhunters: America’s New Murder, Inc.?
2009-11-25: Most orphans have living parents;
2009-11-25: Philip Carter, Key Official In Guantanamo Closure, Resigns;
2009-11-26: God Has Left The Building;
2009-11-26: Request for Information: 9 – 15 November 2009;
2009-11-27: Official Discusses Release Of Berlin Wall Documents;
2009-11-27: Website Wikileaks publishes 9/11 messages;
2009-11-27: ASYL FÜR EX-MUSLIME;
2009-11-28: Canada’s Guantanamo;
2009-11-28: War in Afghanistan – a Full Senate Testimony;
2009-11-29: A veteran reflects on the left and the peace movement;
2009-11-29: Our terrorists;
2009-11-30: Climategate: The Silence is Deafening from the Corporate Media;
2009-11-30: Manipulation of Data and Concepts;
2009-11-30: URGENT: FREE Negar Aziz Moradi;
2009-12-01: A matter of faith?
2009-12-01: Mettez de la paix dans la constitution genevoise!
2009-12-01: Climategate: the Whitewash Begins;
2009-12-02: Historians in the service of the Big Lie;
2009-12-02: David Icke – Swine Flu, Mass Vaccinations & G20;
2009-12-03: Health-BAHRAIN: Men Bring HIV Home;
2009-12-03: US military suicides reach new high;
2009-12-04: New charges of racism in right-wing media;
2009-12-04: Tolerance and Non-Violence in a World That Needs to Be Transformed;
2009-12-04: Iranian religious opponent seeks asylum;
2009-12-05: Production underway on CI Access to Knowledge film;
2009-12-05: Audio slideshow: Sudan ex-slave;
2009-12-06: Looking back in anger;
2009-12-06: European citizens wiretapped more than Turkish citizens;
2009-12-07: A Woman Among Warlords;
2009-12-07: Le Gouvernement des Enfants;
2009-12-08: India wants to diversify migration base from Gulf to Europe;
2009-12-08: China now biggest source of migrants;
2009-12-09: Cuba-US migration talks pushed back until February;
2009-12-09: Why Failure in Copenhagen would be a success;
2009-12-10: Former Guantanamo Prosecutor Wrongly Fired for Speaking Out;
2009-12-10: The Psychological Implosion of Our Soldiers;
2009-12-11: Report Documents Widespread Frustration, Alienation Of Pakistan’s Youth;
2009-12-11: People’s fears or people’s will?
2009-12-12: Missed opportunity to tackle child poverty;
2009-12-12: Zinn’s ‘People’s History’ Masterwork Hits the History Channel;
2009-12-13: The Media Response to the Growing Influence of the 9 /11 Truth Movement;
2009-12-13: How much evil can you not see? – The Red Cross movement;
2009-12-14: Kennedy Considered Supporting Coup in South Vietnam, August 1963;
2009-12-14: Elaine Lee’s Blog MEIN™ INSPIRATION;
2009-12-15: Requests for Information: 30 November – 6 December 2009;
2009-12-15: Lybia: Truth and Justice Can’t Wait;
2009-12-15: Gitmo Detainee Defense Counsel Interview on 9/11 Trials;
2009-12-16: An Interview With Scott Fenstermaker, Part IV;
2009-12-16: Islam and Switzerland – The return of the nativists;
2009-12-17: Mining Company’s Scare Tactics against Human Rights NGO;
2009-12-17: War in the Congo: An Ongoing Humanitarian Catastrophe;
2009-12-18: Chilcot Inquiry: The Establishment Goes To Work (Part 2);
2009-12-18: SOUTH SUDAN: Women Perpetuate Culture of Submission;
2009-12-18: We are in This Thing to Win;
2009-12-19: Longest Held Wrongfully Convicted Man About To Go Home;
2009-12-19: Sandwich Theory And Operation Green Hunt;
2009-12-20: Does terrorism work?
2009-12-20: Africa: Not all cultural traditions are worth keeping;
2009-12-21: Three actual concerns;
2009-12-21: Too Damn Old!
2009-12-22: Women Soldiers Forced to Resort to Back-Alley Abortions;
2009-12-22: The Power Gap;
2009-12-23: An interview with Eva Golinger about Chávez’s Venezuela;
2009-12-23: From cynicism to hope, it takes a conscience;
2009-12-24: Since Obama Is Not Going to Save Us, What Shall We Do?
2009-12-25: Torture: The Transfers of Afgan Prisoners;
2009-12-26: 16 demands to end violence against women;
2009-12-27: Sex, science and statistics;
2009-12-28: Peak Of Magalomania – The Tower Of Dubai;
2009-12-29: Neo-liberalism and Charter Schools;
2009-12-29: Barbara Ehrenreich on pessimism;
2009-12-30: Pope passes special Vatican copyright;
2009-12-30: Special CSETI Winter Retreat – February 7-12, 2010;
2009-12-30: Why Aren’t the NYT and WaPost Covering the International Gaza Freedom March?
2009-12-30: Gaddafi’s playboy son attacked model wife in £4,000 Claridge’s suite;
2009-12-31: In praise of George Eliot’s Adam Bede on its 150th anniversary – Part 1;
2009-12-31: Women 14% of US Armed Forces and 5% of Homeless Vet Population;
2009-12-31: What’s your Issue for a better world? CHILDREN;
2010-01-01: Global Conference on Health Freedom in Newton NJ – January 2-3, 2010;
2010-01-01: Ibrahim Yazdi arrested;
2010-01-02: Requests for Information: 7 – 27 December 2009;
2010-01-02: Buy an African baby – bomb some African villages;
2010-01-02: Walk the way of light in Nepal;
2010-01-03: Egypt lacks the milk of human kindness;
2010-01-03: I wonder if all Muslim know this – Islam a la Taliban;
2010-01-04: H1N1-Swine Flu: The Perfect Panacea for Political Dissent;
2010-01-04: What happened at the summit;
2010-01-05: Parental responsibility;
2010-01-05: Sandwich Theory and Operation Green Hunt;
2010-01-06: Legal Abortion Is a Fundamental Right;
2010-01-06: Committing treason for a piece of the pie;
2010-01-07: Should Indians drive cars? Part 2;
2010-01-07: The White Ribbon;
2010-01-08: Who Would Benefit Politically from a Terrorist Incident on American Soil?
2010-01-08: BRAZIL: WSF 24-28 Jan 2010;
2010-01-09: International Society, Securitization, and an English School Map of the World;
2010-01-09: World needs to act now to prevent new Sudan war, ten aid agencies warn;
2010-01-10: 11th National Art Exhibition creates a picture of creativity;
2010-01-10: Sergio: A Must-See Documentary;
2010-01-11: What Meditation Is – and What It Is Not;
2010-01-11: The Next Decade’s Top Sustainability Trends;
2010-01-12: Who pays for Zuma wives?
2010-01-12: DPRK ready to discuss peace agreement at six-party talks;
2010-01-13: Battle for Mediation: The Political Price for the War in Yemen;
2010-01-13: Retirees fight for young workers;
2010-01-14: Man, if they blow this … ;
2010-01-14: Millions More US Children in Poverty;
2010-01-14: Haiti;
2010-01-15: Climate Science and the Ideology of Human Pollution;
2010-01-16: Freedom of religion or belief;
2010-01-16: Liberté de religion ou de conviction;
2010-01-17: HEAT OF THE MOMENT – Meteorologist predicts global cooling;
2010-01-18: The Lesson of Haiti;
2010-01-19: Why is Blackwater/Xe in Somalia?
2010-01-20: Nomination for Prize for rural women;
2010-01-20: Urgent: Let Aid to Haiti Go Through;
2010-01-21: In praise of hybridity;
2010-01-22: Chilean right returns to power for first time in 20 years;
2010-01-23: Tragedy Exploited: A Sad History Repeating Itself in Haiti;
2010-01-23: China To Switzerland: Do Not To Resettle Guantanamo Uighurs;
2010-01-24: La Navy a installé une de ses prisons secrètes au large d’Haïti;
2010-01-24: The US Navy has anchored one of its secret prisons in Haitian waters;
2010-01-25: Who killed the president of Rwanda?
2010-01-25: Schutz der Kinder vor weltanschaulicher Manipulation;
2010-01-26: The New New Anti-Communism;
2010-01-27: Sovereign: Canadian Customs wants your Laptop, too … ;
2010-01-28: Health: Salt reduction could save 92,000 lives a year;
2010-01-30: Just Walk Away From the Democrats;
2010-01-31: US to hold 50 Guantanamo prisoners indefinitely;
2010-03-23: l’ONU et le dialogue interreligieux;
2010-03-24: A Great Achievement for a Decent, Civilized United States of America;
2010-03-25: A decisive year in the battle against pandemics;
2010-03-25: Google co-founder Sergey Brin urges US to act over China web censorship;
2010-03-26: Reinventing Pakistan;
2010-03-27: Internet in Venezuela;
2010-03-27: La laïcité militante;
2010-03-28: Conspiracy of silence;
2010-03-29: Are We Selfish Individuals or an Empathic Society?
2010-03-30: Modern parenting is rubbish, let’s change it;
2010-03-31: Proposal for a Participatory Socialist International;
2010-04-01: Authenticity & Originality;
2010-04-02: Jesus Christ: Paradox;
2010-04-03: Westminster housing tenant attends Child Poverty Champions launch atParliament;
2010-04-04: Historic law makes primary education a must for children in India;
2010-04-05: Dubai jails British pair for kissing;
2010-04-05: Why Are Pedophilia-Hiding, Child-Abusing Church Fathers Allowed to Write Laws AboutWomen’s Bodies?
2010-04-06: We Must Take Public Criticism into Account;
2010-04-07: WikiLeaks Iraq Shooting Video Analysis;
2010-04-08: The ethnocidal civilization;
2010-04-09: European Court of Human Rights Death Penalty Decision Raises DifficultIssues;
2010-04-10: Concluding the Global On-line Consultation;
2010-04-11: Entering the dawn-lit mountains;
2010-04-12: Kissinger blocked demarche on international assassinations to Condor States;
2010-04-13: Whither goal of nuclear disarmament?
2010-04-14: Thailand: Colour-coded chaos;
2010-04-15: Colonel Wilkerson: Most of the Guantánamo detainees were innocent;
2010-04-16: 95 percent of Pak truckers indulge in sex with boy helpers;
2010-04-17: Slums as self-confrontation;
2010-04-18: Signs of discontent as China’s earthquake toll rises;
2010-04-19: Robert Cox on World Orders;
2010-04-20: Our Elders Are Suffering in silence;
2010-04-21: Noam Chomsky Says He Has Never Seen Anything Like This;
2010-04-21: Kashmir study tour report, 28 Jan – 16 Feb 2010;
2010-04-22: Pentagon Continues to Use Personality Disorder Discharges;
2010-04-23: Thai protestors block army train;
2010-04-24: Imprisoning a Courageous Whistleblower;
2010-04-25: Hate speech can bring deadly results;
2010-04-26: Videos with Lin Yu Chun;
2010-04-27: Some Sobering Notes on African American Equality;
2010-04-28: War is failure;
2010-04-29: More arms, less food for people;
2010-04-30: VIDEO: The Politics of Fear: From the War on Terrorism to Tyranny
2010-05-01: US soldier in WikiLeaks massacre video: I relive this every day;
2010-05-02: South America, Towards regional integration or the next Middle East?
2010-05-03: What Do Empires Do?
2010-05-04: Somali Islamist insurgents seize pirate haven;
2010-05-04: 1997-2010: L’écologie financière;
2010-05-05: why the enlightened liberal class is complicit in the contry downwardspiral;
2010-05-06: Swissness and Islamic fundamentalism;
2010-05-07: Historic Dissident Journal Published Online;
2010-05-08: More arms, less food for people;
2010-05-09: Colonialism, Slave History and whities’ must for reparations;
2010-05-10: Some of My Best Friends Are Pakistanis;
2010-05-11: Colombia: State Terror in the Name of Peace;
2010-05-12: We Need an Alternative;
2010-05-13: Homeless in Kabul;
2010-05-14: Congrès fondateur La Gauche / Alternative Linke / La Sinistra;
2010-05-14: Burqa versus Human Rights;
2010-05-15: Walking With The Comrades 1/4;
2010-05-16: Theory Talk no 38 with James Scott;
2010-05-17: Virtual Living;
2010-05-18: Knowledge, Truth and Human Action: America Hits the Wall;
2010-05-19: Sunshine and Shadows;
2010-05-19: Plus le mensonge est gros … mieux il passe;
2010-05-20: Everywhere and nowhere;
2010-05-20: Un autre regard sur les minorités spirituelles;
2010-05-21: Deepwater Horizon’s Blowout;
2010-05-21: Recherche en Education Sociale et Philosophie Pour Enfants;
2010-05-22: Laying Bare the Myth of The Left;
2010-05-23: Noam Chomsky barred from entering West Bank;
2010-05-24: The World Cup and I;
2010-05-25: Maoism, A Critique From the Left;
2010-05-26: The White Collared Jihadis;
2010-05-27: US presence is making Afghans fight against Taliban difficult;
2010-05-28: A Canadian compromise;
2010-05-28: Finanzplatz, Steuerpolitik und soziale Gerechtigkeit;
2010-05-29: Handbook suggests that deviations from ‘normality’ are disorders;
2010-05-30: Ten Things You Need (But Don’t Want) To Know About the BP Oil Spill;
2010-05-31: Anti-corruption dialogue focuses on education;
2010-06-01: Abortion and Christian Pregnancy Crisis Centers CPC;
2010-06-02: Overcoming Biophobia in Sustainable Development;
2010-06-02: La société malade de la gestion;
2010-06-03: BP’s Oil and pawns’s death;
2010-06-03: La Fenech connection;
2010-06-04: Kyrgyzstan’s ‘Roza Revolution’ – Cui Bono, Part 3;
2010-06-05: India, South Africa ink three pacts, discuss ways to improve ties;
2010-06-07: The Black Art of News Management;
2010-06-08: For a more ethical civilization;
2010-06-09: The Battle for Thailand;
2010-06-10: A Warning from Noam Chomsky on the Threat posed by Elites;
2010-06-11: Sri Lanka: Widespread malnutrition among women and children;
2010-06-12: Preliminary draft Protocol on Matters specific to Space Assets – Study LXXII J;
2010-06-13: New efforts, new claims from the failing Christian Right;
2010-06-14: Mean Girls in Politics;
2010-06-15: Nukes not sustainable for the Baltic states say activists;
2010-06-16: The Role of the Communes in Venezuela;
2010-06-17: Reflections on the 29th Convention of the CPUSA;
2010-06-17: Diskussionsveranstaltung des wissenschaftlichen Beirats von attac Schweiz;
2010-06-18: Arizona GOP targets children born to undocumented immigrants;
2010-06-19: Kyrgyz interim leader visits volatile south, death toll 10 times higher;
2010-06-20: Class and Race in the US Labor Movement: The Case of the Packinghouse Workers;
2010-06-21: Corporate Entities as Modern-Day Street Gangs;
2010-06-22: Indigenous Wisdom Speaks;
2010-06-23: How a traffic jam occurs? – Wie entsteht ein Stau?
2010-06-24: Lybia of tomorrow – what hope for Human Rights?
2010-06-24: Demoaufruf 26. Juni 2010: Freiheit Gleichheit Würde;
2010-06-24: Appel à manifester le 26 juin 2010: Liberté Egalité Dignité;
2010-06-25: China’s top political advisor urges Taoists to contribute to social harmony;
2010-06-26: The Global Political Awakening and the New World Order;
2010-06-27: Government Targets Red Shirts with Harsh Law, Propaganda;
2010-06-28: Gangsters, politicians, cocaine and bankers;
2010-06-29: The Jerusalem International Conference on Integrative Medicine;
2010-06-30: The Hitler option in Afghanistan;
2010-07-01: Indian Kashmir locked down in bid to stem protests;
2010-07-02: U.S. Woman Falsely Accused of Rwanda Genocide Rape Crimes;
2010-07-03: Further political prisoners in danger in Iran;
2010-07-04: UNITED KINGDOM: Rise in men reporting forced marriages;
2010-07-05: Managed News: Inside The US/NATO Military Industrial Media Empire;
2010-07-06: Marxism 2010: fixing a broken system;
2010-07-07: New Eugenics and the Rise of the Global Scientific Dictatorship – Part 3;
2010-07-09: Iran, Turkey, and America’s Future, a Virtual Brown Bag;
2010-07-10: Five years after the 7/7 bombings in London;
2010-07-11: Toronto City council sends dangerous message;
2010-07-12: Oscar Grant, a Victim of American Fear;
2010-07-13: Who’s Afraid of Fake Degrees?
2010-07-13: Incorrect and defamatory article about our client;
2010-07-14: NSA Will Deploy Snooping Sensors on Private Networks;
2010-07-15: Police Brutality in America;
2010-07-16: Why Can’t Mainstream American Journalists Tell the Truth About the Horrors of America’s Wars?
2010-07-17: Human dilemmas: Spoiled by choice – The perils and politics of prosperity;
2010-07-18: Independent and Subject to Nobody;
2010-07-19: Hearts, minds and the same old warlords;
2010-07-20: Poor in UK dying 10 years earlier than rich, despite years of government action;
2010-07-21: Top Secret America;
2010-07-22: Human Rights in China After the Olympics;
2010-07-22: Bashir to visit Chad despite arrest warrant;
2010-07-23: French soldiers asked to refuse illegal orders;
2010-07-24: The big guns;
2010-07-24: Droits de l’Enfant – le cahier de doléances;
2010-07-25: Copenhagen Declaration on Religion in Public Life;
2010-07-26: How You Will Change the World with Social Networking;
2010-07-27: Report Reveals Rape of Tribeswomen by Loggers;
2010-07-28: Afghan War Diary, 2004-2010;
2010-07-29: Message for the Uniforms and Dark Suits;
2010-07-30: You Might Be a Marxist If … ;
2010-07-31: Health for All: The Second Dawn;
2010-08-01: Afghanistan: Don’t go back;
2010-08-02: WikiLeaks Posts Mysterious Insurance File;
2010-08-02: More about WIKILEAKS;
2010-08-02: WORLD E-CONFERENCE – Culture of Peace and Sustainability;
2010-08-03: The Nation at Stake;
2010-08-04: Slavery in Our Time;
2010-08-04: Turning the Key;
2010-08-05: WikiLeaks: The German Armed Forces and the policy of targeted killings in Afghanistan;
2010-08-06: Australian government and media block discussion over Wikileaks revelations;
2010-08-07: Afghan Women and the Return of Taliban;
2010-08-08: Revealed: how asylum detention centres damage children;
2010-08-08: Opération Beatles;
2010-08-09: Radical Islamic States and Political Movements in the Mid-East/Arab World: The Islamic ‘Threat’ Part XII;
2010-08-10: Libya to compensate innocent prisoners;
2010-08-11: Political prisoners in hunger strike protest in Iran;
2010-08-12: Commentary: From the ashes of capitalism, militarism and elite rule;
2010-08-12: Europe: URGENCE OGM /Urgency GM organism;
2010-08-12: Greenpeace petition: 1 million voices for a GE-free future: no GE crops / GMOs;
2010-08-13: Dan Mitrione in Uruguay … news from the NSA;
2010-08-14: Moonlighting: How does it affect the poor?
2010-08-15: Weekly Diaspora: Will $600 million border security bill target innocents?
2010-08-15: Canada: the Public Work Protection Act;
2010-08-16: Pentagon rejects new investigation into killing of Spanish cameraman by US troops in Iraq;
2010-08-17: ASEAN Concludes Cyclone Nargis Operations in Myanmar;
2010-08-18: Universal access to HIV treatment threatened by failure of will;
2010-08-19: Blast From the Past: The History of the Presumption of Innocence;
2010-08-20: How can Gemany Overcome the Social and Identity Crisis?
2010-08-21: The threat and consequences of nuclear war;
2010-08-22: Verizon and Google Want to Kill the Open Internet – Media Mogul Confirms Their Bad Intentions;
2010-08-23: Why the Wars can’t be Won;
2010-08-24: What You Will Not Hear About Iraq;
2010-08-25: What BlackBerry shows is our technological backwardness;
2010-08-26: The Torture of Credo Mutwa and the Theft of the Necklace of Mysteries;
2010-08-26: Horizons et débats, no. 33, août 2010;
2010-08-26: 5em anniversaire de Graines de Paix;
2010-08-27: Newly-Discovered Species of Bacteria Claimed to be Breaking Down Oil in Deepwater Plumes in the Gulf;
2010-08-28: Einstein’s legacy;
2010-08-29: Psywar: The Real Battlefield is the Mind;
2010-08-30: Accusations against Rwanda;
2010-08-31: Gender pay gap signals need for Constitutional rights guarantee;
2010-09-01: Adresse à celles qui portent volontairement la burqa;
2010-09-01: Ground Zero Mosque Distraction;
2010-09-02: Atelier: Relations et jeux de pouvoir;
2010-09-02: Afghanistan: North Atlantic Military Bloc’s Ten-Year War In South Asia;
2010-09-03: le viol comme arme de guerre;
2010-09-04: Introductory e-course on Rights of Refugees and Displaced Persons;
2010-09-05: Maids in the Middle East: Little better than slavery;
2010-09-06: 9/11 Cameraman Faces Extradition to United States;
2010-09-07: US: European Corporate Hypocrisy;
2010-09-08: ROMAs – these excluded tribes, eternally poors, trained thiefs … and our reactions;
2010-09-08: Training on ESC Rights;
2010-09-09: Sign our petition against Faroese Pilot Whale hunts;
2010-09-10: Murder and Genocide Are Natural – Therefore, Rebel!
2010-09-11: Act now on child refugee detainees;
2010-09-12: Communal Freedom and Democracy;
2010-09-13: Johnny Got His Pills … ;
2010-09-14: Wilkerson on 9/11;
2010-09-15: Indian state murdered Maoist peace envoy;
2010-09-16: How the crisis reinvented the G20;
2010-09-17: Food Secrets Exposed;
2010-09-18: New Orleans: Rebuilding on People’s Bones;
2010-09-19: Forest Peoples’ Programme and others send letter to Zoellick on palm oil;
2010-09-20: The remaining prisoners in Guantánamo – 176 men still held there;
2010-09-21: The use of pliable and reliable assets to advance a narrative;
2019-09-22: Park51 and the pastor: A right to offend?
2019-09-22: Vers un nouveau procès de l’Arche de Zoé;
2010-09-23: Red shirt’s redux;
2010-09-23: Rentrée Culturelle: l’art foire à Versailles;
2010-09-24: Sanskrit Script Transliterater;
2010-09-25: Why is Iraq in such a Mess?
2019-09-26: What Story would you tell?
2010-09-26: Sex predators among those granted early release;
2010-09-27: Aafia Siddiqui Sentenced: A Grievous Miscarriage of Justice;
2010-09-28: Hinckley forum discusses Turkish minority’s lack of rights in China;
2010-09-29: Art, censorship and the Gukurahundi;
2010-09-30: The Collapse of Western Morality
2010-10-01: One Million Kids on Anti-Psychotics;
2010-10-02: Coming Unglued Will Not Help Us Get Unstuck;
2010-10-02: La réintroduction du loup vise à déplacer l’habitat;
2010-10-03: Johan Galtung interview: Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East;
2010-10-04: Secrecy as a weapon of oppression;
2010-10-05: The Taliban’s secret weapon: security;
2010-10-06: Ronald W. Walters 1938-2010: A fighter against global apartheid;
2010-10-07: The Secret World of the Chinese Communist Party?
2010-10-08: Obama Rejects Tax Cuts for the Rich, Calls for Big Oil to Pay Fair Share;
2010-10-09: Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo wins Nobel Peace Prize;
2010-10-10: The Future of Nuclear Disarmament – A Swiss perspective;
2010-10-11: Quito’s Police: CIA breeding ground;
2010-10-12: Found in Translation: My Way, If You Go Away and Ray;
2010-10-13: Could We Have Built This Differently?
2010-10-14: Mass protests shake French government;
2010-10-15: There’s More Than Robo Signatures To Blame For The Ongoing Foreclosure Scandal;
2010-10-16: Putting the Real Minorities in Their Place;
2010-10-17: Banks hired hair stylists to vet foreclosures;
2010-10-17: Gotthard Base Tunnel GBT;
2010-10-18: The Comanche and the Taliban;
2010-10-19: The Paradox of Blinking;
2010-10-20: Nuclear Dangers and Opportunities in the Middle East;
2010-10-21: Court says men can beat wife if no marks left;
2010-10-22: Unemployed Happier than People with Poor Jobs;
2010-10-23: Islam, Colonialism, and Resistance;
2010-10-24: Time takes its toll on old Swiss language;
2010-10-25: France and its ban for the face veil;
2010-10-26: Ending Violent Resistance – Target the Oppressor, Not the Resistance;
2010-10-27: France Shut-down Over Retirement Age Battle;
2010-10-28: There is no Freedom without Human Ethics and Moral;
2010-10-29: Mystery of American Political Madness;
2010-10-30: Parliamentary Hearings on G-20;
2010-10-30: Der Untergang des Abendlandes II: Kruzifixstreit in der Schweiz;
2010-10-31: Invention Secrecy Still Going Strong;
2010-11-01: Gefallene-Engel, Nicht-Gefallene-Engel … und wir als Menschheit;
2010-11-01: The right for changes in our life patterns;
2010-11-02: Towards Martial Law in America, Authority to Deploy Troops Domestically during National Emergencies;
2010-11-03: There Is a Progressive Alternative for NY Voters;
2010-11-04: Organizing, standing up and fighting back, by Students for a Democratic Society;
2010-11-05: Leadership & Leitkultur;
2010-11-06: one bad night;
2010-11-07: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall;
2010-11-08: Paradiesvorstellung;
2010-11-08: The other elephant;
2010-11-09: Cameroon: Criminalizing Identities;
2010-11-10: A week in Kabul;
2010-11-11: Conned by democracy: The Middle East’s stagnant change;
2010-11-12: Delegation to Berlin;
2010-11-13: US elections 2010: Learning from defeat;
2010-11-14: New Obama Order Standardizes and Limits Pseudo-Secrets;
2010-11-15: Overreacting benefits terrorists;
2010-11-16: Tod Liebe Verlangen Weiterentwicklung;
2010-11-16: Citizens United — Is the Gas Pedal Stuck?
2010-11-17: Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti;
2010-11-18: The Family Code;
2010-11-19: The battle against biopiracy;
2010-11-20: Religion – Another Baghdad massacre: Iraqi Christians are already at home;
2010-11-20: Bruxelles: Les plantes médicinales bientôt interdites dans l’UE;
2010-11-21: The Dangers of a Nuclear War;
2010-11-22: Remembrance Day: Reversing the Tide of War. Say No to Nuclear War;
2010-11-23: US has no Afghan exit strategy;
2010-11-23: zu Peter Sloterdjiks Buch die Verachtung der Massen;
2010-11-24: Long life spam – The changing landscape of online fraud;
2010-11-24: The dog that didn’t bark;
2010-11-24: Rapport du Département d’Etat américain – Deux pays – deux mentalités;
2010-11-25: Uncovering Algeria’s civil war;
2010-11-26: Socialism and society;
2010-11-26: Cherchons équipe TV pour réaliser un reportage;
2010-11-27: Chalmers Johnson, influential scholar of East Asia, dies at 79;
2010-11-28: Direct Democracy – a Stronghold in Stormy Times;
2010-11-29: Generations of Resistance;
2010-11-30: Realität Lüge Ego-Aufgabe;
2010-11-30: Journalistic Objectivity: Getting the Best Obtainable Version of the Truth;
2010-12-01: Long life spam – The changing landscape of online fraud;
2010-12-02: Guantánamo detainee, acquitted on 284 of 285 charges, faces 20 years;
2010-12-03: Commentary: Public like a frog – Where all are guilty, no one is;
2010-12-04: Argentina: Defy the Creditors and Get Away with It;
2010-12-05: Has President Obama fallen victim to a secret coup?
2010-12-06: More about WikiLeak;
2010-12-06: Liveblogging Cablegate;
2010-12-07: The Food Safety Modernization Act: The US Government’s Assault on Food Freedom;
2010-12-07: Are you taking any of these dangerous drugs?
2010-12-07: Wikileaks Updated Dec. 7, 2010;
2010-12-08: The Russian Far East: a Magnificent, Wild and Rich Nature;
2010-12-08: Wikileaks on The Real News Network TRNN;
2010-12-09: Unconstitutional food bill driven by Big Food lobby dollars;
2010-12-10: Wikileaks and the Worldwide Information War;
2010-12-10: War Dominated Foreign Policy Is Destroying the Economy and National Security;
2010-12-11: Gaining from Wikileaks;
2010-12-12: Continuity of Government: Is the State of Emergency Superseding our Constitution?
2010-12-12: Realitäten und Spinngewebe;
2010-12-13: Revelations on Rafik Hariri’s assassination;
2010-12-14: They got the wrong person;
2010-12-15: WikiLeaks and Sri Lanka: Who are the real criminals?
2010-12-16: Springtime for Franco and Pope Benedict;
2010-12-17: Of Wikileaks, Whistleblowers and Whipping Boys;
2010-12-17: WikiLeaks’s Assange walks free on bail in London;
2010-12-17: Bradley Manning’s health deteriorating in jail, supporters say;
2010-12-18: The Case of Dogan Akhanli: Without Mercy;
2010-12-19: Richard Holbrooke, from Yugoslavia to the War on Afghanistan;
2010-12-20: Land grab fears for Ethiopian rural communities;
2010-12-21: The Algonquins of Barriere Lake demand Canada respect their right to traditional government;
2010-12-21: Switzerland Moves Against Practice Of Female Genital Mutilation;
2010-12-22: Wikileaks: Documents Confirm US Plans to Destabilize Venezuela;
2010-12-23: What’s in our future?
2010-12-24: Commentary: Returned;
2010-12-24: Protokoll zur Programmierung des neuen Welt-Computers;
2010-12-25: Leaving our wounded to die;
2010-12-26: Zionist Lobby’s New Orders For Obama;
2010-12-27: Natural Causes;
2010-12-28: Violence in Cinema: Torture Porn – World Cinema at its Lowest Ebb;
2010-12-29: Uganda calls for regional fight against FGM;
2010-12-30: Britain’s Police State: London arrests based on CCTV identification;
2010-12-31: The first wind of an approaching hurricane.
2011-01-01: KENYA: Instead Of Glory, Girls In Tarime Find Blood And Ashes;
2011-01-02: The Neanderthal genome – A cave man blinking in the light;
2011-01-02: Penser l’école à l’ère du numérique;
2011-01-03: Here is another perspective of fighting FGM;
2011-01-03: Give someone you never met, a gift they will never forget;
2011-01-04: Could Direct Democracy Prevent Wars?
2011-01-04: Philosophy for younger people, a polemic;
2011-01-05: Deux millions de filles par an risquent d’être mutilées dans le monde;
2011-01-05: Uganda: Let Us Empower the Sabiny Girls to Fight FGM;
2011-01-06: Wikileaks, the United States, Sweden, and Devil’s Island;
2011-01-06: The Philosophy of Childhood;
2011-01-07: Campaign Against FGM;
2011-01-08: one more question … ;
2011-01-09: WikiLeaks Back in Business;
2011-01-09: Left Establishment Censorship in the Age of Obama;
2011-01-10: Paul Kagame: Our Kind of Guy;
2011-01-10: Die menschliche Zukunft;
2011-01-11: Time to revisit Associative Democracy?
2011-01-12: La meilleure élève dénonce l’enseignement scolaire dans son discours de remise des diplômes;
2011-01-13: Belgique: l’excision toucherait près de 8235 femmes – en 2010, ZERO dossier;
2011-01-14: Helicopter Parents;
2011-01-15: Mobilising for Muslim women’s rights in India;
2011-01-15: Pétition: Action contre les mutilations génitales féminines;
2011-01-16: Les talibans ne seraient plus opposés à l’éducation des filles;
2011-01-16: Former les enseignants aux activités à visée philosophique;
2011-01-17: War’s overlooked victims: Violence against women;
2011-01-17: DAS ANDERE DAVOS 2011;
2011-01-17: Nigerian family struggles to protect daughters from painful African tradition;
2011-01-17: de retour de 3 mois à Naplouse en Palestine;
2011-01-18: La philosophie à l’école primaire: dix paradoxes pour une innovation;
2011-01-18: Anti-Racist DVD and Education Pack;
2011-01-19: Gambia: 27 Communities Abandon FGM in URR;
2011-01-20: De l’intérêt pédagogique des récits mythologiques;
2011-01-21: Les effets de la FGM sur la santé: un point de vue médical;
2011-01-22: Ateliers philo: la philo selon Lipman;
2011-01-23: FGM (they took it);
2011-01-24: Faire philosopher les enfants;
2011-01-25: Behind the WikiLeaks’ Leak;
2011-01-25: African Girl becoming Teacher;
2011-01-26: some Videos about child and philosophy;
2011-01-27: Deux districts dans le nord de l’Éthiopie annoncent l’abandon de l’excision/mutilation génitale féminine;
2011-01-27: Two districts in northern Ethiopia declare an end to female genital cutting;
2011-01-28: 2011: Le Forum Social Mondial à Dakar en février;
2011-01-28: Du débat littéraire à la discussion philosophique;
2011-01-28: Mass FGM ceremonies (was) planned in Tanzania;
2011-01-29: The Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003;
2011-01-30: Human Rights factsheets – Rights and freedoms in practice: teaching resources;
2011-01-31: World Social Forum WSF 2011, Dakar;
2011-02-01: Promouvoir l’Abandon des Mutilations Génitales Féminines dans le Contexte Migratoire;
2011-02-02: Worker burnout warnings spread across World Economic Forum;
2011-02-03: FGM Trailer for film in Burkina Faso;
2011-02-03: 6 février: Journée Internationale contre les Mutilations Sexuelles Féminines;
2011-02-03: Soirée contre les MGF aux Territoires de la Mémoire, Liège /Bélgique;
2011-02-04: Exhibit G: Now Google Street View lets you tour the world’s finest museums from the comfort of your armchair;
2011-02-05: How to spot an Emotional Vampire;
2011-02-06: Slums in Thailand;
2011-02-06: We Are The Power … ;
2011-02-06: E-Mail exchange about ClitorAid having been created by a “sect”;
2011-02-06: L’excision;
2011-02-07: L’humanisme laïque en tant que référence;
2011-02-07: Excision et sexualité – Excision et plaisir;
2011-02-08: Progress towards ending corporal punishment;
2011-02-08: Philo um Rael et co.;
2011-02-09: Education of the masses;
2011-02-09: News: Egypt Protesters Call For More Demonstrations To Oust Mubarak;
2011-02-10: La Mutilation Génitale Feminine MGF dans les Médias – un extrait;
2011-02-11: Transition from Conflict to Peace & Nonviolence (Baku, 1-14 June 2011);
2011-02-12: UNICEF et FNUAP appellent à mettre fin aux MGF;
2011-02-13: Tolérance zéro envers les MGF;
2011-02-13: On Leaderless Revolutions and the Fall of Mubarak;
2011-02-14: Die Wirtschaftskrise und ihre humanitären Auswirkungen auf Europa;
2011-02-14: Grand economic surgery and economic terror combine;
2011-02-15: Soirée liégeoise contre les MGF;
2011-02-16: Wikimania;
2011-02-17: Atlas Slacked (and So Should We);
2011-02-18: Public Interest Opportunities;
2011-02-19: THE ROVING EYE: Iran’s post-Islamist generation;
2011-02-20: The Fight of Their Lives: All Out War on Workers’ Rights in Wisconsin;
2011-02-21: Summer Programme on the WTO, International Trade and Development;
2011-02-22: Patriot Act Serves Empire Not A Republic;
2011-02-23: Florence needs a few minutes of your time – Get Lippy;
2011-02-23: Cachez ce clitoris … ;
2011-02-24: Gaddafi Turns US and British Guns On His People;
2011-02-25: Julian Assange, Wikileaks’ Founder, Faces Extradition Over Rape Allegations;
2011-02-26: Blood and oil;
2011-02-26: Quarante films et 80 intervenants au FIFDH à Genève;
2011-02-27: Sudan & AU break silence on Libya as death toll rises;
2011-02-27: Mutilations sexuelles et la chirurgie réparatrice;
2011-02-28: NORTH KOREA: First public protests against the Kims’ regime;
2011-02-28: Notre pain quotidien;
2011-03-01: Libya in the Great Game;
2011-03-02: BBC Mundo (BBC world): No Internet Censorship in Venezuela;
2011-03-03: Les vacances du surmoi – Lettre du Bosphore;
2011-03-03: Perfect Storming;
2011-03-04: To what extent is the Panopticon a suitable analogy for power?
2011-03-04: Droits humains et révolte arabe débattus à Genève;
2011-03-05: Protests across Africa: Different attention for different countries?
2011-03-05: Lutte contre les mutilations génitales féminines au Togo: Bilan des activités;
2011-03-06: Real Rainmakers and co;
2011-03-07: Solidarity in global risk society;
2011-03-09: Bradley Manning: Telling the Truth in a Time of Lies;
2011-03-10: Pakistan’s descent into barbarism;
2011-03-10: The threat over Lybia’s people;
2011-03-11: The perfect (desert) storm;
2011-03-11: Mbour: les enseignantes exigent une meilleure protection des filles;
2011-03-12: How-to: Shift Mindsets and Eradicate Landlessness;
2011-03-13: L’enfer des Camerounais de Libye;
2011-03-13: Côte d’Ivoire: The logic of the absurd?
2011-03-14: Conférence sur la Propriété Intellectuelle;
2011-03-15: International Labor Rights Group: Assault on Collective Bargaining in the US is Illegal;
2011-03-16: Inspiring success from GCC women athletes, now for the Olympics;
2011-03-17: Yeh Tera Pakistan Hai Ya Mera Pakistan Hai?
2011-03-18: GLASS HALF FULL;
2011-03-19: Nuclear Irrationalities in Libya and Japan;
2011-03-20: Dr. Helen Caldicott Fukushima statement: Destroyer of Worlds;
2011-03-21: Selected Notes on Notes for the Original Ungovernables;
2011-03-22: ZEN – as a living experience;
2011-03-23: Beyond Fukishima – a world in denial about nuclear risks;
2011-03-23: Toute violence contre les femmes est barbare;
2011-03-24: Europe court deals huge blow to anti-GM crops lobby;
2011-03-25: Kyrgyz Human Rights Veteran Turns To Uzbekistan;
2011-03-26: Rita Abrahamsen and Michael Williams on Private Security Companies, Global Security Assemblages, and Africa;
2011-03-27: Bradley Manning Treatment Reveals Continued Government Complicity in Torture;
2011-03-28: Thousands vote online for original songs against impunity;
2011-03-28: Historique de la lutte anti-sectes en France de 1945 à nos jours;
2011-03-29: Rancid Individualism and Ayn Rand’s America;
2011-03-30: The U.S. colored revolution user manual for Egypt;
2011-03-31: diabetics and cholesterin/cholesterol – explanations, alternatives – some texts.
2011-04-01: America’s mental illness and dementia epidemic: It turns out that the drugs are the problem;
2011-04-01: Cruel sera le réveil:
2011-04-02: Nuclear power—not now, not ever;
2011-04-03: The glossary of greed;
2011-04-04: Carter meets Castro about jailed US citizen;
2011-04-05: Abandon the import of nuclear reactors: Dr A Gopalakrishnan;
2011-04-06: Mothers saved;
2011-04-07: Truth, Propaganda and Media Manipulation;
2011-04-08: Rules Of Rebellion;
2011-04-08: Crimes sexuels: le Parlement demande des poursuites d’office Droits de la femme/Egalité des chances;
2011-04-09: Ingushetia: The peaceful exception – A new president has worked wonders;
2011-04-10: Rain contains radioactive material;
2011-04-11: Militarized Conservatism and the End(s) of Higher Education;
2011-04-12: Graph of the week: number of Americans receiving food stamps;
2011-04-13: A Question of Values and Ethics;
2011-04-14: Alternative Laureates Want Nuclear Plants and Weapons Abolished;
2011-04-15: American Authorities Accused of Torturning Wikileaks Informant;
2011-04-16: Retweeting Democracy: The Role of Social Media;
2011-04-17: Sing with the world … ;
2011-04-18: The Cerrado: Brazil’s other biodiverse region loses ground;
2011-04-18: REPARATION DES SEQUELLES DES MGF: Renforcer les compétences des prestataires;
2011-04-19: A Simple Alternative to Ethanol;
2011-04-20: Chade-Meng Tan: Everyday compassion at Google;
2011-04-21: Health: Gay teen suicide risk lower in supportive areas;
2011-04-21: La pauvreté dans les Etats de l’Union européenne;
2011-04-22: The Awful Revolution: Is Neoliberalism a Public Health Risk;
2011-04-22: The First Earth Day: Recalling Wisconsin Senator and Founder Gaylord Nelson;
2011-04-23: Race, class struggle and organised labour in the age of Wisconsin;
2011-04-24: The Lost Traditions Of Daghestan;
2011-04-24: Titanwurz: In Basel blüht die grösste Blume der Welt;
2011-04-25: Towards a New International;
2011-04-26: Fille ou garçon? Non, intersexué;
2011-04-26: Gitmo Papers Reveal Hundreds of Innocent People Held and are Still Held;
2011-04-27: NSA: Deconstructing a Secrecy Blunder, A Study in Dysfunction;
2011-04-27: Naturwissenschaftliche Realitäten versus UFO-Phänomene;
2011-04-28: U.S. Congresswoman Condemns Chinese Attack on;
2011-04-29: China goes into the world news business;
2011-04-30: Swiss banks, Swiss neutrality and the poor;
2011-05-01: WashPost Touts KIPP’s Extra Edge – Which Turns Out to Be Money and Dropouts;2011-05-02: Britain’s Royal Wedding: A Big Day For The Global Oligarchy;
2011-05-03: Tomgram: Shahin and Juan Cole, The Women’s Movement in the Middle East;
2011-05-03: Guinée: ouverture d’un atelier régional sur les mutilations génitales;
2011-05-04: Jailed Indian doctor Binayak Sen released on bail;
2011-05-05: Osama bin Laden’s Second Death;
2011-05-06: Assault on US workers’ rights accelerates;
2011-05-07: Marxism, History & Socialist Consciousness, Parts 1 – 3;
2011-05-08: Glimpses of the Tunisian revolution: Challenges, transformation and politics;
2011-05-09: Filling in the Gaping Holes in WikiLeaks’ Guantanamo Detainee Files;
2011-05-09: Lectures by UN Special Rapporteur on Right to Food;
2011-05-10: INDIA: Smuggling Everything From Cough Syrup to Sex;
2011-05-11: WikiLeaks Revelations Only Tip of Iceberg;
2011-05-12: Justice for the LGBTI community in Kenya;
2011-05-13: The West Is Trapped In Its Own Propaganda;
2011-05-13: Al Jazeera demands release of journalist;
2011-05-14: For Western Muslims, bin Laden died long ago;
2011-05-15: Noam Chomsky: My Reaction to Osama bin Laden’s Death;
2011-05-16: Bookreview: Get Up, Stand Up;
2011-05-17: Change your Mind Change your Brain;
2011-05-18: Toxic Flood Gives Marginalized Roma a New Chance;
2011-05-19: Education for the Poor;
2011-05-19: Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s (and french socialist elite’s) women gate;
2011-05-20: Human Ecology Mapping and All-Lands Conservation;
2011-05-20: On ne naît pas femme on le devient: Etude sur les mutilations sexuelles féminines;
2011-05-20: Middle East LIVE;
2011-05-21: Common man not as worried about data privacy;
2011-05-22: Australia: Union prepares sell-out of PPG paint workers;
2011-05-22: Les quartiers selon Obama, l’organisateur de communauté;
2011-05-23: Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation;
2011-05-24: Get the G8 to Protect the Net;
2011-05-25: New Insights into the Islamic Republic of Iran;
2011-05-26: Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games 2011;
2011-05-27: In your Face!
2011-05-28: Release Saudi Woman Arrested for Simply Driving a Car;
2011-05-29: Syria’s crackdown: Why did Fawaz die?
2011-05-30: Erle Ellis on the Anthropocene;
2011-05-31: Ai Weiwei: the dissident artist.
2011-06-01: Will Indignation Salvage Spain?
2011-06-01: Adja Diallo, victime collatérale de l’affaire DSK;
2011-06-02: More on OBL;
2011-06-03: Portugal: Left Bloc Fires up to Fight Austerity;
2011-06-04: How a divided Spain started a revolution;
2011-06-04: Indian guru on hunger strike over graft;
2011-06-04: Mon corps m’appartient;
2011-06-05: Opinion: Squaring Asia’s nuclear triangle;
2011-06-05: Excision et les IST/Sida: 18 professeurs formés à la sensibilisation;
2011-06-06: Forget the past, listen to the people;
2011-06-07: Why Washington Isn’t Doing Squat About Jobs and Wages;
2011-06-08: Empire or Republic: How the Empire Destroys its Own People;
2011-06-09: Ratko Mladic and the Pandora’s Box of the Bosnian War;
2011-06-10: The Elite, the Great Game and World War III;
2011-06-10: Berne/Suisse: la loi contre les mutilations génitales sera durcie;
2011-06-11: From Silence to Memory: A Celebration of the Report of the Historic Archives of the National Police;
2011-06-12: Accelerating Action against Child Labour;
2011-06-13: The commodification of water and land in Mali;
2011-06-14: Ai Weiwei: Planting originality, reaping Beijing’s fury;
2011-06-14: La philo en maternelle, des enfants sages qui s’ignorent;
2011-06-15: Iraqi Human Rights Activists Protesting for Democracy Are Sexually Assaulted and Beaten;
2011-06-15: Vers la Tolérance Zéro: Les Mutilations sexuelles Féminines en Europe: La Suisse;
2011-06-16: In memory: Geronimo Ji Jaga Pratt, warrior for justice and freedom;
2011-06-18: From aid and humanitarianism to solidarity;
2011-06-19: Mauritania: A simple citizen demanding his rights;
2011-06-20: What Parents Can Learn From Prison Guards;
2011-06-21: Afghanistan is most dangerous country for women;
2011-06-22: Condemning the killing of older people on witchraft accusations;
2011-06-23: Death more likely than school for South Sudan’s young – UN;
2011-06-23: Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei freed;
2011-06-24: The Greek protests are not just about the economic crisis;
2011-06-25: Sign the Dakar Appeal Against Land Grabbing;
2011-06-26: Selling off the farm?
2011-06-27: Ethiopia: Press freedom, the law and democracy;
2011-06-28: Who Does The Law Serve?
2011-06-29: Workers Struggles in the Americas;
2011-06-30: Afghanistan: Taliban Talks Will Betray Women’s Rights;
2011-07-01: World’s worst food crisis;
2011-07-02: victory;
2011-07-03: Shut up, American municipal workers;
2011-07-04: Pay No Attention to the Politicians Behind the Curtain;
2011-07-05: Islam as a Geopolitical Tool to Control the Middle East;
2011-07-06: Mladic ejected from war crimes court;
2011-07-07: 1000s in Libya running out of food;
2011-07-08: Fatwa interdisant aux femmes de conduire une automobile – Mise à Jour;
2011-07-08: Repeal Saudi Arabia’s Fatwa on Women’s Driving of Automobiles – Update;
2011-07-10: Machtverteilung im Mittelalter;
2011-07-10: Minaret controversy in Switzerland;
2011-07-11: Trame book festival: Fearless words;
2011-07-12: Race, Gender and Structural Inequalities in the Great Recession and the Recovery;
2011-07-13: Ist die Medizin für die Menschen da oder für die Börse?
2011-07-13: Interview with Kenneth Neal Waltz;
2011-07-14: The right for changes in our life patterns;
2011-07-14: Neighbourhood Renewal – Urban Planning – Metropolitan Analysis;
2011-07-15: China-Nigeria: Agric, job creation top Aregbesola’s demand from Chinese investor;
2011-07-16: Delusional America and 9/11;
2011-07-17: France, and the Socialists, need a debate on nuclear;
2011-07-18: German-Jewish Literary Culture Returns from Exile;
2011-07-19: Top Al Qaeda militant Kashmiri alive;
2011-07-20: Food stamps: The struggle to eat;
2011-07-21: Arabs should learn to put their own houses in order;
2011-07-22: Whistleblower, Sean Hoare in News of the World Hacking Scandal Found Dead;
2011-07-23: orientations sexuelles vs. pratiques de documentation;
2011-07-24: Murdoch and Blair and the Destruction of the Left;
2011-07-24: Gedankenfetzen zur öffentlichen Meinung;
2011-07-25: France: Communiqué du Département d’Etat;
2011-07-25: Corporatism or survival on Earth?
2011-07-26: If McCain Had Won;
2011-07-27: Europe’s crisis;
2011-07-28: Semantic propaganda feeds stupidity;
2011-07-29: Call for Volunteers – Apply to Become a Voices of Our Future Correspondent;
2011-07-30: Can water end the Arab-Israeli conflict?
2011-07-31: The Towers of Basel: The World’s Biggest Central Bank Has Private Shareholders;
2011-08-01: After Norway: EU Declares Fight Against Right-Wing Extremism;
2011-08-03: JJ Abrams: I called Spielberg and he said yes;
2011-08-04: Ramadan offensive threatens Somalia’s starving;
2011-08-05: Neoliberalism’s Newest Product: The Modern Slave Trade;
2011-08-06: ZIMBABWE: Women Seeking Justice Face Archaic Rules and Discrimination;
2011-08-07: Polyculturalism and Norway: Getting Culture Right;
2011-08-08: Freedom Rider: Ruling class victory;
2011-08-09: Central Falls: RI residents denounce social cuts following city’s bankruptcy filing;
2011-08-10: New Publication: Contemporary Issues in Human Rights Education;
2011-08-11: Special forces conducting exercises in Boston area;
2011-08-12: Arab vs UK unrest: spot the difference;
2011-08-12: forgotten how Govs have to be run?
2011-08-13: Going Godless: Does Secularism Make People More Ethical?
2011-08-14: Racism 101 … I would say: this is Racism endless … ;
2011-08-16: We need an (academic) revolution;
2011-08-17: Rights not Copyrights;
2011-08-18: When the revolution comes;
2011-08-19: Foodborne Illnesses in America;
2011-08-20: Rise of the Planet of the Apes;
2011-08-21: Somalia: Global war on terror and the humanitarian crisis;
2011-08-22: Damn it or fear it, the forbidden truth is an insurrection in Britain;
2011-08-23: Darfur genocide had no legal consequences for U.S.;
2011-08-24: Representatives of the People! What is Your Stance on the Fundamental Values of our Country?
2011-08-25: 10 Pivotal Moments in the U.S. Labor Movement;
2011-08-26: Amitav Acharya on the Relevance of Regions, ASEAN, and Western IR’s false universalisms;
2011-08-27: Germany’s records of repression;
2011-08-28: Loriot alias Vicco von Bülow Passes Away at 87;
2011-08-29: American Decline: Causes and Consequences;
2011-08-30: A Warm Grave in a Cold War;
2011-08-31: Slum population in urban Africa;
2011-08-31: how women’s privat sex behavior is answered – a real story;
2011-09-01: George W. Bush: Canada Must Bar Entry or Arrest and Ensure Prosecution for Torture;
2011-09-02: Health: Sex and Aging, The Social Stigma;
2011-09-03: The Comintern’s unknown decision on workers’ governments;
2011-09-04: Stupid Monkeys;
2011-09-04: Karl Marx’s Fragebogen für Arbeiter;
2011-09-05: The Legend of 9/11 – ten years after;
2011-09-06: Letter from Prison;
2011-09-07: One woman’s efforts changes the lives of so many;
2011-09-08: Michael Albert in Greece and Turkey;
2011-09-09: Being a revolutionary: A constant struggle in our thoughts, words, and deeds;
2011-09-10: 9/11: the identity-politics trap;
2011-09-11: New child labor rules for agriculture proposed;
2011-09-12: DR Congo – The Heart of Western Darkness;
2011-09-13: Assumptions of Blind Belief;
2011-09-14: free health informations on NaturalPedia;
2011-09-15: Libyans Struggle Along Path Toward Reconciliation;
2011-09-15: Der Mensch als EGO – ein anderer Blickwinkel;
2011-09-16: US, Australia defense treaty to cover cyber threats;
2011-09-17: Homefront: More women are serving on the frontlines than ever before;
2011-09-18: DRC-RWANDA: Militia members return home to another country;
2011-09-19: COMPLETE PENTAGON PAPERS AT LAST – What Were the 11 Missing Words?
2011-09-20: Real Security begins with Creating a Policy of Peace;
2011-09-21: Midwife shortage dangerously high;
2011-09-22: We are living in the Twilight Zone;
2011-09-23: War and Shopping amidst a World in Crisis: The Extremism that Never Speaks its Name;
2011-09-24: The Founders, Whistleblower Protection and Bradley Manning;
2011-09-24: Virus du Sida: des joueurs en ligne résolvent une énigme;
2011-09-25: Malawi: uMunthu, education and a global paradox;
2011-09-26: Cuba leads the way for kids;
2011-09-27: Labour: Dock, maritime workers making significant unity moves;
2011-09-28: The Decline of the Populist Left and the Rise of the Tea Party;
2011-09-29: THE MILK LETTER, A MESSAGE TO MY PATIENTS / Le lait, un poison?
2011-09-30: An Open Letter to NPR On Covering Wall Street Protests
2011-10-01: America’s 400 richest people;
2011-10-02: TRUTH about the occupy wall street protests;
2011-10-03: Unions Promise Support as #OccupyWallStreet Enters Third Week;
2011-10-04: The death penalty in India: Fatally Flawed;
2011-10-05: TALKadoption support project for young people in Wales;
2011-10-05: Occupy The Fed Movement Launched;
2011-10-06: Chomsky Sessions 3: Education and Economics, Part I;
2011-10-07: Politicians, Military and Intelligence Experts who Question the Official 9/11 Narrative;
2011-10-08: The OCCUPIED Wall Street Journal;
2011-10-09: Education can remove stigma;
2011-10-10: The Theory of Permanent Revolution;
2011-10-11: To Speak of Solidarity in this Context Is Perversion;
2011-10-12: Steve Jobs: Living for Tomorrow;
2011-10-13: Initiative to end Human Trafficking in NE Ohio;
2011-10-14: Do not forget us;
2011-10-15: Schweinegrippe-Impfstoff verursacht unheilbare Nervenschäden;
2011-10-15: Artificially Produced Fear Used to Enforce Particularist Interests;
2011-10-16: the Task of Upbringing and Education;
2011-10-17: PROMOTION DE LA FEMME: Augmentez le nansongo de Nestorine;
2011-10-17: The 99%;
2011-10-18: Speaking at the Decriminalisation Protest for the Sex Worker Open University;
2011-10-19: Open Letter to the Occupy Wall Street Movement;
2011-10-20: America’s Secret Empire of Drone Bases;
2011-10-21: The crime of making Americans aware of their own history;
2011-10-22: Seven years Ago: Margaret Hassan, Victim of Operation Iraqi Liberation;
2011-10-23: Islam and the Secular State;
2011-10-24: Since then have you read some of these 10 books?
2011-10-25: Chinese policeman refused asylum;
2011-10-26: Islamists against Islamists;
2011-10-26: Mit Wut und Phantasie gegen die Banken;
2011-10-27: Should Banks be a Public Utility?
2011-10-28: Libyen: Human Rights Watch fordert Aufklärung von Hinrichtungen;
2011-10-28: You Don’t Need Money: German Quiz Contestant Fired After Winning 32,000 Euros;
2011-10-29: Earth prepares for 7 billion inhabitants;
2011-10-29: ProPhilo – prochaines activités;
2011-10-30: Peace treaty in times of revolution;
2011-10-31: Can the OWS Uprising Shake Us Out of Our Depression?
2011-11-01: Update on San Francisco Bay Area Occupations;
2011-11-02: The new approach to the Responsibility to Protect;
2011-11-03: Journée internationale pour l’élimination de la violence à l’égard des femmes le 25 novembre;
2011-11-03: Les Restaveks – Child Slaves;
2011-11-04: Lessons From Oaxaca to the Occupy Movement;
2011-11-05: America’s itch to brawl has a new target – but bombs can’t conquer Iran;
2011-11-06: Greece: Throwing Down the Gauntlet to Austerity;
2011-11-07: While Detroit may be singing the blues a new documentary reveals what is driving its progress;
2011-11-08: Opinion: The globalisation of protest;
2011-11-09: A place that offers help to young women;
2011-11-09: Some news about crop circles 2011;
2011-11-10: ISAF Data Show Night Raids Killed over 1,500 Afghan Civilians;
2011-11-11: Thoughts and prayers don’t do the job;
2011-11-12: Human Rights Education – HRE Compendium of Good Practice;
2011-11-13: America’s Media War on Iran;
2011-11-14: Economic Policies After the Death of Neoliberalism;
2011-11-19: a guided Meditation on YouTube;
2011-11-20: Bangladesh: Government shopping for farm land;
2011-11-21: Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace;
2011-11-22: Romansh hits the song contest stage;
2011-11-23: Labor Must Choose Between Occupy and the Democrats;
2011-11-23: Tchad: La Croix-Rouge du Tchad CRT lutte contre les MGF;
2011-11-24: Germany Celebrates Christmas Market Season;
2011-11-24: Burkina Faso: Lutte contre les mutilations génitales féminines;
2011-11-25: Erdogan apologises to Kurds for mass killing;
2011-11-25: 100 Jahre Gesamtarbeitsvertrag GAV;
2011-11-26: Britain’s Cover-Up of Inside Job in Fatal RAF Chinook Crash;
2011-11-27: A Philosopher’s Mission to Save the EU;
2011-11-28: Female Genital Mutilation: forty cases in the province of Alessandria;
2011-11-28: Female genital mutilation: care, prevention, rehabilitation;
2011-11-29: Opinion: Tides of the Arab revolutions;
2011-11-30: 7th Annual Edward Said Memorial Lecture: Unpeople;
2011-12-01: Occupy Wall Street: The Will to Face the Arithmetic;
2011-12-01: Mechanismus der Insulin-Resistenz entdeckt;
2011-12-02: Once Again, War is Prime Time and Journalism’s Role is Taboo;
2011-12-02: Faire de la lutte contre les violences faites aux femmes une réelle affaire d’Etat;
2011-12-03: Many primary school pupils are not able to write properly;
2011-12-03: Soirée de Noël avec Graines de Paix;
2011-12-04: The Saskatchewan Case;
2011-12-05: The day the silent majority voted;
2011-12-06: Acclaimed Author Christa Wolf Dies at 82;
2011-12-06: Imam Djiguiba Cissé aux couples: Refusez l’excision même si on veut vous maudire;
2011-12-07: Three Years After Yes We Can;
2011-12-08: What should the 99% do about the 1%?
2011-12-09: The World’s Greatest Grandma;
2011-12-09: Elisez Swann Oberson sportive suisse de l’année;
2011-12-10: A Union is Born: Latin America in Revolution;
2011-12-11: Mexico faces worst drought in 70 years;
2011-12-12: Some Thoughts on the Muff March;
2011-12-13: Libya and The Arab Spring: Neoliberalism, Regime Change and NATO’s Humanitarian Wars;
2011-12-14: Earth: Alive, Beautiful, Finite, Hurting;
2011-12-14: Today’s Election of Swiss Federal Council;
2011-12-15: worldwide economic, social and cultural Institutions;
2011-12-16: More of the Same?
2011-12-17: Riots: voice of unheard, angry and alienated youth;
2011-12-17: Prévention des mutilations génitales féminines MGF;
2011-12-18: Tunisia: Dismantle Repressive Ben-Ali-Era Laws;
2011-12-18: L’UNFPA décidée à lutter contre les mutilations génitales féminines;
2011-12-19: The Trial of Bradley Manning;
2011-12-19: Mutilations génitales féminines MGF en Afrique;
2011-12-20: The pursuit of independence;
2011-12-20: La loi interdisant l’excision expliquée aux populations de Dabakala;
2011-12-21: Godfather of Colombian Army Intelligence Acquitted in Palace of Justice Case;
2011-12-22: The Ethic of Knowledge and the Socialist Ideal;
2011-12-23: Selective Abortion and female infanticide;
2011-12-23: Réflexion sur l’avortement sélectif et l’infanticide féminin;
2011-12-24: Enforcing the law;
2011-12-25: Bradley Manning: Hero, or Traitor?
2011-12-25: Bradley Manning: Who Are The Real Traitors?
2011-12-26: Compassion Is Our New Currency;
2011-12-27: Biko’s legacy lives on in Swaziland’s civil society;
2011-12-28: United States Ripe for Legalized Tyranny;
2011-12-29: A Village in Revolt Could Be a Harbinger for China;
2011-12-30: Where Labour should go in 2012;
2011-12-31: Letters to a dictator;
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